Ramada Worldwidemissing items from hotel room

This complaint has been filed and has a reference number. It is 4137989. I sent an email to the hotel GM because I have still not had an opportunity to speak with him. I want corporate to have the email content I sent him on Sunday 11/25/2018. His name is Damien Baird.

Hi Damien this is Cassie Lodwick, Jennah Lodwick s mom. I want to write this detailed email to you so you have all the correct details in the timeline of events that took place in your hotel with your employee April.

My daughter and her boyfriend were arrested Sat morning. My daughter called the police because he became violent, yet he was lying to police saying she was the one being physical (despite her having a swollen, bruised cheek). The police would not allow her to get her things.

At noon on Sat I brought her back to retrieve her things. My daughter went inside and asked to go back to the room. April tells her she can't because the room has been checked out of her name. My daughter says all of my things were left up there. April says "im sorry these were the only things brought down" which was just her purse. My daughter explained all the other missing items. April said the GM will have to handle it on Monday. When she comes to the car and tells me this I said that is unacceptable. Your things don't disappear in 4 hours.

I walk back into the lobby and question April "how can it be that her things are not in the room or have been brought down here? Clearly someone on staff took her things." I asked why she couldn't go up and look in the room. She said because you are accusing my staff of stealing. That's funny because 10 min ago it was because she was checked out. I then say "well you can go look" . She did supposedly, but who really knows because she wouldn't allow my daughter to go with her.

I ask when we're the rooms cleaned out? She said 8am. That seems odd considering floor cleaning doesn't start that early. I told April I would be expecting to see surveillance footage to see who took my daughter's things.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Sellersburg, IN I also said "you can't ask your cleaning staff if anyone saw her things?" She said no she wouldn't it wasn't her job she isn't a manager. So not only was she not willing to escort my daughter to the room for a look, she also refused to question anyone on the matter. She didn't like i was "telling her how to do her job". Well that's what happens when a 40 year old business owner with life experience encounters a 20 something that refuses to be helpful.

She calls my daughter on Sunday morning at 7:47 am and tells her she found her boots and a black bag by the pool. We go to the lobby at 1:00pm to get her boots. The black bag that was by the boots did not belong to my daughter. It did have a few items of makeup that did belong to her. Very strange don't you think? Also strange that the male sharing the room with my daughter had nothing taken. All contents of his bag was at the front desk. April gave my daughter her purse and said it was all that was brought down. Her toothbrush was in the purse. My daughter didn't put it there. $60 is also missing from her wallet.

On Sunday when i ask April if she asked staff if they saw her items she said she did. I said "what did they say?" She said "I'm not telling you". She said im not going to ask my staff in front of you when you accused them and made threats. I said i never made threats. I proceeded to ask over and over what threat i made. She wouldn't answer, asked us to leave or she would have us removed. I also said "I never asked you to ask them in front of me, i just asked you to ask them and you refused". This whole situation seems very off and shady in my opinion.

The things my daughter is missing:
Gray sweater vest
Pink pajamas
Gray long sleeved shirt
IPhone charger
Pink beach bag

I have already made a report to corporate. I expect you will be willing to be more helpful and review tapes to see where my daughter's items are. Feel free to call me to discuss. [protected]

Thank you

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