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Professional Marketing International / Terrible service!

1 360 South Technical CtLindon, UT, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 877-322-9949

After being called by this company, the first representative asked if I was going to work with this company. After stating that I was not interested due to the amounts of BBB discrepancies, the representative started their pressure selling tactics. Frustrated with this, I resulted in swearing at the person, and she hang up.

Shortly after this, I was contacted by Mac Hall from this company. During conversation with him, I mentioned that I like to take vacations in Asia. He stated to me, that if I take vacations in Asia, I obviously had to be a child molester. Since I have lives in Asia for over a 12, years, six of them in the military, I knew that child molestation was not the first interest if people who visit Asian countries. I also believe, that stating this type of thing from a company, is one of the worst cases of discrimination against them I have ever heard.

I do note that as I was very mad at this representative, I did use vulgar language while speaking with him. It would be easier if he had just hanged up. When I mentioned I was in the military, he stated that it must have been some kind of Peabody scout group. He was speaking to a veteran with 21 years in the Army, have been awarded the Bronze Star, Air Medal, and other awards. To just automatically, talk bad about someone when it is stated they have been in the military, is just in bad taste.

Finally, yes I did use bad language, but when I miss pronounced a word, he jumped all over my, stating I must be drunk or on drugs. I have had a stroke in my life and have a speech impediment, which is why I end up using swearing, to get rid of someone, I cannot speak to face-to-face. But, as I tried to explain this to the representative, he would just go on about drinking, saying if you talk like that, you must be on 20-20 (A cheap wine I think), or some other type of drink. As a disabled, person, who has gone from not being able to speak or write, I hate being jumped on for mispronouncing a word or too, but along with hating Asians and veterans, this company has no use for disabled people.

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  • Sa
      26th of Apr, 2008
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  • Ja
      16th of Jun, 2008
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    PMI has been nothing but the best experience for me. They have walked me through each and every step of getting my business up all the way to making my online business a success. I have websites that have been up for almost a year and are on the verge of surpassing my current income. It's only going to get better from there!

    I would strongly recommend PMI for anyone who is looking to start an online business the right way. Everyone there is extremely helpful and friendly as well. The original poster was contacted by someone else claiming to be PMI, that is your answer. Nobody in their right mind would discriminate in such a way unless they were trying to bring a company down, hence an imitation claiming to be them.

    Get your facts straight before you start posting information, not to mention coming from someone who's never tried it out first hand.

  • Qu
      2nd of Oct, 2008
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    I am a former employee of PMI, and it has been since July 2008. In the two and a half years that I stayed with the company my honest opinion of their Real Estate Coaching is the best you're going to get for your money. With certain incentives to get your deals done with a support system entact, they provide answers along with encouragement. I am a skeptical person at heart for some reason, so as a result I called past "sales" to discover whether we were truly helping people. Well, as you can imagine there were people that had excuses of why they have not sold a RE property. Some had the nerve to say it was the companies fault, but when I asked them about how their ongoing lessons had helped, almost all of them failed themselves by shear laziness and excuses. Get rich quick without working for it is what I could see many thought, but effort must be involved to create any significant result. None the less, there are people I've called that had amazing success! This one 23 year old guy from Texas was working on his third deal after only ninety days, and he simply followed intruction to do it. Obviously he was passionate about making a change from being a roofer too:)

  • Ad
      24th of Feb, 2009
    +3 Votes

    I got a job with this company a few months ago. On my second day they gave us a script and a list of phone numbers. At this point in time, I still had no idea what I was selling. Any questions that I asked to hire management about the product/service resulted in a cold shoulder. They specifically told us that the less we know about the product, the better.
    Once I got a decent understanding for what I was saying to these people on my list, I could not think of any way that this WASN'T a scam. I was telling people that a product they purchased for about $40 from a completely different company was no good unless they paid us THOUSANDS of dollars to train them on how to use it.
    I went online and looked up how to use it once. I found many different websites with free advice and easy steps on this product.
    Needless to say, I quit my job very soon after this.
    If this company is bothering you, ask them to take you off their calling list. If they call again after that REPORT THEM! Don't hesitate. They won't stop calling until you do something about it.

  • Jo
      27th of Mar, 2009
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    My experience with PMI has been generally positive, actually great. Whenever I needed help in regards to evaluating a property or making my software work effectively to evaluate a property, they were quite helpful. They were always willing to walk me through it and never made me feel dumb for asking a question. I have acquired one property so far and am renting it for a $250 a month positive cash flow. I am excited to continue down this path!

  • Je
      21st of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I am trying to get my $6700 back. I foound the program confusing and they didn't tell me all of the facts. Nobody will return my call. I also have a lot of financial problems at this time and can not work on the program because I am in Florida with sick parents with no computer. They are suppose to be a caring company and care about your success, but not when it comes to personal problems


  • Pm
      22nd of Apr, 2009
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    They are giving me part of my money back, but not all. They claim that they are such a good coompany, so why are they associated with process affiliate rebates with Diana Deangelo, which sounds like a scam. BE VERY CAREFUL WITH PROFESSIONAL MARKETING INTERNATIONAL OR PMI

  • Pa
      2nd of May, 2009
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    I just received a call from this company, the representative was very rude and unprofessional. I explained that I am a senior citizen and having problems making my monthly payments, but he did not care; pushing me to put $599.00 on my credit card, for a down payment and finance the remaining amount at $152.25 per month for two years at 18%. Once he found out that I was not going to do this, he said that he did not have the time to waste on me. LOTS OF PRESSURE TACTICS PLUS A VERY CONDESCENDING ATTITUDE.

    I am wondering why this company is associated with Process Affiliate Rebates with Diana Deangelo, I am wondering if she is award of this company terrible condescending attitude????

  • Do
      13th of May, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Paula, Your complaining about something you were never a part of. you need to get alife. Maybe if you took action insted of complaining you would be in a better place in life.

  • Do
      13th of May, 2009
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    In buisness it takes money to make money, no matter what it is. So many people try to get around this. There are so many successful buisness people that have put money into something and then have failed, but they dont give up. Thats why they are successful. IF YOU CAN HANDLE INVESTING OR THE RISKS INVOLVED IN BUISNESS, WORK FOR SOMEONE ELSE AND STOP TRYING TO GET INVOLVED IN SOMETHING YOU CANT HANDLE.

  • Ma
      21st of May, 2009
    +2 Votes

    I have been contacted by PMI. I have not started with them yet. I have been searching forums like this to see what real people have to say. It looks like a back and forth between PMI and PMI victims. I actually called the rep and gave him a date in which I would be ready to began. Now I am having 2nd thoughts as I am hearing more and more negativity. I will continue to research...The say that they can help you make so much money. Wow...they will definitely get you interested. I will keep researching.

  • Je
      21st of May, 2009
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    I joined them and found the program misleading and hard to follow. I wanted my money back ($6, 795). They finally agreed to $3800 and I didn't sign the paper. I complained to the better business Bureau and put in a claim with the dispute center of my credit card company. They (PMI)said only $3800 and said that I should take it. A few days later my credit card company called and They returned my whole amount, $6, 795

  • Co
      25th of May, 2009
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    PMI has been fantastic!!! They truly are a lifesaver in my personal experience. They helped my pay off all my credit card debt and build a business through stores online. A+++

  • El
      5th of Jun, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I have been contacted by both PMI and iePlexus in order to market my website from StoresOnline. I was really intrigued by the person representing PMI, and I am excited to work towards a goal of learning the ins and outs of internet/website marketing. But I REALLY don't want to be scammed, which is why I'm reading this forum. It sounds to me like the people who were unsuccessful with PMI weren't actually able or willing to do the work to market their websites in the first place, which is why they failed. Is that PMI's fault??
    The iePlexus representative says that PMI uses really outdated marketing strategies - that they know nothing of the newest strategies involving blogs, social networking sites, and press releases. I just don't know what to believe. I'm speaking with reps from both companies tomorrow. This will be an important set of calls, as PMI wants upwards of $15000 to help me get 6 websites up and running successfully...


  • Co
      3rd of Jul, 2009
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    i didnt get past the 2nd interview without feeling a little skeptical, the thought of someone i have never met, seen, or talked to before is asking me for $8, 860.00 for something i have never even heard of. I told Matt i would have to think about it and I did, i thought hard... i looked at my three kids at night and wanted the best for them. I realized that $8k wasnt much of an investment if the software really worked, after all they offer a 100% money back guarantee when your complete the 5 deals that they guarantee you will sucessfully complete. They also guarantee your first deal to close within 60 days. My second interview and second time experiencing skeptisism was with Max Hall, he started off sounding like a true salesman, intro, then right into his product pitch after pitch with nothing but a pot of gold at the nd of the rainbow... he knew all of the details in which i spoke with Matt about except he seemed to forget how much "Dean's acountability, 100% refundable, one time fee" was, he stumbled then gathered his notes and read it off to me like Obama with his telepromters. This struck a cord with me, if Dean charges a fully refundable fee for his software, the fee would most likely be one flat fee for everyone, non-discriminatory to the buyer. After reading this blog i see that similar promises cost less or more than mine would have. The third awkward moment was also in this interview, Max told me that he only helps X amount of student at time well Matt and Max's X's didn't work together Matt told me a considerable amount less then Max did.

    As you can imagine i am starting to become more and more curious as the interview goes on... I stopped listening to Max for about 10 to 15 sec. and reflected on all the negative things (negative comments were always suttle never too aggressive) Matt said i had going against me i.e. im young, i already make good money, and some other stuff, basically saying i wasnt the type of client they were typically looking to help (i wasnt the get rich quick or desperate type) but he would make a recommendation to Mr. Hall and Mr. King.

    Ultimatley (but not successfully) trying to lower my confidence. By providing a hint of doubt in the end, expressing that all the good things he just told me about, the program, the people, the guarantees may not be a reality for me (yet). He says to me "wait you're not in yet, you still have to talk to Mr. King" (i never talked to Mr. King, just Max Hall and Matt). The combonation of doubt, lowered confidence, anxiety of making an investment decision, excitement of wealth, and the extremely short period of time you have to make your decision leaves you incredably vulnerable to hasty regretable decisions.

    Matt is the set up guy, King and Hall im sure are the closers. Matt will leave you with (as mentioned above) a sense of doubt in your capability and/or even your willingness to succeed. He incorporate phrases in his pitch that to most seem cautious like "John Doe if you dont think you can handle this, dont do it" - "if you dont think you have it in you dont do this". These are not ment to be discouraging phrases they are ment and used as challenges. Challenging people with critisizm is a great tool if used correctly. They use it correctly, they make you feel like this whole deal is not important to them its for you about you, your securities are more important, all the while they are sucking you deeper and deeper into their trap. He is setting the hook for the closers (HAll and King).

    All the doubt is washed away by the confidence and reassurance you'll get in the Max Hall interview. He dances around all of the negative (but suttle) things Matt has told you, in fact, Max doesnt even mention them. All the things that were riding against me in the first interview, that Matt said i was up against seemingly were non existant to Max. At the end of this interview most of us im sure hurry up and pay!pay!pay! right away before they reconsider and take back all those nice things they said about us. After all, we should feel specail, we are told by Matt from the begining that there are only a select few who are going to be accepted into the PMI class and by golly if they chose me they must see something special, not only did i beat the odds of 50, 000 other people, i didnt even fit their criteria. WOW! what a wonderful experience it must be for someone to eat this stuff up and feel this good for an instant... until they end up like us.

    My story ends in a crash and burn for PMI; with my curiosity building, i plan my own actions. As i continue sitting in my office on the phone listening to Max Hall writing notes down i interup him as he gets to the money part. Since this was what i figured he was really after. I said sir heres my issue, although i am dedicated, loyal, goal oriented, and responsible, however, in a personal effort to control my debts i cannot pay for this just yet. i went on to explain that i would much rather wait until the 28th of July when i will be able to write you a check for total amount of $8, 860.00 as requested thus keeping my credit cards at a zero balance. He was so aggetated, angered, and confused, i believe he thought he had a sure sale in me, he says in a crass tone gosh, you know, i wish you would have said something in the begining, had i known you were'nt ready now "i would have never wasted my time with you" (he seriously turned on me like this) from absolute salesman to complete jerk. I wanted to explain to him further what he should have already known from my first interview. But instead i was hung up on. He literally told me i was wasting his time and he hung up on me. Folks, I have 3 kids and i am a REAL single father 24/7, i have a 40 - 50 hr a week career i am tending to and other activities like kids dance, football, martial arts etc...In total shock i call him back (thinking this cant be real) i get voicemail (twice) so i say forget it, what a scam! 5 to 10 min. later i get a call back, Max says you called me twice what can i do for you...? I asked "why did you hang up on me?" He said again, "you are wastingmy time" and went on to call me " a dishonest person" and "a liar", he basically was telling me that my family obligations to him were Excuses "all you are going to do is give me excuses why you cant give me the money today" . Then, (the nerve of this guy) he asks "Mr. P... are you willing to put the $8, 860.00 on your credit card today or not", i said " there is no way in hell im doing business with a company that employees a rep like you" he then tells me " dont call me again, and dont call here again" then hung up.

    Once he found out there was no sale for him here he became a rude inconsiderate person with very little boundries and instantly very little interest in me. I must confess, i did buy into this until i fell back on my work experience and recognized the tactics of a good salesman, a salesman that will sleep better at night knowing he has your money. Someone that will gently guide you to a (mental) place were you begin to feel that you need them, you need to spend the money with them to succeed, and you cant possibly succeed without them.

    Despite what some of you other bloggers say, this place is a Scam. Three blogs had the same identical experience with Max Hall, Explain that... They were only interested in my money not cash but credit, once i hinted that there may be no money they turned on me as if i had stolen from them. Coward scam artists like Matt and Max with PMI are no better than freakn terrorist, I would love to meet these people one day and look them in the eye...

  • Ja
      19th of Jul, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Hello Coward Scam Artist, your whole entire story is identical to my husband's and mine. This happened to us two years ago...thank God I was watching out for PMI, but they are now using sister companies "DRI, Profit Studio Learning, and Pacific Web Works" to get our money. On 6/28/09 my husband paid $1.95 for a Home Business Kit to start a business online (being offered by Google Home Biz/Profit Studio Learing). He never received anything to date. But on 7/8/09 the other sister company Pacific Web Works tooks out $79.90 without any authorization. That same week we received a phone call from PMI regarding my hubbie's interest in opening an online business. When my husband told the PMI rep Steve that he needed to speak to me about entering the agreement with them, I immediately got on the phone and was very abrupt with Steve...when I questioned, how much this will cost me, he became a monster on the phone; that's when I realized it was a scam. Thank you so much for taking the time to warn others. God bless you!

    Jessie Hernandez, Jersey City, NJ

  • Dw
      15th of Aug, 2009
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    I paid the $2.95 to JUST talk to these people, and what a rip off!

    Listen to what they had to say and then said no thank you.

    Today I see their charged my debit card with an additional $79.90. Really, I couldn't believe my eyes!

    Called my bank, and of course I can do a chargeback, but they were very familiar with PMI and told me the only way I could stop them from removing funds from my checking account was to stop my current debit card and open up a new one. Apparently, they just keep charging one's debit card!

    What a rip off! What scammers! Too bad these people can't find real job for their livelyhood.

    Yep, I'll close out my account on Monday and wait the 10 days for a new debit card, because as my bank told me, if I don't, they will just keep charging away at my checking account. Just a little bit at a time!

    Truly, there must be a way to stop these people? Sure wish we could find all of their employees a real job, instead of a job that scams people out of their money.

    The people I spoke to are located in Lehi, Utah - good Mormons I suspect!

  • Wa
      25th of Sep, 2009
    +3 Votes

    When we signed up with Professional Marketing International (PMI) in December of 2007, we paid $6, 970. We wanted to create a e-commerce web site. We went through the interactive training sessions. The sessions were informative. Then we were given access to a web site builder called uBuilder through a company named My e Biz which is based at American Fork, Utah. This web site builder was included in the breakdown of our investment with PMI (Auctions For Income) Being novices, it took a long time to build the web site. Finally the site was ready except for the shipping. We were unable to put a shipping calculator on the site because that part of the builder had been canceled. We called My e Biz and asked them to put the shipping calculator from UPS on the site. They informed us that it was not possible to put the shipping calculator from UPS on our site with this builder "uBuilder" but for $700. they could give us a more modern builder that would be able to put the shipping calculator on our site. We were also told that we would have to rebuild the web site all over again if we bought this builder. This problem is on-going.

  • Ts
      30th of Sep, 2009
    -2 Votes

    look here is the deal. I have worked at PMI for 5 months now. I would actually talk crap on these places for ever while my buddy worked there. I got layed off from my job and had nowhere else to turn. I checked out everything I could on PMI and decided it was the best coaching company in the business. So to support my family I decided to go work there. It is crazy to sit and read all this stuff. I believe some of it, but for the most part I know exactly how they operate. I know that they have awesome warranty's that protect anyone who invests with them. It basicly comes down to the fact that people are just lazy. I know it is human nature to expect fast results and you will lose interest if you don't get them, but this is a business for hell sakes. You have to put in the work and the money to make it work. Do you know how many people fail trying to build an online biz their selves? It is crazy. I know for a fact that Pmi has the best coaching there is. They have awesome owners and management. They spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to maintain there good record. If you only know what I know from the inside looking out. If you people only knew how much of the money that you invest actually goes to pmi you would probably think different. The coaching cost about 300 bucks of it and the rest goes into your business for the marketing and software and things like that. I felt so bad at first for the people spending their money. I was worried that they wouldn't get the service they deserved, but now I am confident that they will be taken care of as long as they don't quit on themselves. At first I found myself actually talking people out of doing it, but when I had a single mother of 3 call me back and tell me she made 11, 245.00 in her 3 month with the coach's help I knew that I was helping people to achieve something that they never would have other wise. So think what you want, but I know that PMI is a good company and they will take care of you like no other coaching company in the biz. Thanks for letting me share

  • Ts
      30th of Sep, 2009
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    Oh one more comment, The kits that people are purchasing have absolutely nothing to do with PMI. They don't get any of that money at all. So the 79.90 or whatever it was was from a totally different comp. I also wanted to touch on the comment stating that pmi runs under other names, which it never has, it has been the same old name for the last 13 years so that comment is not accurate. I know that there are other company's that are called those names because i have seen them and have known people that have worked at them. Like Prosper for instance. PMI is still the best!

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