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I would simply like to give more of the picture for the vendors out there who use Pirtek. Pirtek technician pay is 18$/hour. Technician monthly bonuses depend on gross sales, which goals are between $15, 000 and $20, 000. maximum hourly bonus for a month is $5/ hour. Each of the technicians' gross sales to gross income ratio is under 10:1.
Technicians get 'time and a half' if they are in fact into overtime territory but regardless, customers are billed at 'overtime rate' after 4 pm and on weekends.

Just one of four mobile technicians meeting the maximum gross sales goal pays for all of a branch's operating costs for that month. The hoses and fittings are by Aeroquip, printed with Pirtek branding. Fuel costs per van is $300/month.

Replacement hose used is usually 1 tier higher than what is needed, and almost always the braided stuff. OEM psi stuff isn't stocked. You overpaid for something you didn't need and potentially overpressured the rest of your equipment's hydraulic system. On aged equipment, replacing one bad hose on a system full of old hoses usually results in this overpressure chain reaction. Link Belts especially, non-american equipment in general.

If you have equipment down for a leak, unless you really truly 'have a whole project waiting on ONE piece of equipment', remove the line and send someone down to a trusted, local hose vendor. Invoices are marked up or down at the office depending on the job size and contractor, backup equipment there, workers on-site... Technicians are trained to find out from foremen what the billing limits are like.

If you feel gouged, you were. They are ripping off their employees, too.

I still don't know where the profits go. Management and corporate will say times are tight and try to keep their hourly workers in the dark but similar insight by someone on the accounting side would be interesting for sure.

Some big contract foremen and rental equipment customers would give us work just to have someone to talk to and the free hats/tee shirts 'for their kids'. If you are a contract company owner or rental company manager you may want to consider which of your foremen or customers are the type.


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  • Sc
      Feb 13, 2009

    The first comment is a little off base. Most Pirtek franchisees go bankrupt or are terminated or close the doors. Pirtek Nashville recently went bankrupt for the second time. The pressure on Pirtek to stay in operation results in some costly problems for the franchisees. In the end the franchisees fail and have to lay-off employees.
    Pirtek charges very high prices so the employees think there is more money in the business than there really is. I suppose "george" is a victim of the false premise that Pirtek is profitable. More people have lost money at Pirtek. The customer gets the short end of the stick too, by over paying for a basic hose assembly. In 12 years of franchising Pirtek has only been able to operate 38 locations in the largest market in the world, most are not profitable, or pay little more than a basic job would pay the hard working unfortunate franchisees.
    In these hard economic times it would be wise to stay away from companies like Pirtek. A hose is most often a simple part of equipment maintenance, there is no need to pay high prices at Pirtek when there are less expensive alternatives. Additionally, Pirtek is a foreign hose manufacturer, the hoses and fittings are produced off shore, shipped to the US, marked up by PirtekUSA(sometimes up to six times) and resold to the franchisees, then to the user. This reults in a very expensive hose assembly and a ton of money going off-shore. Pirtek is a risky business solution. You may want to stay away from this company at all levels, employee, customer, owner. If you want to know more details call me [protected], or e-mail me at [protected] Have a great day! Scott

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  • Ho
      Apr 21, 2010

    An awful firm, business practices by Pirtek could not be worse...bad for the customer, bad for the fanchiee...and bad for vendors like us...Pirkek does not pay bills, buys any outdated, unsaleable product it can, and passes it off as new...stay far far away from Pirtek in any shape or form..

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  • Ho
      Aug 26, 2013

    These comments are from a) disgruntled employee who could not make the grade, b) a former franchisee that should not have gone into business in the first place, and c) a competitor who is afraid of the competition. Each PIRTEK location is independently owned and operated, with business decisions, employees and "policies" determined at the location level. There are many successful and service oriented PIRTEK locations within the US, but not all locations are successful - welcome to the business world. IF the owner treats his/her customers and employees with respect and honesty, this business provides quality products, well-trained technicians and competitive pricing to their markets.

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  • Jm
      Aug 20, 2015

    your obviously doing it wrong ..ive worked for several branches in 2 different countries earned well and expanded my skill set ..

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  • Jm
      Aug 20, 2015

    ...but then im a well trained Scot lol

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