Popeyes Chicken / refusing me a refund after receiving old chicken

Ti Mar 17, 2016 gonzalesGonzales Louisiana

on march 17, 2016 at around 1:40pm, I went to popeyes to purchase the 11 piece mixed chicken for $13.99, I paid cash for my order, went home never looking in the box to make sure that my order was correct or fresh... 5 hours later, my daughter woke up so I finally open the box to get her something to eat since popeyes is her favorite eating place, when I looked in the box I could not find one fresh piece of chicken so me and my daughter brought it back. when I arrived at the store and told them that I wanted a refund for my order, I was told that I could not get a refund do to the shift change that they can replace the order... personally, if someone served that old chicken the first time I ordered, way in the heck would I want a second order... I was extremely displeased with the service and I will NEVER go to that popeyes again

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