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My daughter selected a female puppy that was listed on puppies234 website. I called the # on the website & the "rude" person on the other end texted me the email address of the breeder. I emailed the breeder enquiring about the puppy. He told me "she" was still available & that I should call the number on the website so that I can be scheduled for the next delivery which was that following saturday. The puppy, Goldie, was in Ohio & I am in Mass. The breeder & myself emailed back & forth about 4 times. Pleasant and direct emails. Saturday came & I got "a" puppy. It wasn't till about 45mins after the puppy was delivered that I realized I was delivered the wrong puppy. The puppy was a male. I called the delivery company & explained the mix-up. She told me I'd have to contact the breeder because that was indeed the puppy they handed over for delivery. I emailed the breeder that same night. He replied the following morning & asked if I was sure because people often say they got "one thing for another and they were wrong". I told him I was sure this was a male dog. He went on to tell me there was a lady from buffalo at his home who went to pick up a puppy from the same liter, "maxx". The lady showed interest in my puppy & proceeded to play with both puppies. According to the breeder, Myron Yoder, him and his wife Mary were duped by this lady. By this point the emails turned rude and nasty when I asked his to fix the mix-up. He told me I had the option to return the puppy, to Ohio, and he will refund me for "the puppy" not delivery. He also told me if I decide ti keep Maxx, I can change the "sex and name" on the health record because he was not going to send me any papers, like I had requested in one of my emails. It was heartbreaking and confusing for my daughter which I explained to him & he told me he doesn't care about my daughters feelings and I need to teach her that life is full of people that make mistakes. Maxx is a great puppy but not what I paid for and now I am stuck with him because even if I get him to send me another puppy, I do not trust him. I also called the number on the website and the, once again, rude and uninterested lady on the other end was of no help. Puppies234 is a PUPPY MILL. These people are horrible and in a million years I would not recommend them to anyone. I am going to contact authorities and try to this from happening to others

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