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John Koestler of Pines Roofing is a scam artist. I hired him to do repairs on my roof, paid him in full, to find out that he did not complete even 1/4 of the job. He made numerous inappropriate comments towards me and made me very uncomfortable in my own home. He didn't return any phone calls, emails, and gave me the runaround for months. He is extremely unprofessional, crude, and dishonest. He stole $3, 000 of mine the day before Christmas. I made a claim against him in small claims court, and we went to mediation. He would not agree to give me my money back for the work he admitted he did not complete. He even admitted in mediation that he knowingly overcharged me! We had a date for trail and he did not show up. I won the case and now have a judgement against him. He was recommended by his wife, a fellow teacher and so I trusted him. Now looking into him, he has no valid license or website. DO NOT hire this man! And make sure you check out any contractors license before you hire them. Get multiple estimates too! John Koestler will probably use a different name and/or business name, so beware.

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      25th of May, 2010

    This is the same guy out of Penbroke Pines, Fl. that I had the misfortune of dealing with last fall. To say he is a rip-off artist is to give him to much credit. He is not smart enough to figure how to rip-off people.He just gives a good price and never finishes the work.He comes back with excuse after excuse;ie;"my truck broke, my tools were stolen, it was raining, I have a cold, etc".
    He, and his front company are under investigation, there are numerous complaints in various reporting agencies and I anticipate the time is coming when the State will pick him up.
    He personally has two warrants outstanding I know of and a simple traffic stop will leave his truck on the side of the road while he is arrested and taken to County Jail.His truck will be confiscated and held and could be auctioned to satisfy my Judgement as well as yours.

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  • Go
      22nd of Aug, 2012

    john koestler is in monroe county jail and if you can you can file report so he can stay longer in jail he is a master con artist please do so monroe county key west florida

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