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This is an investment newsletter scam. The company conducted a multi-stage solicitation with a video and several emails, urging you to get in on a ground floor investment opportunity just like all the other opportunities they've uncovered. I was suckered into paying $1100 for a newsletter promising huge returns. I thought I would list the results so you can see for yourself. I list the stock symbol, the recommended price and its current value.

stock: bought/current price
STM: $8.35/8.57 -
EONC: $6.92/2.49 -
RDNT: $5.03/5.35 -
CDXC: $12.34/1.34 -
PTX: $9.00/8.49 -

I have about $8, 000 in losses in this account, I decided that I was duped into thinking these people were experts. It seems to me and by the results I observed and experience, there is nothing further from the truth. I called to get a refund on my subscription, I was flatly refused and told that there's a 30 day MBG. I was told that not even a pro-rated refund was possible, I realized I had been scammed.

Beware of scams like these from this company, I am sure I am not alone.

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  • Br
      Dec 15, 2017

    thank you while looking up RSP I thought I would check out the reviews and again thank you. Money Morning sounds real, So once again thank you for all your help but this guy seems to be one hundred years old with all his experience. I put down the computer went to the bathroom made a coffee and he was still saying the same thing as when I left. I was about to look up RSP and saw your review. I kind of wondered because no one else was talking about the mandate no side ads no pop ups

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  • Ji
      Oct 17, 2018

    Use caution if you want to deal with this Radical Technology Profits. I paid $1, 950.00 with this company. i have been trying for over 1.5 weeks and the results are still "You are not a member". I have called 4 times with no results results. All they want me to do is spend another $4, 000.00. I have to say i called for a refund and was told that this is non refundable. Sounds like a scam. I have no choice but to try several more times, however i hold no hope for results i paid for but will still hope there is an ounce of honor in this company, and the big catch is they will take another $1, 950 out of my account in 12 months!

    I wish they were reputable, but not with me at this time!

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  • La
      Oct 21, 2018

    I listened to Robinson's entire pitch, during which I became convinced he was just another hustler, and a veritable windbag in the bargain. When I found out what he wants to charge for access to his website I decided to look further and came across the above timely inputs.
    Thank you very much for the insights,
    Larry Martines

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