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Pressler & Pressler / Lee & Sheldon Pressler Unethical Practice Scheme

1 Morristown, NJ, United States Review updated:

Dear Sir/Madam:

The intent of the document is to establish the sequence of events leading up to the current situation, and to inform the party reading this to understand the history and characters involved. Especially the disreputable and unethical fee and billing practices of the Plaintiff(Dr LEE PRESSLER, STATE LICENSE # 25MA06546300) and his brother Attorney(SHELDON PRESSLER).

At approximately 2:30AM on April 4th, 2002 I was admitted into Emergency Care at Morristown Medical Center. It was upon my admittance that the resident emergency medical physician Dr Paul Szucs consulted with me and conducted tests on my condition. It was shortly thereafter that he confirmed a kidney stone formation. He admitted me to an overnight stay with fluids to hydrate and was released in the morning, after I passed the stone. Upon my departure, the Plaintiff(Dr LEE PRESSLER, STATE LICENSE # 25MA06546300) while attending to his patient in the next bed, started to solicit me to visit his office and to conduct tests as to my condition. I informed him of my lack of insurance and declined his offer but accepted his card. This was the ONLY time I’ve seen or had conversation with the Plaintiff(Dr LEE PRESSLER, STATE LICENSE # 25MA06546300). The conversation lasted briefly and was more a solicitation than a doctor/patient consultation. I lived up to my responsibilities and paid all parties that administered services until my debt was satisfied. It was sometime later that I received a bill for services rendered from the Plaintiff(Dr LEE PRESSLER, STATE LICENSE # 25MA06546300) and quickly called his office to better understand the charges. I was informed by his staff that his consultation fee was $375.00. I told them I disagreed with his claim and that I will not be making any payments. I conveyed to his staff that I never asked for his services, signed anything to warrant his services, nor saw him during my emergency visit to decline his service and that a fee for a solicitation of service was absurd. I was then informed that his brother was an attorney and that the doctor would use his brother’s services for debt collection. It was then that I said that if the judge made that determination, I would pay that fee. Since then his legal counsel, Pressler & Pressler, has been harassing me to pay this fee along with these collection fees and penalties. The campaign that Pressler & Pressler chose to engage in was one of harassment, deceit and deception, by repeatedly delaying and postponing the case, till eventually the court dismissed the case due to non-appearance and misinforming the court of the correct sequence of events(See court’s assessment attached). After the dismissal and some time later I again started to receive harassing letters and phone calls from the Plaintiff’s attorney (Pressler & Pressler) to pay this debt. I’ll admit to being guilty of ignoring these communications but my thinking was that the case was dismissed. Till recently when I consulted an attorney, it was then that we discovered the case was closed without prejudice and it has since been assigned a different docket number(DC-[protected]-04) from the original(DC-[protected]-03). I was amazed to hear that this could be true. Since it was ignored, the deceitful attorney moved forward with his case and I was found guilty by default judgment. I have since filed a motion to vacate the default judgment and have been working towards having my case heard, with consistent pressures and reluctance from the plaintiffs attorney.
My current situation has me travelling for business 80% of the time nationally and that I’m seeking resolution but need help from the court. I have even tried, on numerous occasions to settle, even though I admit no responsibility to this obligation. But out of pure frustration with the process and lack of success and cooperation in the courts, I was considering giving up, thus allowing this unethical practitioner of medicine to be on his way and let someone else fight for justice. I can’t understand how the court would allow this kind of behavior to go on when it’s quite obvious that the reputation of this scandalous and corrupt partnership gets away with this scheme time and time again.
I have since been advised by an attorney that my recourse could be to file a suit against the hospital for allowing this doctor access to my medical records without my consent, as stated in the NJ Hospital Emergency Care SOP Document, and I’m giving it consideration.

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  • Do
      22nd of Feb, 2009
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    Look, pressler & Pressler are the most corrupt people in the State of New Jersey. Go to, he has a great site to tell you what forms to file (Pro se) in court. He also has a petition to the Governor of New Jersey, (Corzine) with over 900 signatures on it. Pressler owns New Century Financial, Midland Funding etc.. and scams people out of money. You should file a report with the Attorney ethics committee and the FTC. Also call the Attorney General and report these people. They have no contracts with people and get illegal judgments. Go to the site and read all about them. Also you can file a lawsuit for breaking HIPPA laws against the Medical Doctor. Good Luck

  • Co
      25th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    am i reading this correct? i'm sorry i'm at a loss of words. WHAT? this is the most awful thing i have heard in a long time. your in the hospital and a doctor thats not even yours gives you his business card and then charges you 375.00 and your tied up in courts and then his brother a collection agent is fighting and fighting you to pay this fee only to have the case dismissed and then files a new case against you. WHAT! i'm shaking at utter disbelief. i'm so angry. i went to the web site "dolly" gave. omg! i would call michael moore, 60 minutes, anyone and everyone i could to expose this. i hope you are ok and with support you prevail.

  • Ch
      3rd of Mar, 2009
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    I would sue them all just for satisfaction and all the aggrevation. Pressler and Pressler need to be taken down once and for all. I'm waiting for the day they all go to jail under the Rico act and all the other laws they have broken in NJ. They are not licensed or bonded to do business to collect debt in NJ..

  • Mo
      19th of Mar, 2009
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    I have dealt with P&P for years over a wireless phone bill that even the phone comapny couldn't find. So, after paying and paying, I'd had enough - wrote a letter to the CEO of AT&T Wireless and told him to get these idiots off my back. Told them how unethical and the lies, and the threats, and where one person committed suicide when she could not take it anymore. It worked after 2 letters, since a new CEO took over. By the way, If anyone believes the AG of Nj will steop up to help all of us, I have a bridge to sell you. 2 letters to her and gov and NOTHING! They are too busy with themselves. so they forget who pays them. Congrats to the all the other states whom their AG's stepped up to the plate and sued them.. Way to go. Poor us in NJ - no one will help- the standard answer I get is get a lawyer - yeah right

  • Lp
      14th of Apr, 2009
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    Go after Pressler & Pressler as I have...Take them to any court possible including FBI...They DO in fact own New Century Financial, Whippany, NJ owned by Carol Pressler...Let's take them down! They are nothing but thieves.

  • Lp
      14th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    Lee Carol Pressler
    New Century Financial
    110 S Jefferson road
    Whippany, NJ 07981

    Amy Pressler (same as above)

    Carol Pressler
    323 Lakeside Blvd.
    Hopatcong, NJ 07843
    973 753 5100


    District XB Ethics Committee
    Supreme Court of NJ
    Headquarters Plaza, One Speedwell Ave.
    Morristown, NJ 07962
    973 538 0800

    Also Look up Pressler's home address in Florida where he is hiding now, Being covered by L. Mc Dermott

  • Lp
      14th of Apr, 2009
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    Have P&P arrested

  • Lp
      14th of Apr, 2009
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  • La
      12th of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    I have filed a complaint with the FBI and the FTC. I am also approaching law firms to do a class action suit. Send you complaints to FBI Newark
    Michael B. Ward, Special Agent in Charge
    Claremont Tower
    11 Centre Place
    Newark, NJ 07102

    Let's put Pressler in jail.

  • No
      17th of Oct, 2010
    -1 Votes

    New Century legally purchase debt from credit card companies. They hire Pressler and Pressler to collect the debt. All of the people writing on this site owe the money! Their unpaid credit card debt was sold only after ninety and 120 days of being in default. Do these people expect the debt to just go away? These people are just upset they did not get away with theft of services and merchandise. The purchase of old debt and the practice of hiring a lawyer to collect the debt is legal and just. I'm sure everyone writing on this site expects to get their paycheck at the end of a weeks pay. If they didn't they would sue for the money. How is that any different from a store or doctor who is owed money.

    Dr.Pressler does not go around soliciting patents at the hospital. He was asked to consult on the patient and he did so as was documented in the chart.

  • Di
      10th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    Wish it was true that all these people owe the debt. Not true in my case. I knew I owed no one money... pull my credit report and see. I have one bad debt and that was from 2009, 90 days late due to illness. I have never not paid what I owed. Including all my medical and doctor bills which I have a ton of. They managed to get a judgment against me on an account that was sold to them as being mine. So now I am stuck with a judgment against me because when I tried to get it vacated the judge didn't even look at my evidence. He went by an answer that was filled out by my fiance on my behalf because I was in ICU in the hospital and the paperwork stated we only had so many days to answer or risk being arrested, and all she stated was that if I owed money it would be no where near the amount they said I owed, and that made me guilty of owing a debt that was never mine in the first place. If I had the money I would find a way to fight these people. And to the comment above me. either your screwing one of them or your using tons of KY because your part of there circle of shoving it up peoples [censor] and benefiting from stealing peoples property and bank accounts because you have most of the judges in your pocket. They should get a real job and stop praying on people that are down and out, who cant afford to fight back. Maybe your sucking off Dr. Pressler and that is why you know what is noted in the chart, I mean it should be covered by OPRA and if you know what is in the chart and are able to post it on an open forum then you must have an in with the Doctor . Funny how Dr. Pressler, Pressler and Pressler and New Century Financial owned by a Pressler are prying on people and seeking judgments, they number in the thousands a year, what is it to much to get an honest job and actually earn your money like real people or is it easier to just steal it and use the courts as your cover??

  • Jo
      1st of Dec, 2011
    0 Votes

    I am reading as much about Pressler and Pressler as I can get my hands on. I in fact was in bankruptcy, after seperating from my husband, all credit cards were in my name, due to his being in bankruptcy when we met. I was left with all the debt, and paid it up until I had to file, I had a monthly balance, but after 3 years of paying, I fell behind due to my job being sold overseas and loss of income, let alone extra to pay off the bankruptcy. Couldn't afford to pay for the full bankruptcy to wipe out all my debt. So P&P have been hounding me, taken my child support money, contacted all my past, and would be future employers, as well as all family members, friends, probably my neighbors, put a hold on my car registration, tried to get me to send them my car title in order to allow me to register my vehicle. They've wiped out my bank account numerous times, and call my home which is my work up to an excess of 8 or 9 times a day, allowing my customers to hear all my personal information. I went to a law firm called Kimmel and Silverman and filed for abuse under the Fair Debt Credit Privacy Act. They were going in guns blaring, but the lawyers handling my case somehow lost their jobs, and the attorney they worked for is a jellyfish, she's been handled by P&P, is withdrawing from my case for something that has nothing to do with the abuses levied against Pressler and Pressler, and is now leaving me hanging high and dry. I'm to go to court with all my asset info. on Dec. 19, 2011. I have no assets, I have no income to speak of, and I sure don't own anything of value, except my dog, think they'll take her? She is a pure breed. So, I'm looking for all the wonderful facts on Pressler and Pressler, and I want all that info. on me when I show up in court, if for no other reason than to know I'm not alone.

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