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Purity Mineral Science / Charged my credit card5 9.99 and never sent me my order

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I had placed my order and they charged my credit card5 9.99 and never sent me my order. When i tried to call to see where my order was, I couldn't get a response.

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  • Sa
      29th of Feb, 2008
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    I entered a work from home website and I had to order two things from a list of 25 to get paid..I ordered free business cards (pay $4.95 postage) and I accepted a free offer from Purity ($7.95shipping and handling). Then I found out I had to order 2 more things from two more levels of products and I couldn't undo what I had already ordered, so I just stopped. I got the free (HA! HA!) product and scanned the literature to see if I had signed up for anything I had to cancel and I found nothing in their literature to me. I just received another shipment from them with a bill for $29.95 and on the bill it said because I did not cancel within 14 days from the first $1 special offer my card was charged $59.95 and the recent amount of $29.95. I cancelled immediately and they said they would refund $22.90 and keep $7.95 shipping and handling and I had to pay to return product. So this free offer from Purity cost me $75.85. I tried to file a complaint with Better Business Bureau and Attorney General, but they don't accept complaints....what are we supposed to do ? Like the rest of you I too got scammed by Purity Mineral Science.

  • Ki
      8th of Mar, 2008
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    I ordered and of course was scammed like the rest of you. I feel horrible for not looking into the company more. I have been trying to call the company back for days now (cause in order to send back the make-up you have to do it within a certain time and get an authorization code) but the number has been busy. The ONLY time I got connected I was called 42 in line! It's ridiculous the stuff that they're getting away with!!! Anyone know who can help?

  • An
      10th of Mar, 2008
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    Wow!!! I'm also one of the many people who got scammed!!! I got charged 59.99 on my husbands credit card for this purity mineral science makeup and I haven't recieved what I paid for!!!! I did recieve the " Free trial kit" and was billed for the shipping and handling because that is waht they were suposed to do, but I haven't recieved the 59.99 set!!!!! What the hell can I do????????

  • Ma
      17th of Mar, 2008
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    Add me to the long list of those scamed by Mineral Science/Purity V. I received what is suppose to be a "mineral make-up", well I have used several different brands of mineral make-up and not one of them turned my skin the weird color this stuff did. Then I get billed for $59.95 and you are correct their line is either busy or you are the 25th or 40th caller in line. Sounds like they have it wrapped up, but I am not finished with them yet. I filed a complaint with my bank for the unauthorized charges made by these people. I did the same thing with the magazine company that charged me $165.00.

    These people are running a real racket and taking innocent people for a ton of money. Get the word out, go to your bank and challenge these charges, when they have to pay back enough, maybe they will back off.

    Don't let them continue to win.

  • Br
      2nd of Apr, 2008
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    I too have been scammed by Purity Mineral Science. Just before Christmas I was online doing some shopping and happen to get in my email one of those fill out this survey and receive a free gift card. So I did, however at the end of the survey in order to receive you gift card, you have to purchase something from one of the listed merchants from the survey site. I had picked Purity Mineral Science because it clearly stated FREE Trial pay 7.95 so I did I assumed what a great price for mineral makeup, and as a gift to a friend I bought it. Well I did receive my initial makeup, wrapped it up and was given as a gift. I never opened the box. The next thing I knew my debit card was being charged 59.99 so I called my bank to see what the charge was they explained it would be best for me to resolve it with the merchant. I did not have a telephone number so my bank provided me with Purity Minerals phone number. I too called many, many times and got no answer the phone would either ring, or I would be placed on hold for 20 minutes or so and then would be disconnected. I did file a claim with my bank the beginning of January 2008, and initially everything was credited back which was the 59.99, and an additional 29.99. I found out yesterday4/1/08 that Mineral Purity Science was able to get my bank to think I was aware of all these charges basically calling me a liar, and telling them I received make-up that I was claming I didn't receive. So now the bank is trying to issue payment for 105.00 to Purity Mineral when I thought it was only going to cost me 7.95, which by the way I did agree to pay. So I took it upon my self to call the number on the claim papers from my bank and it was LINKSTAR (dba Purity Mineral Sciene), and spoke to a Sheryl Johnson who wrote to my bank slandering me saying I did indeed receive the additional makup kits that were sent to my house, and I obviously am trying to get out of making the payment . Now I received one kit, the kit I thought was 7.95 I never received a second makeup kit. I am just so outraged by this. I am going to file another claim because I absolutely refuse to pay the 105.00 when it clearly stated FREE TRIAL for 7.95. I was happy to see I wasn't the only one who has had a problem with this merchant, hopefully my bank will research into this effectively and see that it is indeed a scam.

    Brenda W.
    Worcester, Massachusetts

  • De
      6th of Apr, 2008
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    I also got scammed and they should be stopped. You signe up for a trial product and the next thing you know you are being charged a ridiculous amount of 59.99 for some pitiful sample size poweders and some low grade brushes... cant we do something about this... i think we should stop them before they screw more people out of their money...

  • He
      29th of Apr, 2008
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    Oh no - I am having the same problem. I can't believe I actually fell for this scam. I am usually so careful about buying things on the internet. I've been trying to call to cancel for the past week and can't get through. If anyone has some tips about how to file a complaint against this company, please let the rest of us know.

  • Ma
      5th of May, 2008
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    I WAS SCAMMED, and I am going to do something about it. I am putting out an all points bulletin for all those people scammed. We are goig to do something about it!!! I am clollecting all the names of those scammed and I will contact anyone who will listen to us...Plese e-mail me with your name and a brief story. I will collect this information for our justice. Thanks so much and together we can get this company to stop.


  • Ch
      28th of May, 2008
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    I have not signed up for it, so I cannot say one way or the other. I came across them through TrialPay, which offers a very attractive looking incentive when they plaster their ad next to free versions of programs like ZoneAlarm firewall or Lavasoft anti-spyware, saying that if you complete an offer of theirs, they purchase the plus or pro or what have you version FOR you. Purity was one of the offers.

    I read the terms and conditions, which does indeed mention the $59.99 and the resupply agreement (always read your fine print!) and was just thinking about signing up just to receive the make-up, empty the containers by, oh, maybe half? and send them right back where they came from, but that one snag has me backing off something serious: this whole business of the phones always being busy. They say you can email them, too, but if you can't get through to them by phone, I doubt email would perform any better.

    So I'm just going to do what I went to Lavasoft to do: download their free anti-spyware software. This would prove far too much running around. I hope you all manage to get your money back / keep your credit scores looking shiny / nip that Purity company in the butt! They seem awfully shady.

  • Sh
      4th of Jun, 2008
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    I ordered this product when I too, thought, Wow, this is a really great deal. And then the charges started coming. When I called the customer service number stated on the invoice (866-694-4171) it would just tell me that the inbox was full (really strange for a big company). So I started looking online and found a different phone number (888-694-4171). When I called I was the 2nd caller in line. I complained and they were willing to refund the $7.95 I paid for shipping, but that was it. I figured any money was better than none. And the girl on the phone was "so clumsy" that she accidentally refunded me the $22.04 instead of the $7.95. Awesome, I thought. When I looked closer at my Visa statement I noticed they had charged me the $59.99 as well. I called again and was transferred back and forth between 3 ladies (who all sounded eerily similar). I had to complain for close to a half hour before they decided to do anything about this. The 'manager' Colleen said she would refund me $24.00 of the $59.99 and that it would show up on my credit card within the next couple of days. Well, it's been a couple of days and the credit card company can see no sign of a refund whatsoever. They asked me to have Mineral Science write a statement promising the refund as well as NO MORE CHARGES! This was a problem, apparently these people have no handwriting skills. I got the run-around again, being transferred from 1 person to another, and finally got to speak again to Colleen. She is supposed to be e-mailing me with this written notification within the next half hour, I'm not betting on it though. I feel very silly for having been scammed, but I realize I'm not the only one, and it is this company who should feel silly.

  • Tr
      16th of Aug, 2008
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    Phantom PurityMinerls strikes again!!! Long story short - "Brent Ettestad" (Employee for PurityMinerals) charged $59.99 for the make-up package, $7.99 for a coupon book from them and $29.99 monthly charges! To cancel the "coupon book" the phone # that was giving to me was (888) 326-7156. Their Customer Service # (ha-ha) is (866) 363-6797 Mon. - Fri (closed on weekends). Funny cause I can never get through! It's been 3 1/2 weeks and not one package, nor coupon book. I wouldn't care about the darn coupon bk but I'm getting charged for it! And YES, of course, I even got charged for the make-up already, plus shipping and handling! Better Business On-line is next in my ammunition and after that, my Lawyer, for the possibilty of Identity Theft. So whose ever out there, reading my "problem-matic issue", I hope that it hasn't already happened to you and thats why you're reading my story! Good Luck with your issues, and I guess we should all just stick to buying stuff in the Department Store! :> T.L.B.

  • Am
      25th of Sep, 2008
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    The company has charged my account over $200 AND I to this day have not recieved a single thing. It is to the point that I am going to be notify my state's atterney general's office and I have notified my bank of their fraud, and I am also going to notify the FBI here soon if they continue stealing unautherized fund from my husband's account. They were only authorized $7.95 with not shipping and handeling from the account and since July 26, 2008 they have cost us $560 in overdraft fees not including the over $200 that they have taken without authorization. There is so many counts of fraud involving this company that I think that it is time that some of us that they are stealing from stand together to get our money back. I normally us ID BareMinerals Bare Esscentials that I order from a catalog. And now I cannot even reorder my makeup because this company has stolen way too much money from me and my husband.

  • Fi
      2nd of Dec, 2009
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    I tried to order their 7.95 trial makeup, i trted to use my netspend card, because my bank card didn't have 1.00 dollar on it at that time, so like i said i tried to use my netspend card which had $20.00 on it. they woulndn't except it? i know why now, cause with the netspend card they coulnd't rip me off through my bank. i hope you all get your money back, and they shut this purity mineral science down. i was just lucky that after it wouldn't take my ns card, i looked this fraudulent company up.

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