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As a former employee of this company I would urge anyone interested in buying real estate from Property 23 to avoid it at all costs. I left the company on my own accord due to the company's utter dishonesty and unethical business practices. I say this not as a bitter or be-grudged former employee, I say this knowing how poorly they treat their clients. They will do or say anything to get your money. They will screw you over just to save a buck. Please, please do not allow them to rob you of your hard earned savings. They hide facts about the properties you purchase, and once you have bought the property it is you who will have to pay the city fines, repairs, and tax liens. They will lie to you. If you are interested in quality real estate and an honest company I have friends who have used REIC (Real Estate Investment Company) and had wonderful experiences. I'm sure that another post will appear after this from the company's owner, Sean Whalen stating I am a bitter former employee seeking revenge. However, this is not the case. I just can't stand by and watch people swindled out of their hard earned money. Please don't let it happen to you.

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  • Se
      Jul 09, 2011

    Many people love to hate success when they can't have it themselves. Amy I'm sorry you feel the way you do but you were terminated from Property 23 for a sub-standard work ethic. I'm sure you don't like us for makin that decision but I and P23 wish you the best with Kris and REIC. Has Kris told you yet how he bought some of his very first property from me? I must be doing something right if your company found thir beginnings using and investing in Property 23 properties.
    All the best.

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  • Na
      Aug 24, 2011

    Thanks for the comment. I wasn't aware that Amy was working for REIC. I learned of them through a family friend who had success. I doubt you even know who I am or that I worked in client relations and dealt with Property 23s problems everyday. You are entitled to your opinion, as am I, based on what I saw every day.

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  • Tr
      Sep 11, 2011

    I was scammed. Do not deal with them. They are so nice to deal with when they want you to buy a house. Makes it seem like a no brainer. I was told that the house I was buying had a BPO (Bankers Price Opinion) of $64, 000, so I wasn't too concerned buying the house for $16, 000. There was so much room for error I really didn't think there would be any way in heck I would end up losing money on this. Boy was I wrong! After I purchased I called the real estate agent they lined me up with and she informed me it was NOT worth 64k it would be lucky to pull in 20-25k after it was fixed up. I called customer service at Prop 23 and all they could do or say was that it wasn't a BPO after all, it was from Zillow or Real Quest. We were furious! I had even spoken to Sean Whalen before we got involved with his company to get a feeling of what type of person he was. Since then I have tried contacting him numerous times and I get no response whatsoever. Also the neighborhoods they have properties in are not good areas. My property has been stolen from twice and I'm pretty sure it is the contractor he set me up with or his workers. I have now had this property for 1 year (Sept. 16, 2010), finally got a tenant in there in July 2011. The house will probably sell for 20-25k. I have put close to 30 k into it. The whole experience has been a HUGE NIGHTMARE!!! Anyone else interested in a class action lawsuit??

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  • Tr
      Sep 11, 2011

    I just wish your company would talk to me and help me to get rid of this house I purchased from you one year ago. It was listed as having a Bankers Price Opinion of 64K. Found out later that it wasn't a BPO, it was zillow or real quest. It wasn't worth 64K or even close to that. It would be worth 20-25k fixed up with a renter in it. I can understand being off 5-10K +-, but 40K off is down right unbelievable. I called your company asking for help, maybe list it on your website and help me sell it. They just said they don't do that and I was on my own. I have put it on numerous sites and have never had a call on it. Coaching program was a joke. I have personally emailed Sean Whalen 3 times now asking for help and nothing. I don't want to trash anyone or their company, I just want help!

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  • I too was defrauded by Sean Whalen and his associates in similar ways noted in the foregoing posts--only I lost a lot more money than they did! I agree we should file a class action lawsuit against him, his employees, his "alternating named" companies (Property 23, MT BLUE, Invest-in-a-Rental, Green Clover Properties, Empower Group, etc., etc., ) The problem is--that in spite of there being dozens of complaints made against him on various internet "complaint sites"--no one ever lists information about how to get in touch with them and collaborate information which would justify/allow a class action lawsuit. Sean Whalen had defrauded over $7.8 million dollars from people living in Utah alone--according to a newspaper article published in January, 2010 in the local newspaper: "The Daily Herald" located in Provo Utah! He continues to scam clients because there is never any collaboration done/made between/among those he has defrauded! I am completely willing to disclose my personal contact information if anyone wants to contact me! If all of us who have been defrauded by this man join forces--it shouldn't be too costly if we split the price of an attorney! I'm also going to contact the UTAH ATTORNEY GENERAL and other Utah State Regulations offices about these continuing/ongoing/multiple cases of fraud associated with Sean Whalen, his companies, and his employees! Hopefully you will do the same--this man needs to be stopped and legally prosecuted! Please feel free to personally contact me--the sooner the better!

    Roberta Jelovchan
    301 E 5300 S
    SLC, UT 84107
    email address: bobbi.[protected]

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  • Many, many clients have been scammed by Sean Whalen! I hope everyone responds who has been "taken" by Sean Whalen to the previous email posted by Roberta Jelovchan! email: bobbi.[protected]

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