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The plano police department is as about as lethargic, useless, and corrupt as they get. I thought dallas, bedford, and irving had the most corrupt "law enforcement" in the dfw metro area, but plano puts them all to shame!

Plano police department spouts "we have no crime". Only because they completely ignore it!!! And on top of that they have made all illegal acts legal!

Why even waste tax payers money on creating "laws" if they will never be enforced??? Why even waste tax payers money on a "police department" if they refuse to enforce the laws???

I've filed complaints about criminal activities going on around my area, and the police chief pretty much flat out told me that its all legal!! And I do have it in writing!!!

Apparently all of these psychopathic, violent, murderous, mentally deranged lunatics in this city have it so nice and cushy! They can do whatever they want, to whomever they want, anytime they want, and never, ever have to worry about any kind of retribution, deterrents, or punishment from the "law" in this city!!!

But yet, for some reason, **i** get a ticket for going through a green light, 2 mph under the speed limit! **i** get a ticket for actually stopping at a stop sign!!! **i** get pulled over and harassed because some lunatic thought I was "scary looking" while driving down the street???!!! **i** get confronted in a store because I "look" like a "thief"???!!!

And yet, the real criminals in the city are free to kill, maim, destroy, steal, rape, pillage, and murder to their psychopathic hearts content with no fear of interference from the "law enforcement"!!!

I want to know what the city "officials" actually do with all the tax money they steal from citizens?!! They obviously don't use it for law enforcement of any kind. It definitely is not used for street repairs of any kind. And it certainly isn't used for healthcare, food, or shelter for the homeless!!!

So where is all of this money going???

Corrupt "law enforcement", corrupt city "officials". . .

Your tax dollars hard at waste!!!

Aug 24, 2016
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  • Bi
      Oct 02, 2016

    I agree 200%!!!

    There is NO ONE doing ANYTHING about the psycho murderers on the streets! I can stand on ANY street, on ANY street corner and watch the murderous psychos do ANYTHING they want, breaking ALL laws, blatantly advertising they have absolutely NO regards or concern for laws, safety, other peoples safety, other peoples property, or even pedestrians trying to cross the streets!

    And I've literally been standing on a sidewalk MANY times over, watching the so-called "law enforcement" just sit there on their fat butts, in their vehicles (paid for my tax dollars), watching all these violent, mentally diseased criminals breaking every single law, rule, and safety issue there is, and they just do NOTHING! But for SOME goddamned reason, I get a goddamned ticket for NOT fully "stopping" for THREE WHOLE SECONDS at some goddamned, out of the way stop sign!!!

    You tell me who is the REAL criminal here!!!

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  • Ra
      Nov 13, 2016

    I hear ya!

    I live on a street where there is 3 stop signs and one red light, and 99% of the loonies on the streets in vehicles never, never, never, never, ever stop!
    They just barrel on through. Dont matter if there is opposing traffic or someone crossing the street, or some kid playing out in the street, they dont stop for anything or anybody! And this isnt a private residential street either, there is a huge medical complex on this street as well as some small businesses. And I have even seen the criminal police blow through these stop signs as well as the red light, not giving a damn about people or other traffic!

    Hell, I was at Independence and Park a couple days ago at the red light there. There was a pig in front of me at the red light, and some violent jerk SPED thru the red light right IN FRONT of this police, and the police IGNORED this violent criminal!!! They don't care. They get a free paycheck and get to drive free vehicles looking for donut shops, and sit there watching violent criminals putting everybody in danger and breaking every law there is, and nobody gives a damn. And then they wonder WHY people hate pigs!

    I was even at Park and Coit one day last week, and this old man was crossing the road and this piece of s**t sped through the red light and then TRIED to run down this old man crossing the street! They came within only a couple of inches of taking him out! Like always, the pigs couldn't be bothered.

    I can only hope Trump does something about these lazy criminals running around pretending to be police!

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