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I accepted an offer of a trial face cream for a payment of $4.95 postage on the Facebook site. Now this Company is charging my Credit Card a sum of $117.52 for unauthorised product. I cannot get in touch with this Company by any of the phone numbers listed on the site, i then called my credit card comapany and they expained to me that there was a 30 day cooling off period, which i could not find on the website, but anyway they gave me two telephone numbers, the first is for Web access which you ned to call first to cancel any more direct debits on your creditcard Tel: [protected] now this number is from the uk to America and can only be called after 3pm uk time, (make sure you get an authorisation code).

The next number is for Pure lift Tel: [protected] again from uk to america so call after 3pm uk time, You will be asked for your details which they will not be able to find so will ask you for your card number you purchased with, they will then cancell further shipments of the product, again make sure you get a cancellation code.

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      Aug 29, 2009

    Well, the same happened to me. Am getting charged and have only seen a small trial bottle. I must say that I had to throw it out after a couple of days as it absolutely stung my face! Am going to chase them to get my money back and will also notify Facebook to pull the ad from their pages!.


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      Sep 07, 2009

    Hi - I was also unpleasantly surprised with the assumptions this company made and logged my complaint here last night (Maudie05). This morning I called the number on the glossy flyer that arrived with "my new shipment" which is the only contact information they have provided - [protected] and it was dead. No ring tone and eventually just cut off. The web site I googled for them said "this site may harm your computer" - so dont go there either.

    I called the number they seem to have provided you above [protected]) which was picked up promptly with "you wish to cancel your subscription?". An employee called Toni (employee id 807) cancelled "the monthly debits". Her response to me saying they had been WEEKLY debits was "sorry about that ma'am". She gave me a cancellation number and assured me it was all behind me. I asked about the 3 new bottles I had received without ordering them and she gave me another number to call for this (NOT the one on the letter).

    So then I called [protected] and spoke to April (employer id 155702) who asked which product I was complaining about then looked me up and again has assured me that "your automatic shipment order is cancelled ma'am". When I advised I did not place that order she again said "sorry about that ma'am, you have a good day". Seriously! They are polite and sound very very worn out! Anyway - I asked her bluntly the questions "will there be any more debits?', "will you be accessing my credit card for any further charges?" "will I ever hear from you about any product again", "will I have to cancel my card to get rid of you?"- reply to each was a weary "no ma'am".

    I have also advised my bank of this. Just in case - but have not cancelled my card.

    Hope this helps you ...

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      Sep 25, 2009

    Hi, the same happened to me and I have documented it here. I also wrote to Oprah who promotes this product. As well as posted a warning on Facebook where I first saw this ad! If that's where you got it from too, write to them. The more complaints, the less advertising they'll get! I'll certainly never bee buying anything through Face book again so they harmed themselves too.

    And yes, I also have the same experience with their support number, nobody there! I did manage to get hold of them around 11am Aust time, that seems to be the best. My bank is now disputing the charges, am still getting products.! Your bank has to do the same, go and talk to a manager. If they're unwilling to help,
    cancel the card asap.

    If you do get hold of them, be quite insistent on getting a refund. They agreed to mine if I return the product. They'll also give you numbers for the other people but what a waste of everyone's time.


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      Jan 05, 2010


    Sorry there seems to have been some confusion about your order. We do our best to satisfy all of our customers, but sometimes mistakes

    can happen. Customer service and satisfaction are very important to us. That's why we included our Terms of Service on the order page

    right next to where you provided us with your credit card information. There is also a direct link to our Terms of Service on our home page.

    We do want you to be happy with your experience with us - even if you didn't read the terms or found them confusing.

    If that was the case, you can return the unused portion of your order and we will not bother you again. If you are still in our 30-day

    guarantee period, we will also be happy to refund your money. We take our money-back guarantee very seriously.

    Our customer support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can call us at 8/8/8-(6/7/6)-(4/1/2/2). If you have any problems

    getting through, you can also use our Live Chat online customer service support. The Live Chat link is easy to find on our Contact Us page

    and can walk you through the entire process step by step.

    We want to do everything we can to resolve your concerns as quickly as possible and hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank you,

    (James White)

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