Randall Redd's Planet Ford Spring, Texas / non refunded money

20403 I$% North, Spring, TX, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 281-719-3700

I purchased a vehicle from this dealership in Feb. 2008. (The buying experience should have warned me what was ahead- it was a horrible experience.) At the time of purchase I bought the extended warranty for $1800 and this was added to my car loan. Almost to the day a year later I was involved in and accident and the car was totaled. I went into the finance department to cancel the extened warranty so that I could apply this to the money that I still owed. I was told on Feb 19, 2009 that this was not a problem and the money would be returned in 3-4 weeks. Well as of today 04/11/2009 this money still has not been returned to the finace company even though I have made numerous calls and left messages for the General Manager who refuses to call me back. And now the Finace Manger is ignoring my calls. I was told this week that he would call me back with a tracking number so I could track the progress of this refund I still have not heard back form him as of yet.
I have turned them in for fraud to the State of Texas Board of licensing and regulations and I reccomend that more people do this when thay have been ripped off by this company. Maybe that will get someone's attention to how this company is ripping off it's clients. We are the innocent people thinking that we are in good hands with a large company like this but we are nothing but the losers. Stand up and make your voiced heard against this company.

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