PMD Furniture Direct / Scam and lies

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I recently heard a recorded conference call. The topic FA. Joe Armetta was the speaker. I have never heard someone talk so much about nothing. It was a painful 60 min. recording.

Joe and Jeff please note I am a Top Ten Dealer. I am very busy. I don't have time to listen to Mr. Royal Heritage Joe Armetta run on at the mouth. What ever Joe Armetta is selling I'm not buying.

I've been reading these posts. I know some of the people who are doing the posting. Many of them are top 20 dealers. For the most part everyone agrees with the majority of the posts. They are very factual and reflect peoples actual feelings.

The facts are undeniable and the numbers do not lie.

Someone at PMD needs to give the dealer base an explanation for PMD's attrition problems. This explanation should include a remedy.

Everything else is just talk.


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