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Pro Lead Services / Cheating company

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Incident = I purchased 500 leads for $840. All the leads were cold calls, but were advertised as qualified leads of people who are interested in buying life insurance. I have discovered and have proof that the company is a scam. They have a guarantee which which is a lie.

I called every person on the list they gave me. The people I called were supposed to receive a pre qualifying letter in the mail, (which I received a copy of as well) in turn they were supposed to call the number on the mail literture And then they would be qualifed to see if they were candidates for insurance. If they were qualified I would get the lead. I described the letter they received in detail to the alleged qualified list and not a single person said they received the letter, called in from a letter or was interested in insurance.

Besides the origin of the list being a fraud, Proleads services has a guarantee on there leads that they are not honoring. The guarantee says that I will receive $650 in commissions per 100 leads reached. I received no commissions at all from the leads. As I was struggling through the list, I tried several times to reach the person 'Connie Miller' who sold me the leads, I never reached her. She called me about 3 times a day for a week before I made my first large investment to my business and ever since she got my money, she never spoke to me again. The only method of payment was through check. FOLKS NEVER BUY FROM A COMPANY YOU DON'T KNOW WITHOUT USING A CREDIT CARD!!!

I left messages and tried speaking to other people at Proleads, and they were rude, unresponsive, vague and if I asked them a tough question they just hung up. Now when I call when I say my name they hang up.
Proleads told me I have to mail in all the bad leads for them to investigate and then they will decide if they will return my money or not. Although I was not satisfied with this hazy answer, I sent them all my leads back in certified mail and they refused my package. Not even looking at my leads and the letter I sent them alongside in complaint.

In Proleads final package of leads e-mailed to me, They mistakenly sent me together with there leads, the information on where they brought them left on the excel spreadsheet. It all came from, and they were not pre-qualified insurance leads, all proleads services does is buy addresses AND PHONE NUMBERS that were scrubbed against the do-not-call list. I called the contact and I told him the ID numbers I received from Proleads and he told me that they were buying phone numbers for around one tenth the price I was paying for leads that were supposed to qualified but were not. He said the Vendor had a large quantity of leads purchased from infousa and he felt bad that infousa was dealing leads to Proleads, unknowingly to what Proleads was doing. My last action to them was sending them back the all the leads with notations of what happened, with priority mail and she just hangs up everytime I ask for a refund.


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  • Lo
      15th of Aug, 2009
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    please contact me at i have information you may want, i work for them

  • Mo
      1st of Feb, 2012
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    Yes they're still in business and they're still ripping off agents! I've been an agent for 21 years and just finished AEP and was contacted by recorded message if I'd like "live leads". Well needless to say after several conversations with them I went ahead and purchased 100 live leads at an introductory offer of $500. No No No! I got to talking with them and NEVER checked the Internet...big mistake. Of course they're phony, no real "live" leads, a few shills, too old or Spanish only! A scam and my bank won't fight to get my money back because "they tried" to fulfill the order...yes they tried REAL hard didn't they? STAY AWAY FROM PRO LEADS!!! Crooks!

  • Co
      9th of May, 2012
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    Pro Lead Services - These people are scum
    United States

    These people call my office 5-6 times a day trying to sell leads, I have opted out using the option to do so on the call, e-mailed them to remove me from their call list and voice mailed them to take me off and it seems they just call more often. DO not do business with them.

  • 0 Votes

    I had the same experience only my purchase was for about $300 and it was SUPPOSED to be for live transfers which were never delivered. Calling for a refund is futile. The woman who answers the phone claims one name and then transfers you to a woman in Customer Service who anyone can detect is the same person but claiming to have a different name than the first. She hangs up once you request the refund. With this many flagrant incidents posted just on the internet alone (I'm sure there are plenty of others who don't bother to post complaints), I can't understand why the FL Attorney General's office hasn't closed this place down yet. I've reported them and everyone here should consider it an obligation to do so also! If we don't, these ### suckers will stay in business and con more victims. It takes les than 2 minutes to submit online. This is the link

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