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I was talked into a "planet beach" membership. At first the electronic spa concept sounded like a great deal and good idea. Every time I would go to the spa to use my services, I would be approached very persistently to buy products, sometimes I would try something (Which never worked) and sometimes I would decline. As time went on I used my membership less and less. I felt the services and machines were poor quality and doing more harm than good. I also did not like the pressure that the girls were giving me to buy products. I stopped going altogether but continued paying the 59 dollar a month membership fee. After a month of not going I noticed an unauthorized charge on my credit card for products. I called the spa and they kept telling me the owner was out of town and would call me as soon as she got back. I disputed the charge with my bank, and sent in a letter to cancel my membership. The lady stated she could not take a membership cancellation letter and I would have to talk to the owner. I informed her the contract states you may cancel your membership as long as you give 60 days writing. The letter served as my sixty days. I took a picture of me dropping off the letter and also mailed out a certified copy. I also called to follow up on my cancellation, and heard the same bs story. The owner never contacted me back. At that time I did not cancel my credit card because I had that same card hooked up to all my other bills. I felt updated all the accounts would be a hassle and trusted that they got the point. I let the two charges for the 60 days (The $59 fee be charged and did not dispute those charges). Boy was I stupid, the next month after the 60 days notice they not only charged my membership again (Which should have been cancelled) they charged again for products that I did not buy. I then cancelled my credit card and they can no longer fraudulently charge me for products or services I am not using. I disputed the charges for products and the $59 dollar fee. The bank credited me for all the product charges. However, my bank did not credit me the $59 dollar fee because they said that the merchant didn't accept my cancellation. This has been a nightmare and I also am planning on filing a complaint with my my local bbb. They have done this to many other people and now i'm finding out if you google planet beach scam a lot of complaints will come up and a lot of other people have been victim of their unauthorized charges. Buyer beware!!!

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  • Sn
      Apr 30, 2012

    Problems with cancellation every time wanted to cancelled was scammed to stay, but keep paying. Wanted to cancel due to problems with service, broken and mal factional machines/equipment, unpleasant experiences, constant extra pay here and there. Today I learned that they will charge me 2 more month to cancel today. I went online and found numerous cases like mine. check it out by yourself on google

    WHo does business like this? ANd don't care for their customers to be happy and just be CHARGED?!

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  • Fr
      Jun 03, 2014

    I am dealing with a similar issue. I had purchased a limited membership which allowed me 8 sessions a month. They charged me 2 times in December and when I went to put in my 30 notice in April for my cancellation in May, they told me I had to go until June. I told them that I have already been charged 5 times and that if they charged me in June that it would have been a 7 month committment. The manager said she would talk to the owner the next day and of course the owner never showed up. She then made an executive discussion and decided to allow me to cancel membership. I came in and sign the contract to cancel and now I see that I have been charged again after the cancellation form had been signed. When I called I was told that she would refund my money but that all my sessions that I had, which were 16, were now expired. Which that I would have known that since it didn't state that in the my cancellation form or by anyone working there. All I ever heard is that they can be rolled over. Guess not. They are liars and all the employees that worked there said different things that never matched up. After talking to the manager on the phone and telling her why was I never told that, she said that she did and I must have not heard or didn't understand. How Rude!. THIS COMPANY IS VERY DISHONEST AND WILL CONTINUE TO CHARGE YOU AFTER YOUR CANCELLATION HAS BEEN PROCESSED. DON'T TRUST THEM AT ALL!

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