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Bought a puppy from here and two days latter it died. Vet said it was a worm infestation that was not treated. They claim to have dewormed thier dogs but i guess they lied.

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  • Si
      May 18, 2010

    They are NASTY puppymillers!! And who are they to tell people what to do? How to talk?? Stupid people cant even talk without saying "###" in every sentence!! Idiots!!!

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  • Km
      Oct 25, 2010

    I bought a puppy from this place in 3/2010. She is Shorkie. When I first saw there website I was a little scaried to call about there puppies but after I called and talk to them it was OK. I spoke to Dee and she asked many questions about the website like they said they would but if you read the site like they say you should before you call then you will be fine. I selected a puppy and they said they would call me back with the delivery details with in 10 minutes. They did just that and told me that my puppy was coming from Albany, New York and that it would be here at 3:00pm on Sunday. We were very excited and awaiting for the delivery. I did start to get nervous when 3:00 came and they had not arrived yet but shortly after 3:00 the two women who were delivering our new puppy called and said that they were running late and that they would be at my home as soon as possible. They did finally arrive at about 7:00 pm and had called numerious times telling where they were. The puppy was exactly what they had listed on the site. They were very nice and helpful. Before the girl left we had some questions and she answered all our questions. I even called Dee about 2 weeks after my puppy was delivered with some questions about food for my puppy and she gave me some great advice and I did what she said and it worked like a charm. They care very much about their puppies and that makes them very good at their jobs. Our puppy is now 10 months old and we love her. She has no medical problems. She loves to cuddle & play. She loves everyone she meets. She loves to meet new people and other dogs. She always wants to play with everyone both 2 legged and 4 legged. She is a very smart dog, too. When I was training her she was a quick learner. They only complaint that I might have is that I believed that the puppy would be a smart dog (about 7 pounds) but Bella is now 12 pounds. I did not really want a 12 pound dog but it is ok because she is a great dog. I would strongly suggest that you get a puppy from this website. When we were looking for a puppy we were almost scammed alot of times until we found this website. They do do what they promise and their puppies are very smart and loving. Before we got this dog from them we had just lost our other dog (tinkerbell) and they have giving us a great new dog to love and to love us back. Thank you to Dee and all the people that work with her. They are doing great things. Also, I would like to say that their prices for their puppies are also great. I had been looking at the rescue places and some of their prices for adopting a pet is about the same prices that puppies234 is charging and at least they are puppies that I know some back ground. I know who the puppies parents are and if I have questions I can call them anytime.

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  • Om
      Aug 30, 2011

    puppies234 is so not a puppy mill. when i ordered from them the website told me to email the breeder and the breeder was kind and answered all my questions. if they were a puppy mill will they care so much to make you read so many pages of info???
    they were honest and told you the dangers of toy breed pups. will a puppy mill do that??? puppy mills only care that you buy from them and give em the money. puppy mills DO NOT make you read pages and pages of puppy info so shut your pothole if you don't know what the freaking hell your saying so take that those people who don't know what they say. If they were a puppy mill they wouldn't care for the dogs enough to tell you all the diseases and symptoms of the diseases that MIGHT JUST MIGHT happen to your dog. If they were a puppy mill they won't have a puppy stress list and they won't care what the hell the dog has been eating so if you don't know a freaking thing shut your pothole. The only reason for them to be rude is because YOU ARE BEING NOT HONORABLE TO THEM. if you're mad because your on the not honorable page i suggest you think about why your name and info are on that list and live with what you did.

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