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Michelle Korn rented from me in Windsor Ontario years ago, owed me rent when she moved out, left the house a mess, started defaming me on a blog she created and recruited others that tried to steal from me to join her. Anyone who tried to say anything in my favour got blocked and of course I was blocked too.

She was served a warning letter from my lawyer but left the city shortly after and claimed to have gone to panama(which was likely given how many people she had probably hurt in Canada and the USA).

She did not give me a fake check or anything, she just did not pay or hand over the key to me as planned, rather she sent a guy to e mail me an leave the key in the house.

I was not going to do anything either with the money she owed me or the way she left the house but Michelle did not stop there, she had to defame me. The Blog ran for over 5 years before she finally took it down two days ago.

I have instructions to do as much I can to mitigate my losses, hence all these posts. I am asking you Michelle to finish the clean up as soon as possible or forward me your contact information so you can be served court papers to come and defend your position if you can.

You need to correct, or delete the lies you told about me anywhere and everywhere. I held back from telling my side of the story in full until three days ago, rather I took the abuse because I try my hardest to follow peace. All I did was warn others about you because I know how painful and draining it is to go through defamation especially from someone you tried to help.

You know the details of our business relationship and if you have any conscience at all, you would not only be cleaning up the defamation but also apologizing publicly for what you did.

Again as I have always reminded you, God is still in control and will judge ALL but Jesus died for you so you may be forgiven of ALL your sins, I encourage you again to surrender to Him.

Michelle operates several companies and never had dealings with any of them, I put Rapid Financial Solutions here again to alert people of the character behind its operation. I would have been grateful if someone had warned me and saved me from the horror she put me through.

All these posts are taking a lot of my time but are very necessary and worthwhile since part of the legal process will examine if and how I mitigated my losses.

Jan 20, 2015

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