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I was charged an improper late fee by Provident Funding due to a delay on my banks part with an online payment. I called Provident to try and remove the fee and they said that even though I have a perfect payment record, excellent credit and have never missed a payment, they are not able to take the late payment off. To add insult to injury, their customer service team was incredibly rude and unprofessional. I hope that Provident Funding decides to hire higher caliber staff as they will lose customers at this rate, even in this market. I am not pleased with their response and expect to hear from Craig Pica, CEO personally to rectify this situation. I find it incomprehensible that they cannot take a phone call and handle it in a professional manner.

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  • Au
      Apr 10, 2009

    We are in the process of moving our mortgage over to Provident and they have made us return multiple times to our title company because of the dating of our signatures. Today, they accused our escrow officer of forging our signatures!!! So, she asked me to talk to the loan officer myself. This person HUNG UP on me after I introduced myself and said talking to me violated RESPA since the account had not been funded yet. Extremely rude and unprofessional even if it's true!!! I now have doubts about working with Provident after reading negative posts about them here. However, we are too far into the process to quit now. Just wanted to add my own negative experience here as a warning to others.

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  • Di
      Jun 27, 2009

    I also am in the process of funding a loan with Provident and have been asked repeatedly to come in and resign papers. Provident keeps sending "corrected" forms, but the "corrected" forms contain numerous errors. I don't see how the funding will be done by the time escrow is supposed to close.

    Stay away from this company!!

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  • La
      Sep 04, 2009

    Your bank screwed up, and you want your lender to give you the benefit of the doubt?? In this market?? Are you crazy?? Do you have any idea how many excuses there are out there right now for people not paying their bills or paying late? They can't just give the benefit of the doubt to everyone. Re-read your papers discussing late fees, I'm pretty sure it doesn't say "fees will be waived if your bank screws up the payment to us." Talk to your bank and make THEM pay you the fee since it was their fault.

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