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This past weekend, my family and another family rented a vacation property from Pocono Resort Realty (PRR). It was unsafe, unsanitary and had shoddy construction. We did not receive a return call, so the next day, I took an hour out of my skiing to show the JFBB PRR agent my pictures of the property.

As out of town visitors and military, our budget was limited and we could not find another place for all of us. We were between a rock and a hard place. We took precautions, but it was appalling that this home had been rented as is. On Monday, when we checked out, I asked to see the manager Jeanne Bingham. When I offered to show her the photos, she refused to look at them and refused to look at the property herself. She said they were not violating any of the township laws and that she would be renting the property in the future.

We are appalled that this cycle of taking advantage of out-of-town visitors continues. The homeowner has focused on making pricey improvements to garner a higher rental price, while doing shoddy unsafe workmanship on the home.

• Three bedrooms lacked a smoke detector
• None of the smoke detectors worked and needed new batteries
• The kitchen had no smoke detector
• There were no fire extinguishers
• There were cords laying on top of the baseboard heaters
• Extension cords were in permanent use
• There were broken beer bottles on the deck
• The basement staircase had no outside railing
• One window was cracked from corner to corner
• The deck to the front door was rickety
• Two children received splinters from the wood floor (with socks on)
• Toilets were dirty
• The tiles around the jetted tub were nearly falling off and coming away from the wall
• There was a pair of thing underwear and a broken bottleneck between the bunk beds and wall.
• Nails sticking (some over an inch) out of the woodwork
We were offered $100 off our prepaid $1100 rent and the return of our $90 cleaning fee. We also are waiting on our $300 deposit.

Pocono Resort Realty

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  • Du
      3rd of Feb, 2010

    What a friggin racket ! ...sounds like a death trap ! ! ! I would ` Lawyer Up ' and take `em to the cleaners...thanks for letting us know, ...will not be going there !

    Let us know if they come back and make ammends with you, ...which should include doing all repairs to property and come on this board and beg for forgiveness...yes i`m serious...its called DOIN IT RIGHT ! ! ! .

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