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Rancho Banderas / Deceit, scam and fraud!

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Rancho Banderas Resorts time share sales personnel will use any means necessary to make a sale. Extreme high pressure sales techniques, and making fraudulent statements to complete a transaction deceived me into making a very bad investment decision. The timeshare proposal to me was solely a rental investment income, not proposed to me at all as a vacation time share. It was totally pushed as a great, proved, income producing investment. The investment income is not going to be the thousands of dollars as promised by the salesman representing Rancho Banderas, as a matter of fact, the income has been zero!

I have requested a refund from the sales group and a representative of the development company, the positive results have been non-existent. The company representative has informed me that Rancho Banderas is not responsible for anything their salesmen promises or states during the sales presentation, the company can not be bound to anything promised or stated by their representatives, unless it is specifically listed in the approved documents. In other words, the sales persons can say or do whatever is required to make a sale and the company has zero liability.

The salesman had me sign a release form, along with numerous other pieces of paper, that excused the company from any liability of their sales department. I was presented this piece of paper and asked to sign it during an intense sales presentation, I was consumed with paperwork by the sales team. Numerous worksheets and documents used by the sales team to substantiate my investment return were not included in the paperwork that was given me after I had agreed to make the investment.

I was made promises by representatives of the company, the sales team, that I have not mentioned in this brief description of my experience. The promises made to me, and broken, are numerous!

The intensity of the sales team, and the pressure from the sales team projected to me was overwhelming, not to mention the abundance of paper that was used to camouflage the real intention.


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  • Gi
      31st of Jan, 2008
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    Everything said above is true and exactly our experience. We were sold 240 points in 2002 by Kent McKinley, a very high pressure salesman who finally offered us the infamous CashbackAmerica vouchers. We paid $8,800 for a one-week per year stay at Rancho. Last year we got a $500 assessment, this year it's $530. OUTRAGEOUS! As for cashback vouchers, we followed the rules to the letter but 6 months later we've heard nothing and received not a penny. Rancho Banderas was sold to Resorts West Management Group, which claims no responsibility for what the previous company, Fairmont, may have promised. Has anyone heard of a situation where you buy a company without its obligations??? When you buy a company you buy it with all its assets AND liabilities.

    Because this company is Canadian (outside US jurisdiction), doing business in Mexico (no legal system to speak of) and registered for tax purposes in Barbados (a tax and legal safe haven), and given that the amount involved is not that great, the chances of a legal remedy is not great. I've heard a lot of complaints on the Yahoo site, but nothing that leads me to believe that there is much we can do.

    Any constructive thoughts on this maddening issue.

  • In
      22nd of Sep, 2008
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    Please email me. There is a legal system in Mexico.

  • Ve
      27th of May, 2009
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    Very interesting, We have heard from others that they have not received their money.

    So, this does not surprise me.

    To Others:
    Once U have been there U will understand what I am about to say...

    Rancho has a way of selling it self with its beauty and simple charm of relaxation the minute U walk into the pool area and look over the pool and see the ocean and take in a view that is breathless. Once U have taken a deep breath and came back to your sense's, you will realize that U have just walked into the most surreal place on earth and your vacation in paradise has just begun. Go to your room, kick off your shoes, put your swim suit on and take a walk down an unbelievable beach and let the waves wash away all your worries, cares, stress, & tension.

    To You the Invester:
    If that isn't worth the $10, 000 investment you made for yourself to take a vacation once a year for the rest of your life then you know what? Don't go to Mexico looking for a relaxing, refreshing, life long lasting experience. Excuse me...

    We bought under the same intense sale pitch and paper work. If we get the $10, 000 back, it's a bonus for us to go and spend more time at Rancho Banderas where the service is better then you can get anywhere in the US considering what they get paid to be there.

    Sure, I sent off our paper work today, I've had that picture on my wall to remind me for 5 yrs to do it. Rancho has been sold since we bought our time share. We receive paper work that they weren't going to honor those contracts. We got notices of address changes.
    If we get our money, we get it.

    We've had the best time of our lives together at Rancho and have shared it with friends & family who have fallen in love with it too. Many memories that will be with us for the rest of our lives were made at Rancho Banderas. New friends we have made that we look forward to seeing every year at Rancho.
    If we don't get our $10, 000 back for the first week that we bought, will it make any difference? No.

    As far as the maintenance fees? Everything comes with a price. Up keep, and up grading does too and Rancho is close to being 15 yrs old. All the new resorts being built around it are very costly and up graded compared to the "Little Gem" that Rancho is, they are "Spas" and over sized Condos with golf courses. Check them out and the cost of them. I personally like Rancho just the way it is. Small, discrete, personable, enjoyable, comfortable, worth every penny we paid & pay for it.

    Got a problem with someone who cares,
    1-800-WHO-GIVESASHIT and get over it.

    Sorry, guess I am just kind of partial, I kind of love Rancho, can U tell?

    Just a Happy Owner of 5000 PTS.
    Imagine what I pay for maintenance fees.

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