Power Nissan Tempe / no feed back for hire. after interview

Contact information:
Phone: 480-598-6152

Set up interview with Mark R Sortino we spoke face to face and after interview Mr. Sortino Sayed please call me after the this week is over Because I "I need to go and get some ADP trainning for the service writters. well I waited untill monday and called him direct on the cell phone. #[protected] left massage and then called im direct on a transfer from the receptionest no answer left massage. This continued all week no call back. 2 weeks have past no answer no call backs. Past history of Mark as told by him tech for more then 10 yrs now a service manager. NO wonder there is no customer service in Power Nissan of Tempe, arizona. Today I disated to call the cashier because the cashier office is right by his office I told her my name is Carlos Hernandez and that i wanted to talk to Mr.Sortino only reason he answer was because he confused me with a customer calling. Because he started to talk to me about the break system of a car. Once again reponse of a tech not Customer service Manager because the moment that he knew I was just one more person on the stack of paper work and that he was buzzy that if i was one of the ones picked i would receive a call back. I spoke to him and sayed I would be making a report to this to Auto Nation his responce was ok. I sayed good luck he sayed you too. All this could haven been handle so much better then this by Mark Sortino Service Director If you are handing your card oway at least call back and say your resume is on process. My phone number is [protected] Carlos Hernandez.

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