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Publish America, Amazon, Ecampus, California Books


Theft of Royalities

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Publish America, Ecampus, Amazon, Californiabooks
259 eldert street
New York
United States
Phone: 3474421548
California Books is steal selling my book

It is time where we Authors have trusted into this contract with Publish America, that our royalities would be distrubed as the promises that was made to us, Publish america
publisher compensation" we were all robbed read from the attorney below,

Ms. Amos, I am a lawyer, you can have your lawyer contact me. LSI is not a publisher and only produced your book pursuant to contract with Publish America. eCampus is wrong, just because they tell you we are a publisher, does not mean we are one. No one is obtaining your book from us and haven't since 2008. Any "royalties" as you call it is owed to you by Publish America. We paid what is called "publisher compensation" to Publish America for the sales at that time.

n Wed, Aug 4, 2010 at 10:45 AM, Amazon.com Copyright Agent <copyright@amazon.com> wrote:
please be advised that some of these sites below, get there
books from amazon, I would like amazon to please produce a contract,
where I gave them permission to sell my book.

Publish America was paid in advance in seven years I earn 15 dollars, what happen to the money that publish america paid in advance, it did not go to the author sign my petition and sue the hell out of them, and have them close down, you got it from an attorney they were paid

Ms. Amos, I am a lawyer, you can have your lawyer contact me. LSI is not a publisher and only produced your book pursuant to contract with Publish America. eCampus is wrong, just because they tell you we are a publisher, does not mean we are one. No one is obtaining your book from us and haven't since 2008. Any "royalties" as you call it is owed to you by Publish America. We paid what is called "publisher compensation" to Publish America for the sales at that time.

In My Father's House: Fruits of His Garden

by Jacqueline Amos
Paperback, 109 Pages, Published 2004

List Price: $19.95
ISBN-10: 1-59129-603-X (159129603X)
ISBN-13: 978-1-59129-603-4 (9781591296034)

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Dear Ms. Amos,

Thank you for your message. Please be advised that we are in the process of removing the following items from Amazon.com and Amazon.ca:

In My Father's House: Fruits of His Garden [Paperback] ISBN-10: 159129603X

It typically takes 2-3 days for a listing to disappear once it has been removed from our catalog.

It also appears that you have concerns over information that appears websites other than Amazon.com or Amazon.ca.

Please use the form provided on Amazon.co.uk for claims regarding materials on these sites:


You can send your completed notice to the following addresses:

Amazon.co.uk: Email your completed notice as a .PDF to notice@amazon.co.uk or fax to +44 (0208) 636-9326

Amazon.de: Email your completed English language notice as a .PDF to benachrichtigung@amazon.de or fax to ++49 (0)941 788 78 240

Amazon.fr: Email your completed English language notice as a .PDF to notification@amazon.fr or fax to +33 (0) 1 56 60 46 62

Amazon.jp: Fax your completed English language notice to +81-3-4288-4080

Amazon.cn: Email your completed English language notice as a .PDF to copyright@amazon.cn

Copyright/Trademark Agent

Where is my royalities this site has been selling my book over years, they stated they bought 2 books.

PublishAmerica Author Support" <gail@publishamerica.com (mailto:gail@publishamerica.com) >
>>> --"PublishAmerica Author Support" <gail@publishamerica.com>

> To:
> jackieamos2@yahoo.com
> Dear Jacqueline Amos:
> Your book was pulled from the market when we terminated your contract.
> No new copies have been printed since then, no new copies have been
> made available through our wholesalers, and no new copies have been
> sold. If you were to visit your local bookstore and ask them to check
> the availability of your books, they would confirm this.
> We have no control over Amazon and other on-line vendors' listing
> policies. It is the prerogative of those vendors to do as they please,
> even though they have had no access to books after they were
> discontinued, and even though they had been advised about the
> discontinuation.
> Our agreement has been fully abided to by us. Please contact the
> vendors listing your book for any further information-------------------
> Thank you,
Amazon states they only bought 2 books

Why was these Book Companys continue to sale my book, there was no contract. Amazon said they only bought 2 books, these are Amazon sites listing my books for sale, mind you amazon stated they only bought 2 books, please look at listing below









this lady removed my book from ebay when I told her I was going to sue
her, but she is still selling my books












this book store is selling my books world wide


Publish America, Amazon, Ecampus, California Books

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N  24th of Dec, 2010 by    0 Votes
N  24th of Feb, 2011 by    0 Votes
I am looking for a lawyer to sue publishamerica that have taken my book and made it their own selling to Amazon, barnes and novel. I am not gettng a dime off of if my book call Janet's silent prayers My picture is not on it somebody's else picture is. They tell me everytime I write them they will not take my book off of the site. My writting is not corrected in my book the way I asked them to. I could not put it in stores oranywhere else. I can't afford a lawyer how do I find one to help me. My book is republished with my picture on it, but publishamerica is still making money off of my book and I want my money and my rights to my book.
Thank you Janet Bond my email address is keekeecook@yahoo.com
A  4th of Mar, 2011 by    0 Votes
Here's my advice...if you have receipts showing that purchases were made and that you are owed royalties and yet, Publish America sent you a royalty statement declaring you had no sales, press charges against them. Falsifying documents is a Federal Offence. Please use the following information to seek justice with the IRS, The Attorney General's Office and the BBB, if applicable:

In my own opinion and after my own experiences and reading some of the experiences of fellow writer's, I am providing this information. Many of you may not be aware what options you have in contending with Publish America and their erroneous disregard for Federal Law. In most instances, many of you may believe that your case against them is merely a civil matter to be, settled in a lawsuit. However, you should know that if have receipts from any book sells and yet, PublishAmerica sent you a statement clearly showing no sales, this is a Federal offense. Falsifying documentation is a criminal offence. However, many of us live in states other than Maryland. Any crime that crosses state borders automatically falls under federal jurisdiction. Some matter is a civil matter and should be, handled in a lawsuit. However, if you have received a royalty statement from them that is contrary to the receipts you have, available; this is a crime. In addition, you can file a complaint with Internal Revenue Service because obviously, if they are refusing to pay you, they also refusing to pay taxes from the sales of your book. If you feel they have violated your legal rights, you can press charges against them using the following address. Please be sure to include your evidence of wrongdoing at the time of filing you complaint.

Mr. Eric Holder, U. S. Attorney General
U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001

Most people file their complaints with the better business bureau. However, if they have failed to pay you as indicated by their website, the BBB of Maryland will accept the complaint but only if they with held money owed you such as, payment for services rendered. Remember, they cannot help you unless it is in regards to a company owing you for services.

The Council of Better Business Bureaus
4200 Wilson Blvd, Suite 800
Arlington, VA 22203-1838

If they have clearly stated that you have had no sells and yet, you have solid evidence of sales such as receipts from family members, you may file a complaint with the IRS to make them aware of the situation. Obviously, if they are refusing to pay you what you are entitled to, then they are also impeding the IRS from getting taxes owed. The IRS uses Form 911 for filing complaints that should be, addressed to the Inspector General. You can find the form using the following website.


Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration
P.O. Box 589
Ben Franklin Station
Washington, DC 20044-0589

The information here is can be used for any publishing company that makes false claims regarding royalties owed you. In my opinion, as writers, we are all we have in this business. If your, legal rights were violated by this, company or any other, company you do have steps you can take to seek justice and I highly recommend you do so.
Some of you may feel that what I have presented here suggests I am at risk for a liable lawsuit. However, I have already submitted my evidence to the Department of Justice to be used against this particular company in the hope that future writers will have better protection against anyone that would take advantage of us. I do love Freedom of Speech.

W. K. Hayes

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