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Ralphs / Bad service

1 211 East Foothill Blvd.Arcadia, CA, United States

I went to Ralphs on 211 E Foothill Blvd. After I've selected some groceries and proceeded to the checkout counter. I punched in my telephone number for the Club Card account. The Checker, a woman named Cathy Rivier, took and slid a DVD that I was going to purchase intitled Carrie across really hard scratching the cover of the DVD. She made a remark very nastily that it was a really old movie and called to a co-worker and confirmed it out loud with them. I looked at her and said that I thought her behavior was rude and asked who was the manager. She pointed to a lady with long curly black hair and a red sweater and then shouted do you want to know my name too? I don't give a [censored]. She snatched off her name tag and then slammed it down on the pay counter on my hand. I then took it and threw it off. I said that I would file a law suit and then she said that she didn't give a [censored] and was going to kick my a**. I went to where she was and told her go ahead, kick my a** and that is when the manager game and stood between us and then asked me to leave. I told her that I wanted to speak to someone because she had hit me on the hand. The manager, Duane, came out and asked me what happened. After I've finished explaining, he just asked me if I had paid for the groceries. I've contacted the police to report the woman for battery but they all just stuck together, lied and said nothing happened and that she did not hit me. The officer went by what they said and did not even give me a police report.

On a previous time, I had gone there on fathers day to purchase a gift for my father and brought some crab legs and a bottle of rum. The cashiers were passing them around and playing with them making comments. I just left them on the counter and made a comment to them that they were not supposed to play with food that people are trying to buy.


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