Pottery Barn Kids Trademark Infrigement Products Sold On eBay By 3buttomsn2bows Since Late 2003 / trademark infrigement/counterfeit items

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Pottery Barn Kids along with Ebay Inc. loves the idea of Trademark infridgement or Counterfeit items.
Why? Since late 2003 3buttonsN2bows sold hundreds of thousands of trademark infrigement products on ebay made by Heather Gillispie aka Heather Kemmelmeier with the aid of Markus Kemmelmeier (associate professor at University of Nevada at Reno campus) along with illegals from over the border.

I don't know how stock holders of Pottery Barn Kids feel about this whole thing. Wouldn't mind heraring from them on this complaint.

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      May 04, 2012

    Ebay's 3buttonsN2bows is one of the biggest trademark infringement of Williams and Sonoma / Pottery Barn Kds products. The proof is all here:*n*2bows/?_trksid=p4340.l2559

    Heather claim that Pottery Barn Kids gave her the permission to use their trademark to sell her junks on Ebay. Please call Williams and Sonoma up and verify the validity of it before purchasing anything from her. Trademark infrigement is a crime.
    (415) 421-7900
    415) 402-4252
    (415) 421-7900 . Ask for the direct line to their lawyers and report her. Thank you.

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