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Pizza Hut / food poison

Mo Dec 16, 2014
Contact information:
Phone: 770-498-1500

I order pizza and pasta from them, the pizza did not have enough pepperoni on it so I called them and told them I would like a replacement. The told me not to eat any of the pizza, and they will send me another one. The other one came and me and my guest start eating it, I notice the sauce taste funny so I only ate two slices. After that I feel like I wanted to throw up, so I drink some water. In about 15 minutes I was on the toilet. It's about a week now and I'm still having diarrhea so I went to the doctor. He told me it's food poisoning. I called the pizza Hut area manager explain everything, she told me she will give me a free pizza. The hell with that I called the department of health and file a complain. I'm waiting on them now.

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