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Professional Collection Consultants / Predator Collection Agency

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I have been going back and forth with the credit bureau once I discovered that Professional Collection Consultants was reporting debt for an old ATT/Cingular bill. I use to work in credit services for a credit card company and extremely paranoid. Shortly after I disputed with the credit agency, I received a copy of a notice of court judgement that did not appear to be real (poor quality copy/misaligned copy with text cut off at the bottom). I ignored it because I am aware of these scams but obviously very ignorant to the scam. I immediately called ATT formerly Cingular Wireless and asked about the existence of an outstanding bill. ATT researched and identified an outstanding bill for 815.76. I asked if I should pay them or PCC because they had sent this notice of judgement. ATT researched and advised that they never assigned the account to PCC and pay them directly or the agency THEY assigned. I paid them directly. I then contacted Experian and my credit protection/alert service and reported this issue and asked them to research. They continuously keep calling PCC and resolving the debt as valid until I wrote Experian's credit protection/alert service with the findings of ATT/Cingular and that PCC was fraudulently attempting to collect old debt and was never assigned to the debt or sold the debt. My credit protection/alert service then issued an fraud alert for to the three credit bureas and I updated my credit profile acknowledging that I was unaware of the collection agency-disputing. Unfortunately, my mistake because today I received a garnishment notice from my employer for 700+ dollars. I obtained a copy of my credit report and PCC's reporting entry balance on my report has gone from 815 to 424...just random updated the 424 dollars as a new collection pass due as of May to appear on my credit report till Jan 2013. So, now I have to find an attorney to deal with this bozo and his scam in the next 7-10 days or he will get 700+ dollars through garnishment. I feel so taken advantage of...hard working school district employee that works insane hours as committed civil servant that has been targeted and possibly taken for money I don't even owe...paying twice because I fell victim to a predator collection agency and now have to take off work to address/attorney or worse pay the amount a second time to a scamming bozo thru wage garnishment.

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      6th of Dec, 2010
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    call congular get the records sent to you for the transactions after you filed your police report. Get your police report in hand and file a motion with the court to set aside the garnishment. Countersue hen for failing to collect and notify you of the court proceedings and get your money back along with some extra for the company breaking the law.

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