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Quicken Loans / terrible company

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I have worked at Quicken Loans for a number of years. This is the absolute worst company I have worked for in my entire career. The joke amongst the present staff is 'How the hell does Quicken obtain the standards they tout as being the 'Best Place to Work For?' This is a total lie and obviously due to the fact that they must be canvassing their new hires who have chosen to drink the Kool Aid because none of us long timers who were chosen for these surveys gave very good ratings at all. However, if you have the buckage, as Dan apparently does, I suppose you can pull anything off. Let's face it, money can buy you anything, including a false reputation and false positive press. An example could be the fact that the firing of David Hall was one of the biggest coverups of all. This place is the biggest farce ever. When I first walked in the doors I felt bad Karma and should have gone with my gut instinct and fled the scene. However, since I was unemployed for several months and happy to just have a job with benefits, I foolishly stayed with this group of ###.

I have been collecting information since day one due to my feelings at the time. I have printed out and retained a complete file of some of the unbelievable communications that have taken place. Primarily to cover my ### should they decide to give me an involuntary separation and try to block my unemployment. I have also personally witnessed some of the most unprofessional behavior I have ever seen in my very long and diverse work history. This place is appalling.

Since the mortgage industry took a crap, it is worse than ever. The leadership seems to spend most of its time looking for/creating reasons to get rid of its loyal, long-term employees in a way so that they are not able to collect unemployment. This company even has hired a firm in Novi that does nothing but fight individual unemployment claims. I must say though, that most of those I know who have fought them have ended up with their unemployment eventually. Yes! I really don't know how they survived in the interim. Not to mention the class action lawsuits currently in place to regain lost wages for those forced to work the ungodly hours without overtime pay.

Oh yeah, as for the leadership, what a damn joke! These people are kids with little, if any, experience in the real world. They have nothing else to compare to really. This is the only little world they know and they have foolishly bought into all the hype and BS. They will have an extremely hard time working in any other professional environment as they have no clue as to how/what a professional is. Their egos have been pumped up by being given these incredible and misleading titles and really think they are the cats ###. Well, the ### part is right at least. This place is totally all about nepotism and croniism. It's disgusting. Oh yeah, and they have little training groups that they call 'Flight' Training where they break boards and get awards. Kid games.

There is hardly anyone left that started working here with me. Most have been let go on the famous 'trumped up' charges they manufacture. People here are not treated like human beings at all. Most refer to it as the mortgage factory.

As the economy takes a ###, things only get worse. Bonuses, which is pretty much what has kept most of us going, have now gone by the wayside or have been so reduced it's impossible to really stay here. They are clueless as to how many loyal, long-term employees are looking to get out. Loyalty doesn't mean much here. They think they are the only game in town and to those mindless enough to believe them, they have them by the balls.

There is currently an attitude because no one can afford to give to their causes. They have all these fund raisers for one of the employees who passed some time ago. Well, let's face reality. With the cost of gas, the lack of pay and the way they treat everyone, it is not even an option for most of us to be charitable right now. Yet, the emails from leadership continue attempting to badger us into giving what we do not have to give. The current deal is they have a 'special' event every other Friday for the next several weeks. The first one allowed you to wear flip flops for the price of $5. The last one allowed you to wear a sports jersey for the price of $5. Well, apparently, the involvement is falling far short of their expectations as is evident in the tone of the emails leadership sends out.

I am sick and tired of seeing people come in and out of the various DVP's offices crying because of the ### they are pulling.

Oh yeah, another 'new' policy is that you must have 8 hours of sick time banked or you get written up. Even if you have 8 hours and need to take 8 hours you are forced to use vacation time. Why, because they don't have to pay out your sick time if you get fired or quit but they do have to pay your vacation time. Is this even legal? I'm sure it somehow must be because Dan certainly has a growing legal department.

This is the most evil and unscrupulous company I have ever seen. Please think a good thought for me as I am attempting to get the hell out ASAP. At this point I am pretty much willing to give up benefits and work two or three part time jobs if need be. That is truly how bad it has become.

Lastly, let's touch on the 'ISMS'. These are foolish little sayings that they want you to embrace and expound in your daily conversations/life. A few examples are:

Do the Right Thing? Really, I don't see this happening at all. They really need to get with this one because everything they are doing in their treatment of their employees is far removed from this ideal.

A penny is just a penny? Give me a break. You can be damned sure that Dan is counting all of his. Guess he forgot where he started and what enabled him to buy the Cavs, Fathead, Eprize etc. Guess once you get there you forget those who aided in your cause by giving up their lives and relationships in many cases.

These are just a couple that kill me. There are more.

And, little groups of leadership get to go to Bill Emerson's house to present their ideas for new ISMS and they are thrilled to death and feel so embraced. Wow! I laugh.

When I started working at Quicken, you were fed breakfast, lunch and dinner. Money flowed. Overtime was unlimited. Perks were incredible. Now, not so much. You can't even get plates, cups or silverware in our kitchens many days. No more ticket window Thursdays. No more trips to tropical locations. No more spring and fall barbecues. No more overtime. No more bonuses. No more trips to see the Cavs play in Cleveland. They give nothing but want so much in return.

You know Dan just built a new house in Franklin. But, a penny is just a penny, right. Wonder what the note on that one was. How many of you can afford to buy a house or upgrade your present home? Anyway, I've said more than enough for now. I could go on for hours but I think you all get the point. Sorry if I sound bitter :) But, working at Quicken is like smoking a joint, the harder you suck, the higher you get. Everyone else gets screwed.


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  • Da
      23rd of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    And yet, you still work there. Who or what is stopping you from moving on?

  • Sc
      12th of Mar, 2009
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    The Quicken Loans of a long time ago was set up to talk you into doing a loan and selling you on that they are a direct lender. The truth is that they are a large BROKER. They secure money of investors not their own and then sell the loan off to CountryWide or Bank of America. The loan process starts by first thing they buy leads from on line sites like Lower my or Lending Tree. Then their LOLA or lead origination lead allocation system feeds the leads to the mortgage bankers. The banker calls the lead until they can convince them to do a loan.

    The puzzling part is that they are a broker in all sense of the words, meaning that the money comes from outside sources and bundled and sold off in that market. More elaboration on this is that the loan tracker system is a data base of past clients and its some what of a farse. Pretty funny when you think about it as the top leadership in the Quicken structure are rolling in the money and paying the mortgage bankers a very low commission amount. It's looks more like a reverse pyramid if anything.

  • Re
      25th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    shut up dave...hes right...i worked there also. its a horrible company that probably wont be around much longer.

  • Ma
      4th of Jan, 2012
    0 Votes

    Even though I left Quicken Loans a few years ago, I felt the need to spread the word about this disgusting company. As a female, I realized I was outnumbered right away. On the first day I witnessed nothing but testosterone-driven frat boys swinging around baseball bats and randomly doing push-ups. I knew proving myself would be difficult, but I didn't realize how difficult it would be at first.

    I was duped into thinking I would be in an industry that would help people, but I found that everyone lied and played mind games to get people to refinance. I, myself, was told that I wasn't "###" enough, and I needed to become a ###. My director told me what to say over headphones, and all he had me do was lie to get the sale. He called it "acting." Once I was talking to a lady who worked at Home Depot- magically I had a friend that worked at Home Depot, too. If I were talking to a grandmother I would become a grandmother. Some days I'd be single, others I'd be married with children. (I am in fact unmarried without children). I'd hear my co-workers tell clients that they had been working at Quicken for years, and had many clients... when in reality they were there for 3 months tops. We'd also be instructed to tell clients that we were paid a salary, and didn't make commission. HA! I don't think the directors would have us work 12+ hours in a sweat shop if we were being paid a salary. A word of warning- if one of the employees tells you they've been there for years, they're lying. You're lucky to get someone who has been working longer than 6 months. They're all right out of college, and desperate to make a sale. They'll tell you anything.

    If that's not bad enough, every time someone would make a sale, they would write their name on the board, and have the entire "training grounds" clap for them. It was embarrassing, and pathetic.

    I was told that I'd be working 10 hours a day, but then was guilted into working more than 12 hours a day, 6 days a week.. WITHOUT overtime pay. If I tried to leave at a reasonable hour I was told that I was "disappointing the team." Directors made us eat lunch at our desk, and would sometimes treat us with hot dogs and chips to keep us from going to lunch. They also fed us Monster energy drinks and Red Bull to keep us awake. Sometimes I felt like my heart was going to explode.

    Another employee informed me upon wanting to quit, his director had him do some homework. It was to go out to the Tower City fountain and look at the bums. Horrid.

    Now for the sexual harassment part... I was shadowing one of the employees, and I saw he had received an e-mail. It was pornography... he told me to "pretend I didn't see that." He also explained that's how the guys celebrated their sales or "wins." He also said the director was in on it. I was absolutely appalled. In addition to that I had employees message me over instant messenger asking me out or to even participate in a threesome. Yeah.. real classy. The girls there aren't much better either. Female employees will sleep with their directors to get "hotter leads." Everyone sleeps with everyone, and it's basically one big orgy. Oh, and there's a reason Quicken Loans doesn't administer drug tests.. it's because everyone's coked out of their minds.

    A final note- upon leaving my director told me I was throwing the best opportunity away, and I'd be likely to make $20, 000 a year if I'm lucky. I told him I didn't care. I like having a soul.

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