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Property Improvement & Maintenance Services Ltd / Plumbing

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Aka The DEO Fulham Plumbers

Monday morning: Company was contacted regarding a blocked toilet. An "engineer" came around and spent less than 5 minutes working on the blockage. He said it had been fixed and gave me his phone to speak to the company's operator. Given the short time he spent working on the problem, and reluctance to answer any of my questions, I asked whether they offered any guarantee that the job was performed properly and that the problem was fixed, whereby the operator told me that the "engineer" claimed the problem was fixed, however should the problem persist in a few days I could of course call them up and they could send someone back.

Thursday Morning: Called company up and told them that after Monday's visit the toilet was still blocked. They told me they could send someone again but at no point did they advice or suggest that this would be a chargeable service or provide any quote for a second visit. The same "engineer" came and spent another few minutes unblocking the toilet. After this visit, they made another charge of the same amount to my card, which they must have had on file, without my authorisation. The "engineer" claimed that the blockage he had now looked at was completely unrelated to the problem on Monday and therefore this was not a matter or rectifying an incomplete service, to which we of course disagreed, especially based on the conversations I had had with the operator, both on Monday after the first visit and on the phone to book the second visit.

After numerous calls and emails, the company, whilst claiming to have a record of all conversations, refuses to provide me with a confirmation of what exactly was said on the phone which could explain the source of any misunderstanding by either party. I as a customer was clearly mislead by their representative and the company made an unauthorsied charge to my account. This is unacceptable. On top of this, they have been extremely rude and unprofessional to deal with and I would advice anyone to stay away from using their services.

Company operates as "the DEO Fulham Plumbers" however they are not based in Fulham but in Kent, operating with what appears to be a fake Fulham address on Google, which is another way of misleading customers.

Apr 12, 2017

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  • Ca
      10th of Jun, 2017
    0 Votes

    We have had a similar experience with our boiler repair. Same company but trading under a different name (not Fulham though!) Office manager has a brain the size of a peanut and I just keep going around in circles with her. She ignores all the points I have raised, unauthorised use of card, warranty repair, additional works unauthorised, no invoices, no warranties etc. I suggest you contact Citizens Advice. They have been really helpful. We are now making a claim to recover all of our money (£1, 000 ). They also refer to Trading Standards as a matter of course; if there are enough complaints, trading standards will investigate!

  • Ma
      22nd of Sep, 2017
    +2 Votes

    Annoyingly I've just had a similar experience with the same company advertising as willesden plumber. 'This is my email to their customer service department'

    I recently booked a boiler service through your company. The service was booked on Thursday the 21st September with Danny. Very helpful and efficient and booked the service in for the following day between 10am and 11am. He quoted £89 +VAT for the service.

    On the day no one had turned up by 11am so i called and was told by Tara that she would find out where he was and call back. An hour later with no call I called again and was told he would be there shortly. When he arrived he said it would take about an hour to service the boiler. After about 15 minutes he said he couldn't do it and had to leave. Unfortunately due the language barrier I was unable to establish why he couldn't do it. I then spoke to Tara who said it was because he couldn't pressurise the boiler as the valve was broken. I explained that I was able to pressurise it which I did and the engineer returned later in the afternoon to complete the service. Approximately 20 minutes later he left and provided a gas safety certificate. I have worked in the property industry for 17 years and am very familiar with the different services provided. I didn't request a gas safety certificate and it takes a lot longer than 20 minutes to properly service a boiler.
    I was then told by the office that i would have to pay £99+vat as Danny was new and had made a mistake. This is not my fault therefore I should have been charged what I was quoted. I then said despite Danny's mistake I should have been given a 10% discount as a new customer as advertised on your website. I was told I would be entitled to this I I didn't ask for it when I made the booking!

  • Ve
      25th of Apr, 2018
    0 Votes

    Similar story I'm afraid. They spent 10mins unblocking my toilet unsuccessfully and charged around £120 for the service. Disgusting they get away with it!!

    Reported to trading standards.

  • Da
      18th of May, 2018
    0 Votes

    Another one here.

    I initially contacted them as I believed they were based very close to me, therefore, I booked an appointment for between 7 and 8 PM to improve flow in taps. Only later did I find that their "local" website name was totally misleading. The plumber eventually turned up at 9.45, with no apology for his lateness. Numerous times I had to call their office, though I only got through twice. Not once did anyone take the proactive option and call me to keep me updated.

    Once the plumber arrived, he didn’t know why he had been booked and didn’t seem very interested. By the time he had left, he had slightly improved one bathroom tap slightly, but made the kitchen tap much worse. His advice was that I needed my entire boiler replaced, with a lot of disruption and mess (it would have involved removing kitchen tops), not to mention cost running into the thousands, which I don’t have.

    I was then informed that I would be called by them and advised of the next step. But the next I knew was when I checked my emails to find that they had already gone and charged my credit card without contacting me. I found this totally discourteous and dangerous, especially when they made an error first time and had to void the transaction.

    I still had no flow, so had to contact another local (and cheaper) plumber, who was courteous, helpful and happy to put himself out. He instantly diagnosed the issue as just needing to replace the kitchen taps, which the first plumber said would not really help, I now have excellent flow from both kitchen taps, At no stage was it suggested I need expensive work to remove the boiler.

    I was charged £130 for 2 minutes work which did not solve the main problem and had to pay another plumber to actually do the job. He charged pretty much the same for 2 hours hard work.

    All in all, I found the entire episode highly unprofessional and unacceptable.

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