Quick Weight Loss Centermisleading marketing techniques

The business marketing is a scam. I called to get prices yesterday and they would not give them over the phone as they said I had to go in personally. I went in personally today and they would not give me prices either because I recently had an operation and have to wait six months. The wait is no problem, but what is a problem is that they make me go in and they cannot give me the pricing informationg. Second: I specifically asked yesterday by phone if I could pay on a month by month basis and Diane said yes as they have several plans. When I asked her that today she said that the supplements are paid as you go along but the weight loss amount has to be paid up front. I explained that I needed to lose weight for health purposes and she said that policy is that I have to wait six months.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Coral Springs, FL Why would I have to wait six months if their plan is so healthy? Why won't they provide the price over the phone? This is a scam and it makes me very angry that they play on a person's need to lose weight instead of really providing a service to help people. There is no reason why they could not give me prices and how it works when I went in today. I fully understood I could not start the program today but what would that matter if the program is a healthy one as they claim in all their advertising. I explained my doctor wanted me to lose weight and Diane said I had to wait which is fine, but give me the information so I can make an informed decision. This is misleading, unacceptable behavior. She had also said I could pay month to month and today she denied that and said it has to be paid upfront.

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