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Prism Pointe Technologies / Prism Pointe Technologies does not always pay technicians

1 4605 Coates DriveFairburn, GA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 678-610-1201

Just as so many others, I know that two companies in Lincoln Nebraska that have done work for Prism Pointe Technologies and have not been paid, and the accounting department will not answer their phones or return phone calls. Our company has not been paid for 3 jobs dating 7/23/08, 7/28/08, and 9/29/08, and I have been attempting to contact the accounting department for several months. I was given three names for the accounting department: Lori Bolts, Christy, and Ryan. None of them answer their phones or return phone calls.

We need to let the companies paying Prism Pointe know that Prism Pointe is not paying their technicians, so they will quite using Prism Pointe, so they can stop being involved in Prism Pointe fraudulent activity.

The companies associated with Prism Pointe Technologies (according to Prism Pointe Technologies web page is):
Army & Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES)
Social Security Administration
"seven of the nine Army Desktop and Mobile Computing 2 (ADMC-2) awardees"
Cisco Systems
IBM Lenovo

If anyone has detailed information on who to contact at these companies in order to inform them of the activities Prism Pointe is doing, please post it or let us know by e-mail. Furthermore if anyone at Prism Pointe wants to make things right, giving us the list of their current technicians e-mails would help allow us to warn them that they will likely not get paid for future jobs. I wish someone warned me.

AAA Computer Repair
3720 Vine St.
Lincoln NE 68503

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  • Ch
      20th of Mar, 2009
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    An elaborate scheme to defraud hard-working self-employed techs who apparently classified as business entities and are expected to be the recipients of "normal business" behavior.

    Initially the "Partner Manager" (Stephen Walker for the west coast) sets you up with an agreement - first sign of trouble " terms of payment - net 30 days from receipt on invoice... categorically inflexibly unchangeable. It is made to appear that Prism Pointe is doing you a favor by providing the work...

    Then comes time for payment - Good luck with getting your invoices paid net 30!!! Suddenly, the service partner is unable to contact anyone in the Accounts Payable Dept regarding payment... Here are the names of some of these unrefutably discourteous and unprofessional ###s:

    Mitch Wright
    Laura Shimmelfennig (Bolt)
    Renee Felder
    Ryan Jaleel...

    The hand-off technique is deployed - no one answers, that's not my department!! and the list goes on and on. They are, of course, following the instructions of none other than the inscrutable Byron King. I am going to terminate my agreement and put the receivables into the hands of professional collectors. It's not worth the hassle to be chasing after money, worked for in earnest, but impossible to collect.

    Unscrupulous corporations like these simply do not care about their employees (much less contractors) through the actions of executive and senior management. Synonymous with AIG they commit atrocities and cry wolf seeking bailouts to bolster irresponsible activites.

    But as the saying goes - There is no justice, only the law and the courts. There will always be working people who believe that change not so much.

    Change that mission statement from "One World. One Company. One Number." to simply "One big piece of ###"

  • Ti
      27th of Mar, 2009
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    Contact New Capital Partners - Owners of Prism Pointe Technologies
    James Outland, Chairman of the Board, 205-939-8400


    Cliff King, CEO Of Prism Pointe Technologies, 678-982-5665

  • Ti
      12th of May, 2009
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    Someone is so irritated with Prism Pointe that they put up this Warning to other computer techs on their own site:

    Also check out about PPT and see what the inside employees think of the management.

  • Ca
      5th of Oct, 2009
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    I believe this company needs to be stop. I did 3 jobs back in July, still have not seen a dime.
    I started calling the Army Recruiting office and the Department Of Justice where we performed some of the work for them to help me to collect for the work done.
    I have also contacted my attorney and the collection agency found in elephant computers site:
    Creditors Bureau USA
    757 L Street
    Fresno, CA 93721
    (559) 485-2500

    I may not get my hard earned money paid but Prism Pointe Technologies will not scam any one else in my town.

    Seattle Washington

  • Sa
      8th of Apr, 2010
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    They have done the same thing to me in Cleveland, OH. I have asked a lawyer friend at DOL to assist. It should be fairly easy to make sure this company loses it's security clearance related jobs with the Federal Government.
    I am a retired military member and I am going to make sure that DFAS and other agencies do not use them.
    In fact, I have a meeting with them on Monday, and the issue will go to an assistant secretay of defense, whom I am having lunch with on Monday. If anyone wants to join the action, I just created an email address where you can contact me. It is a real address:
    If you want to join together and go after these thieves, let's do it. Also, if anyone can find an address for the individuals involved, please post it.

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