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I called these puppy breeders to inquire about their dogs. I said to them, "hello, i was calling about more information about your dogs". And the lady on the other end replied, "what about them?". The conversation was very brief and with everything I said she replied to me that it was on the website. I finally said to her that I didn't feel she was being very helpful. "And then her final response before she hung up on me was, I'm f------- sorry you can't read". I was absolutely shocked. I couldn't believe what kind of people these people were running this buisness. I was calling during the hours they listed, and was very friendly. You would think they would be friendly and want to inquire about you, the puppy buyer, to insure I was qulaified and was going to give the dog a loving home. I would say to the people running it, if you do not want people calling and inquiring, then don't list a phone number, instead an e-mail address.

I never called back again and wouldn't, b/c there are many wonderful breeders out there I came to find. I think poeple like that are just out to make money and could then therefore be looked at as a puppy mill, not a breeder. I am concerned for the puppies themselves and how if she treated me like that on the phone with no remorse, how do they treat helpless, innocent little animals? I looked at all of there returns they had with their puppies. I couldn't believe the amout of sicknesses that were listed these dogs had, and there were even two deaths of the puppies three days after it went to it's new home. I have NEVER heard of that. The puppy was obviously ill and not taken care of well enough. I am sad to see an organization as unprofessional and crude as they are. I hope people do still buy the puppies though, to get them healthy and make sure they are in a loving home. I hope the people who run this organization realize that when you have this many complaints, it is legitimate and they need to change their tune a bit.

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      5th of Dec, 2008
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    I bought a puppy from these people 3 years ago. A Pomeranian. She is 3 years old now. I went to a home in Warren PA. and picked her up. Nice house, it was clean, a young married couple with a new baby. My puppy was clean and her parents were friendly. They had about 3 or 4 poms. It wasnt no puppy mill. Dogs were inside. This summer I bought another puppy from them, a shihitzu and it was delivered, I live in buffalo. No problems, clean nice puppy. I could tell it was cared for and loved before it got to my house. I dont know why people are on here talking about mutts. I bought two pure breeds from them. Actually using the word mutts is rude. Then there is another breeder on here saying she called about getting a puppy and it says right on their site "pet homes only". My mother in-law bought her dog from them 4 years ago, a yorkiepoo. She drove to Bradford, PA. to get the puppy. It again was a nice clean home and the couple bred chihhuahuas. My mother in-law is who told me about them. since then I have given their name and number out to 100 people. One of my co-workers bought a dog from them, a maltipoo and one of my neighbors too, bought a maltipoo. When I needed help with a behavior problem I was having with my 11 year old pom, I called and bothered these people with my problem and Dee talked with me for over 30 minutes and what she told me to do with my older pom worked and i deeply apprecited it. Thanks Dee.

  • Ca
      6th of Feb, 2009
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    Let me get this straight. You bought a Yorkiepoo and picked it up from a chihuahua breeder? Why coulnd't you go to the yorkiepoo's breeders house? Maybe there are some "home" breeders in this clan, but the vast remainder of the pups come from puppy mills and are - just resold!!! By the way - did you get AKC papers with your Pom????? ever wonder why?

  • Pa
      1st of Apr, 2009
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    I bought 2 puppies from there, 1 for my family and 1 for my mother who had just lost her 18 year old yorkiepoo. I had called lots of different breeders and I do have to say. Dee was the most educated when it came to dogs. She helped us immensley in choosing our puppy for our home. She stopped us from getting the wrong kind of breed for my mother who is up there in age and needed a calm breed. I got more help from dee than anywhere else i called.

    In general i would have to say that whom ever answers the phone the most has the hardest job. When I was spekaing with her our 45 minute conversation was interrupted about 6 times. As a tech/support for a internet company, i do think operators have the toughest job ever. so many rude impatient people call me.

    When speaking with dee, she mentioned that she has no patience for snotty callers, young girls calling about puppies and they rent and are in college still, which i guess she gets alot of.

    She shared with me the amount of callers that call at 6, 7, 8, and 9 am even though she ask that people wait till 10 am to call. Another thing she apparantley gets 3 to 4 people that call as late as 10:30 and 11 pm at night, waking up her family.

    Our puppies were great. Their coat was clean and their skin was clean or at least thats what my vet said. We did delivery cause we were 8 hours away. I trusted this and they did not let me down. My puppy was delivered right at 6:15 like they said and my puppy was playful friendly and my mothers ended up being the perfect breed for her. Her shihtzu is calm and a complete lapdog. Our puppy, a Shipoo house broke rather quickly and has been a complete joy to us.

    I read every complaint on here. Its a bunch of folks that doesnt seem to have made it past Dee. Alomost every buyer on here says they had no problems and got a great puppy.

  • Ta
      28th of Jun, 2009
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    I recently purchased a Morkie from this organization. We just found out that she has a "congenital liver shunt". This occurs at birth. She now has to undergo a very risky, expensive surgery, and there is a possiblility that she won't even make it through the procedure. There is a simple and inexpensive Bile Acid test that can be given to the puppy before it is sold. I contacted this organization to let them know about my puppy and they told me that they do not "believe" in this testing of the pups. We were also treated in a very rude, condescending manner. We are waiting to hear from the actual breeder now, so hopefully we will receive some kindness and understanding. We can tell that the breeder took very good care of our baby before we purchased her. We love this dog so much and we will do anything to keep her alive. We have spent $500 on tests and specialists and the surgery is going to be $3500. Please save yourself the heartache, insist upon a Bile Acid test before you purchase a Yorkie / Yorkie mix or a Maltese / Maltese mix from anyone. If you have already purchased one, please get it tested. We were lucky to catch this when our puppy was getting spayed, some dogs aren't so lucky. The sooner this disease is discovered, the better the survivor rate. Liver shunts are considered to be hereditary in these breeds. Yorkies have almost a 36 times greater risk of developing shunts than all other breeds combined. All we want to do is try to prevent other buyers from experiencing what we are - no matter who you buy your pup from.

  • Go
      18th of Aug, 2009
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  • Ca
      9th of Oct, 2009
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    As far as asking people to continue to by puppies from bad breeders to save the poor pups---- I feel that is just WRONG!!! If you buy a pup to save it-- yes you save it-- but at the same time you reward the bad breeder with $ and free up space for more poor pups to be born into the same conditions. Since they only care about the money they make it becomes a vicious cycle. The only way to stop these people is not to buy from them. When they can't move their stock they will stop producing it. Simple supply and demand. If there is no demand there is no supply. Do some online research and you will find that when those puppy millers who do get caught and outed to the public--- usually through prosecution for cruelty and neglect of those precious pups---when they no longer can sell the pups to a knowing public they get rid of their breeding stock and presto no more adults living in horrendous living conditions and no more pups produced.

  • Om
      30th of Aug, 2011
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    puppies234 is so not a puppy mill. when i ordered from them the website told me to email the breeder and the breeder was kind and answered all my questions. if they were a puppy mill will they care so much to make you read so many pages of info???
    they were honest and told you the dangers of toy breed pups. will a puppy mill do that??? puppy mills only care that you buy from them and give em the money. puppy mills DO NOT make you read pages and pages of puppy info so shut your pothole if you don't know what the freaking hell your saying so take that those people who don't know what they say. If they were a puppy mill they wouldn't care for the dogs enough to tell you all the diseases and symptoms of the diseases that MIGHT JUST MIGHT happen to your dog. If they were a puppy mill they won't have a puppy stress list and they won't care what the hell the dog has been eating so if you don't know a freaking thing shut your pothole. The only reason for them to be rude is because YOU ARE BEING NOT HONORABLE TO THEM. if you're mad because your on the not honorable page i suggest you think about why your name and info are on that list and live with what you did.

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