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1 Vatican City Review updated:
Contact information:

From: allen venden
Phone: [protected]

To: Sauk Co. Sheriff's Dept.

This is a “Complaint of Criminal Misconduct” as such it is intended for the hands of those responsible for detecting and preventing crime and enforcing the law.

On November 30, 2004 Gwendolyn Klay, Sauk-Prairie Police Detective Froese and Sauk County corrections Agent Robert Foght conspired together and carried out a plan to steal thousands of dollars worth of cash and property by performing an illegal and unjustified eviction.

This crime began when Gwendolyn Klay stoled two of my paychecks and my car. She then went to the Sauk-Prairie Police Dept. and asked Detective Froese to prevent me from entering my home. She gave no reason and she had no complaints or accusations. Gwendolyn simply asked Detective Froese to illegally prevent me from entering my home without any cause or justification. Detective Froese was well aware Gwendolyn was asking him to break the law, so he chose not to do it on his own. Instead he called Sauk Co. Agent Robert Foght to perform an unjustified and illegal eviction.

This is when they came up with their bizarre plan. They would simply pretend that I never lived in my home, that I was in fact trespassing in my own home. Gwendolyn was sent to get a harassment TRO based on the false trespassing claim. Agent Foght sent out illegal “Mandatory Orders to Detain” to be used if I was found on the property, and fabricated false documentation that supported their fraudulent trespassing claim.

This is how they stoled thousands of dollars worth of my property in addition to my car and about $950 cash that Gwendolyn had stolen originally. To this day if you ask the Sauk-Prairie Police about this, they will tell you I never lived there. This of course, is a bold face lie! Other lies being told by Robert Foght and the Sauk-Prairie Police to cover up this crime include:

Gwendolyn and I had broken up broken up 9 months prior.

I lived in the basement and didn't pay any rent..

Gwendolyn had told me to move out and I had refused.

These examples and every other claim made by Robert Foght and the Sauk-Prairie Police can be proven to be the exact opposite of the truth. The record also proves it was Robert Foght, not Gwendolyn, who fabricated these lies.

What happened next further proves Gwendolyn, Robert Foght and Detective Froese were acting with criminal intent and malice. Gwendolyn mistakenly filed for a domestic abuse TRO instead of the planed trespassing TRO. At the hearing she testified that Agent Foght had expressed his displeasure, in effect scolding her for not sticking to “the plan”. Under oath Gwendolyn was unable to give the judge a single example of me ever doing anything the court considered “abusive” or even inappropriate. The case was quickly tossed out by the judge. I have Robert Foght's documents, where he wrote that he knew the complaint was a mistake, yet he felt it necessary to sprinkle his fraudulent trespassing documentation with abusive undertones, and threatened me with false stalking charges if I attempted to recover my stolen property.

I've recently uncovered police and correction records that prove Gwendolyn, Agent Foght and Detective Froese acted with criminal intent and malice when they fabricated false documentation to cover up the theft of my cash and property. The record also shows all relevant policies and procedures were violated and a judges ruling ignored. Their actions were completely arbitrary and not based any law, rule, supervision condition, inappropriate action, complaint or accusation. In other words their actions had nothing to do with their authority as a police detective or a corrections agent. They simply chose to help Gwendolyn commit a crime. The fact that all of their justification can be proven false, proves no actual justification existed.

I believe the documentation I've accumulated is more then adequate “probable cause”, to justify an investigation into the felony theft of my money and property by Gwendolyn Klay and Robert Foght, and that Robert Foght committed this crime at the request of Sauk-Prairie Police Detective Froese, making Froese an accessory prior to the fact. A proper investigation would also reveal that Gwendolyn Klay, Robert Foght and Detective Froese knew that I lived at 630 Water St. in Sauk City. and they chose to make the false trespassing claim, being fully aware that this course of action required denying me access to my belongings and allowing Gwendolyn Klay to retain my cash and thousands of dollars worth of my property under false pretenses. The record also shows Gwendolyn willingly participated in this Fraud and that Robert Foght and Detective Froese acted with criminal intent and malice.

At this point, nobody is disputing that my money and property was stolen from me, and there are no longer any valid claims that I somehow did something that justified this theft. The only reason this crime hasn't yet been investigated is because a police officer and a corrections agent were involved. There is no question that the law was broken, the only question is whether or not the law exist! The fact that this crime was committed by government officials, makes it even more serious, not less serious. If an American is not safe in their own home, then action needs to be taken to correct this issue. There can be little doubt that this happened to me solely because of where I lived. I'm asking the Sauk Co. Sheriff's Dept. to enforce the existing laws and not allow our public officials to steal from the people of this jurisdiction.

This is no longer a case of “my word against their's”, I've accumulated police reports, court records and correction records that support my claims. With this documentation and Gwendolyn's sworn testimony from Sauk Co. case number 2004CV000681, I believe I have sufficient proof to lead to the criminal convictions of Gwendolyn Klay, Robert Foght and Sauk-Prairie Police Detective Froese, for the felony theft of my money and property. I'm asking this department to examine this documentation and objectively conduct a proper investigation.

To obtain my documentation and a list of witnesses, please feel free to contact me.

Phone: [protected]

Thank you,
al venden

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  • Me
      27th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    Okay, I see that this was from 2004, has anything changed since then? I'm not really sure why you would have posted this from so long ago. It's obvious that you needed help with this but it's kind of late, isn't it? You should have got a lawyer when all of this first started happening to you.

  • Al
      28th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    2004 is just the date this all started! I was unable to get help initially because they stoled all of my money and property, this abuse continued for about a year. They threw me out of my home and stoled all of my property a total of four times, causing me to lose my lob (I worked from my home) and be homeless for over a year.

    My first formal complaint was filed internally in '06, they retaliated by illegally jailing me in '07. Upon my release I filed my first criminal complaint with Sargent Josh Sherman of the Sauk-Prairie Police Dept.. All Sargent Sherman did was remove all of my criminal allegations and resubmit my complaint as a grievance.

    In February of '08 I was able to see my police and correction records for the first time. With this new evidence I resubmitted my criminal complaint, first with Sauk-Prairie Detective Roland Froese and again with Chief Gerald Strunz. I also filed internal complaints with Chief Strunz and the Sauk-Prarie Police Commission.

    Just last week I decided to move up a level and take my complaint to the Sauk Co. Sheriff's Dept., that's when I found this site. So you see, I'm not “just now” bringing this up. This is actually how long it takes to bring charges against a member of law enforcement.

    Now you know what they mean, when they say “the wheels of justice turn slowly”.

  • Me
      29th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    Wow, I'm not really sure what to say. Find a lawyer that's willing to help. That's the only thing I can think of.

  • Al
      30th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    I'm convinced lawyers are the source of this problem. If you call my local “bar association” and tell them you have a complaint against a government official or agent, and request a lawyer who practices “Constitutional Law”, they will tell you there are none in this area! They told me to go to a public library and find a lawyer in an “out of state” phone book!

    Just for fun, give'm a call, they'll turn you down before they even ask you your name! (800) 728-7788.

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