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Primary Financial Services / Consumers Rights

1 3115 n. 3rd ave Suite bPheonix, AZ, United States

I have just made a complaint to the BBB. I am also not suprised to see there are other complaints on how rude, and aggressive Primary Financial is. I started with PFS with a debt from Wells Fargo. The agent who first started to collect the debt was rude and verbally abusive. She said she was going to call child services on me because I told her I was having a hard time finding somewhere to live with my son. Just put down after put down. The average person would have said @#$* off lady. Although I hung up on her I still wanted to pay off my debt. I enrolled in a debt management program Nova Debt (who I give thanks to) and PFS refused to be apart of it, stating I'm trying to hide from a debt that is owed. This didn't make sense because I was trying to pay back but I guess it wasn't enough. I decided to make payments in incriments of 3 months. I noticed a part of my payment was going to fees. PFS kept saying "they" (Wells Fargo) are charging you not us. I called Wells Fargo they stated they sold the account and no longer have information about it. When I spoke to PFS they said I'll never get a hold of the right department at Wells Fargo to get a answer. Where do my rights fall into place? I also wanted to make a payment of $50 for December when I have been making $75 payments. PFS said no or "they" will get upset and put me in default. "Who are they?" I asked, and PFS said "Wells Fargo". I'm back at square one. Hello PFS I wasn't born in a barn yesterday, I'm already in default. There performance with clients is unheard of and I don't even owe that much. I hope they get put out of business!!!


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