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Terrible experience

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Popular Club
United States
I have been a club 'secretary' for popular club for many yrs. Service and variety in the last few years has been less and less. Most recently, I tried to redeem my 'reward credits' (what I've earned selling their merchandise). I called the company after roughly 2 weeks of trying to access the website, to which, I continually got a page that just says, 'temporarily not available'.

I spoke to a service rep to whom I explained that I wanted to redeem reward credit. She responded by saying she couldn't take my order at that time. I asked about the web page and was told, they were getting their new spring catalogs ready and when the catalogs were ready, the website would be back online. I then asked why there were no sale catalogs, to which she got very rude, and told me that they don't do that. Having been a secretary for over 25 yrs on and off, I knew this to be false. I told her that and she got very irate with me. Finally I asked if she could at least give me an idea of when catalogs would come out and the website would again be online. Her reply to this was 'I don't know if it'll be in a couple of days, a couple of weeks or 6 weeks, I have no idea'

I have checked a few times a week every week since then and they are still offline. I worked hard for that money and it looks like now, that I'll never see it. I'm very upset with the company and have filed a formal complaint with the BBB. I would suggest to anyone to not do any business with them.
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A  4th of May, 2009 by    +1 Votes
I too have been a secretary since 1979!! I cannot believe the unprofessionalism of the people manning the phones these days and have just chalked it up to a loss of my rewards. I have a feeling they are going down..I have been trying their website for about 3 months now, at one point i got a 404 web error as if they never existed...set off alarms for me.
A  4th of May, 2009 by    0 Votes
I have been a secretary for over 20 years myself. I used be an office manager for one of their branches. honestly, I think they are going out of business. This is their way of easing out. Sad to say, but you will never see your money/rewards. It's too bad. I was able to furnish my house and many others in a great way. If they found someone to manage it properly, this would not be happening, as this is such an affordable way to shop. Their catalogs have gotten smaller and smaller, their website has been down for months, and their items are always on back order. Such a shame...
A  7th of May, 2009 by    +1 Votes
I, too, was a club secretary for over 20 years and got fed up with the back orders, attitudes etc. I'm not saying that everyone I talked to wase rude, there were a couple of nice, helpfuls ones. However, the kicker was when it took 6 months to get a pair of sneakers. I couldn't and wouldn't treat my customers with bad service so I stopped taking orders. I have been trying to get my credits used but can't talk to a real person and phone calls are not being returned. No wonder the business is sinking...if you don't put the customer first there will be no more ybusiness.
N  11th of May, 2009 by    +1 Votes
I too have been shafted by popular club. I've been a secretary for five years and always thought they were great up until this last order. I waited for it and it never came when i called i was told they would be sending out refunds. Now i can't even get them on the phone or web. Just left in the cold like the rest of you!!!
A  12th of May, 2009 by    +1 Votes
I have been a secretary for over 25 years and yesterday received a credit for my rewards which goes back more than eight months. I ordered a portable dvd player and kept calling for find out when it would arrive. When I was lucky enough to get to speak to someone I was told me that it was backordered and they didn't know when it would come in. Finally after more than three months I received the dvd player, which turned out to be a cheaper brand but I was being charged the higher price. I sent it back and called many times to find out when my credit was going to go back into my account to no avail. Now I find out the company is in trouble. We work hard for those reward credits and I hope we're going to be compensated for it.
A  21st of May, 2009 by    +1 Votes
I also have been a club secretary for over 25 years and have been waiting and waiting for a new catalog (which I was told would be coming in early spring). I have reward credits too which I have been waiting to redeem as well as credit slips. They amount to a huge amount of money.

What can we do about this? Does anyone out there have any idea what's going on? Is there a better business bureau that could help us?

A  26th of May, 2009 by    +1 Votes
I too have been a secretary for over 20 years, and pop club has
been very unprofessional to me...I can't reach them on the
phone or website and I too have credits to redeem...what can
we do about this asap.

A  29th of May, 2009 by    0 Votes
I have been a seretary since they began.the club I owe them a small amount
of money, but they owe me more in rewards. I was called today to
ask when i woud be paying. I asked about my rewards, I was told
they were just hired to get the infomation about payments to
which I replied Pop. owed me more than I owed them.I too am dissapointed
in their policy, Tried for a long time trying to call them to no avail.
Something should be done.

N  31st of May, 2009 by    +1 Votes
I recieved a call from them too and was asked about a payment and was told that they were only collecting money for popularclub. the rep i spoke to was moreen who she claimed she was hired by popular to collect money but that is a bunch of bull moreen works for popular and i have spoken to her on several occassions when they were in busines i even asked her a while back were they going out of business and was told no. so i called back on yesterday at the number that i recieved a call from and she (moreen) had the nerve to ask me how did i get their number. dahhhh. if some out thier has any other means of what is the next step is in redemming rewards and credits please let me know. they are quick to collect thier money buit can't give us our money or rewards/ credit that is due...very, very disappointed poor business practice...
A  3rd of Jun, 2009 by    +1 Votes
I've been a secretary for a numbers of years and my trouble started back in June of 2008 when trying to get an order straight. First they duplicated my order and when I called to have them cancel the duplicate order they canceled the whole order. At one time you use to get your money back, they told me I would get a credit slip and it took up to January of 2009 to get that. Phone calls after phone calls I was told all kinds of noncense. I received a letter in January informing me of the new company name, Popular Club Acqusition LLC. There were no longer brand names on the cite. I finally received my credit slip and used them quickly to be done with them. They need to be investigated. I'am so done with them.
A  3rd of Jun, 2009 by    +1 Votes
I have been trying to access their website too. The same page is showing. I haven't seen a catolog for months. What is going on?
A  5th of Jun, 2009 by    +1 Votes
We should all band together & slap them with a lawsuit. How could they treat us this way? My customers are furious. Popular Club would request their money from us, so why shouldnt we request what they owe us? If anyone has any info please let me know. Thanks
A  8th of Jun, 2009 by    +1 Votes
As with all you all, I to have been a Club Sect for over twenty some years. I to have about 500.00 in rewards and about 166.00 in dividends saved. They told me back in March 09 that they would be back with a Spring Catalog this June. Today is June 9, 09 and the web sight is still down. Like the rest of us (sectararies) we all worked hard to bank our earnings to spend at a later time.
What can we do? We can not let Popular Club off the hook. Wish I had printed what was on the screen the last time I was able to view my account. Judy M ( jakmarlowe@aol.com)
A  8th of Jun, 2009 by    0 Votes
I agree with all of you. I have called several numbers and all I am getting are weird phone responses. The new owner was supposed to make this new and improved. This seems worse to me. My credits and rewards are well over $1000, anyone have any idea for recourse?
N  8th of Jun, 2009 by    +1 Votes
I have never been a secratary nor have I ever heard of this club before. I guess I'm just not that popular! LOL.
A  9th of Jun, 2009 by    +2 Votes
Sorry to say to all of you, but yes the company is going out of business. They only a few people left...I would stop sending in any further money. I am a former employee and they shafted me big time. I was there for a very long time and walked away with nothing. They are walking away with all the money that you people are sending in and not honoring any of your rewards or member divs. I hope you all can seek some type of legal advise and try to get your money back. Good luck!
N  12th of Jun, 2009 by    +2 Votes
Did anyone else get the email from the BBB that they have filed bankruptcy?
A  12th of Jun, 2009 by    +2 Votes
Hi -it is me again...what can we do to get back our earnings? There has got to be something we can do...I live in Florida and they are (were) based in New Jersey. What can be done?
N  12th of Jun, 2009 by    +2 Votes
this is the number that i recieved when they tried to contact me about aweek ago in reference to me sending in a payment but i did not respond so here is the number that i have when they answer she will say hello moreen speaking maybe you can gripe with her 1-973-910-6974...because we need some answers about our earnings and rewards.
N  17th of Jun, 2009 by    +2 Votes
I also have been a secretaty for over 30 years! I also have unredeemed credits, and have been trying to access the website. I have never received any notification that they were going out of business! I am furious also!

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