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Popeyes / nasty order-taker

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There is a Popeye's Restaurant in Harrison, NJ close by my job. Although it is out of my way, I decided to visit the one in East Orange, NJ instead because it is in my city. Around 7:20pm, I entered the drive-thru: the order-taker was short and nasty. In the middle of my ordering, she cut me off and barked that I come to the window. At the window, I asked, “what is the problem; I did not do anything to you, why are you acting like this?” The woman says that she was the manager- not the order-taker I spoke with and that she was going to help me with my order. Relieved, I said “good- ‘cause I don’t know what that girl’s problem is and I didn’t do anything to her”. While the manager took my order, the nasty order-taker actually came to the window starring me down. I point to her and asked “is that her?” The manager says yes. I say, “I do not want her to have anything to do with my order, nothing what-so-ever”. I was assured that she would not, but she came back to the window making faces at me. I said, “Look at what she is doing right now”. While the manager was putting together my food, the order taker tried to take my credit card and I told her that she was not going to touch my card or anything because I was not going to deal with her. She swelled up yelling, talking nastier than before- saying that it was her draw(er); I had to give her my card because no one else can touch her draw(er)… She hit the machine, pulled on the drawer and repeated- no one touches her draw- and shook her head at me. Then other workers came to look at me and laugh. One came back asking me to pull over and wait for my food. I told her that I wanted my money back and nothing from this place. The manager came back and said that she was working as fast as she could but had to wait for my chicken fingers. I repeated that I had had more than enough and wanted nothing from this place but my money back. She said she understood and refunded my $20.83.

I drove thirty seconds to Kentucky Fried Chicken and went into the restaurant this time. I did not hear anything coming from drive-thru. The young lady at the front was responsive and very cordial. She let me know that she would be happy to take my order when I was ready, but she stepped away immediately. Another team member saw me ready and said that she would take my order. I spent $27.19- the same items I wanted from Popeye’s plus a chicken potpie.

I am horrified that Sha-Sha, the nasty order-taker at Popeye’s (her name is on my receipt), behaved so badly to a customer and especially to me because I did nothing to antagonize her. I am hurt because I went out of my way to visit that Popeye’s (it is across town from my home and the highway I get off of plus I have a refrigerator full of food- a meal was already in the works to cook for dinner that evening when I decided to change it up). The owners should choose their employees better and maybe give a customer service review before putting them on the floor to represent their business.

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