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Phones 4U / The shop is unfriendly, unhelpful and a rip off!

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I had bought for me a new mobile phone last month from your shop. and was pleased with the phone but notice the back cover kept coming loose. iwas out two weeks a go and pulled some tissues out my bag. when i lot come my back of my phone had gone.,this was obviously faulty as im a intelligent 45 yr old woman, i know the back is supose to come off but surly not that easy.anyway went to the shop to get some help on the matter. well what a discusting shock and treatment i got from your staff (and he was the so called manager all of 23) i explained my plight and that i had taken inssurance on the phone as well and 12 months guarantee with the phone, but he told me i was the one that lost,and i couldn;t have a new back , i couldn't have a new phone and couldn't have my money back.he wouldnt take the phone back as it didnt have a back on it, i said well its no good to me as the battery was libel to fall out ,what did he think i should do put some cellotape around it and he said yes i should do this.! but this time iwas fuming with this jumped up little start, i told him i was not going to leave this as i have statuary rights and would be going to trading standards of which i am and my local paper to report the shop as unfriendly, unhelpful and a rip off. little did the boy know that the lady he served be for was a friend of my friend who was with me, and she said he was darn rude to her. if i'd been 6ft and built like a trucker think i might of got better assistants. i will not let this lay as the phone was a birthday present and not quite a month old.

yours sinerely
mrs amanda

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  • An
      15th of Sep, 2007
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    Phones 4U - Poor service!
    United Kingdom

    PLEASE DO NOT SHOP AT PHONES 4U, i went into phones 4U last week to purchase a mobile phone at the last minute they said they didn't have the one i wanted in stock after showing it me, so the sales assistant Helena gave me another and told me to come back the next day to get the 1 i wanted i went back they didn't have and was asked to come back tuesday so i did once again they didn't have this is when i found out that they hadn't even ordered it, a young man offered to go get one from another store the next day i was fed up but agreed. the next day i decided to get the phone i did want from another store and to return the one i got from phones 4U, i went in and asked for a refund they said i would have to come back tomorrow as the manager who authorizes refunds was unavailable. I was really getting annoyed at this point but thought it will all be over soon and that i wouldn't have any problems since the phone hadn't been out the box as i was planning to swap it from day 1 as i wasn't the phone i wanted. so once again i went back to the store a day later the manager was out back and i was told to wait 15mins this wasn't going to put me off I'd had enough so i waited later a man came and took my contract to the manager who was still out back another 5 mins passed and she finally came out she called me over to a desk at the rear of the store were she sat me down and took the phone out of the box and started to fiddle i was really tired and was daydreaming i guess just sitting waiting not really paying attention to what she was doing she didn't even speak for a fw mins the she started inquiring about my new phone i said what relevance does it have? she then showed me a scratch on the key pad and said have you had it in your hand bag i was so overwhelmed i hadn't got a clue what was going she said i would have to take the other phone i had bought back to the other shop which i refused to do as i had received very good service and wasn't going to let her get away this, she also said that refunding the phone would mean a £400 loss to the store how thats my fault i don't know but she did offer to get the phone i did want and swap it, but know shes denying this because if your willing to swap and item you should be willing to refund as well I'm still in shock now i blamed myself until lying awake for hours in bed i realized what shed done i am disgusted i left the store in tears and called my Boyfriend who then spent 2hrs30mins in the store trying to sort this out. I know for a FACT the phone did not have a scratch on it so please when returning such items please pay attention and keep the product in sight at all times i was naive and foolish i hope to get this issue resolved soon but its proving difficult no one wants to know.

    Thanks for listening and if anyone has any advice it would be very much appreciated.

  • Po
      16th of Dec, 2007
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    I went to Phones 4 u at the Wolverhampton store to get 2 LG Viewty contract phones. The staff were very friendly and gave me 2 pay as you go phones free with £20 credit and £100 cashback. After a couple of days, i went back to the store to cancel my contract, as i did not like the phone. I could not get used to the touch screen. I spoke to the manager about the problem and he said that he refuses to cancel the contract. But i was not about to give up.

    I was in the store for 3 hours. Many staff were standing around and talking about me. They could have least whispered. The manager kept asking to speak to my husband. What has my husband got to do with it. My phones are in my name.

    The next day I phoned up the head office, the person spoke to the manager at the Wolverhampton store and told me to go back to the store. I went back and the manager kept asking me why did I contact the head office. Whilst dealing with me, he got up to help another customer and left me waiting over an hour. He came back to me and it took 5 minutes to sort my problem out. I had to go back to the store after 4 days to pick up the paperwork.

    I went back after 4 days, to fully cancel the contract. He manager spoke to the head office and mentioned that i could not afford the contract which is why i wanted to cancel it. That is a lie. I would not have took out a contract if i could not afford it.

    The manager moved me from desk to desk and finally lost the contract sim card and the receipt. They could not cancel the contract without the card. The General Store Manager spoke to me and took my name and phone number and actually accused me of taking the sim card. Why would i want to take the sim card when i want to cancel it. I phoned the head office again and was in tears. I have been embarrassed and insulted at the Wolverhampton store.

    I do not recommended going there ever again.

    The store should be called 'Phones Not 4 U'.

  • Ga
      26th of Dec, 2007
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    I had a similiar experience in the shop in Ashton Under Lyne, manchester.

    I asked for a an LG Viewty on a specific advertised contract on 3, which they said they had in stock (the sales assistant AND the manager both said they had it) I told them I was in a rush (should have been in work).

    She went upstairs and ten minutes later brought a phone down for me to mess with, then told me that they didnt have that phone on the 3 network, they had all been sent back to the manufacturer as there was 'a fault with '' all the ebay and stuff ''. The manager started coming up with these excuses as well, it was only minutes ago he'd told me they had them in stock, and he hadnt moved or received any further information since !

    The assistant then tried to sell me the same phone on vodafone, telling me it was the cheapest, she was looking at a tariff sheet telling me that calls were 20p a minute to any other network, I asked her if i could have a look and (admittedly) snatched the sheet from her. All the tariffs were in columns and vodafone were 35p a minute to other networks, the most expensive of the lot !. I since found out that phones4u hold an exclusivity deal with vodafone and they earn money from these excessive call charges

    She looked embarrassed when I pointed out that it was 35p a minute and she vaguely tried to suggest she'd said it was 20p a minute to other vodafones.

    Anyway, I got up and walked out, complete waste of my time.

    Went to 02 and got one without the hassle.

    Just remember phones4u are not impartial.

  • He
      25th of Mar, 2008
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    The Warrington Phones4 u store is exactly the same! The manager was arrogant and rude to me when i tried to cancel and he wouldn't let me, he used the same kind of tactics. I also asked for a replaceemnt phone as the one they provided me with was faulty, the manager refused. Since then (8months ago) i have written/spoke to Phones 4 u trying to cancel my contract and they use bully boy tactics. This has been so stressful and Phones4 u just won't help, i refused to pay my contract bill as i had to resort back to my old phone with my previous provider and it has now been passed onto debt collections, even though i have complained from day 1, its disgusting.


  • El
      25th of Mar, 2008
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    It must be part of their training. Just before Christmas I went into the Arndale store in Manchester to buy a phone contract. The contract could not be completed so they said I should walk around Manchester and they'd phone me. Of course they didn't so I went into another store and bought a phone there (which I like). After Christmas I got two contracts and 3 started taking money out of my account for a phone which I had and a phone contract I never signed nor got a phone on.
    Despite going into the store four times and phoning at least 14 times no joy - I ended up getting a debt collection agency onto me for a phone I didn't even have. Even Phones 4 U admitted there was no phone but still nothing seemed to be done about it.
    Last week I got in touch with Consumer Direct who are linked to the Trading Standards Agency and they were very helpful. They said there had been no contract as I had not signed anything. I also spoke to a solicitor who confirmed this and said what they had done was fraudulent - it was supposed to be between Phones4U and 3 and had nothing to do with me. I wrote to the company director and 3 customer services to this effect sending a log of the whole sorry affair. 3 were very helpful and said the matter was resolved and I could seek an indemnity from my bank to get the money back. Phone4U still do not admit they did anything wrong and there has been no explanation about why my account was accessed without my consent. They also said it had nothing to do with them as it was between 3 and me - they waved the privacy and security card in front of me.
    Having checked on three sites about Phones4U to date, it seems to me this sort of response and inefficient attitude are part of their training.

    I would agree with the previous posting - have nothing to do with this company - they are poison and I am down 6 hours of my time in abortive visits to the store in which I was promised action, and fourteen phone calls most of which I initiated and cost premium rate.

  • Ja
      1st of May, 2008
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    i went into the phones for you store in hemel greated by what i thought was a nice man(wrong) i asked.. do you sell 8gb memory card? what phone do you have he replied so i said nokia n95, well he said let me tell you your phone is CRAP!! what i said yer its crap he replied, why do you want a 8gb card..for my music i dont want that you want a 2gb.. then he continued to question where i got the phone and who its with and how long my contract was running for.. not that it was any of his concern.. he said the best thing i could do with that phone was to put on ebay sell it then come back and buy one of his phones..why would i want to do that i like my phone just wanted to get a memory card.. then he went on and on about his phone and ebay.. look i just want a card not your life story..anywy he said even if i did have a 8gb which i havent i wouldnt sell it to you because it will slower your phone and make a crapier phone he said that vodaphone were giving them away like sweets because they were an awfull phone, its bad business to slag off the oppostion are they that bad they have to intimidate people to buy there products and services, i went straight to o2 and asked the young lady what she thought she said he was talking rubbish and she would sell me the card so i hot from there now it hasnt slowed my phone up its all fine and my phone isnt CRAP you are i would never go into a phones for you again let alone buy one of your phones NO WAY (phones for you) phones F--- you

  • Pe
      17th of May, 2008
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    I bought a mobile broadband modem for £100 on '3 Pay and Go, ' from Phones4U. It was obvious from the minute I installed it that it was faulty. I was online for about an hour then it cut out. So I telephoned the Phones4U store to inform them it was faulty. They told me to telephone '3' customer services. So I did using the modem SIM in phone. They were not very helpful. So I took my modem into the Phones4U store to tell them that it was faulty and I wanted a refund. The manager looked at the modem and threw the open case with the modem inside on the floor, givin me a smirk after he did it. One of the female staff, who was behind him, saw what he did and was shocked, judging by her open mouth expression. I asked him why he had just thrown the modem onto the floor, possibly causing damage to it and making the warranty invalid. The manager replied that he did not know what I was on about and said that he was calling the police to remove me for threatening his staff and throwing things about. I told the manager that I would like him to call the police as I would like to report him for criminal damage. I left the Phones4U store and telephoned their head-office. The person at head-office eventually offered give me a refund on the modem. I will never ever shop at Phones4U again.

  • Be
      23rd of Jul, 2008
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    we had the identical experience yesterday with a PHones4u store in Canterbury. They lied and told us that they could give us an immediate full refund if the sim card they sold us did not work in the phone we had. The card did not work. We NEVER EVEN LEFT THE STORE and they refused to give us a refund. These guys are smooth liars and, reading the other posts, I think they lie as corporate policy. Report them toTrading Standards. Deny them your business and tell your friends that they are high street scam artists. They are a shame to England (it was an American friend of ours they "screwed over" . He left with a very bad impression of British business practice. I can only, unfortunately, agree with him)

  • Na
      6th of Aug, 2008
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    Stay clear of Phones 4 u!!! GO DIRECTLY TO THE NETWORK! You can look them up online, or phone them. I was suckered into a 18 month contract with these issues:

    1. I will be away for 4 months - Phones 4 u put me on the highest tariff - t-mobile have just told me that I should have been on the lowest tariff during this period.
    2. The mobile wasn't in stock - had to come back and forth until they had it.
    3. 12 months in, they are charging me £35 when I find out I could go down to £25 (phoned tmobile directly to sort this)
    4. Now the phone (a samsung) is playing up, I call phones 4 u (just in the nick before my contract runs out) and ask them to send it off and get it repaired - they say there is no 2 year warranty and BUT they could put me on a new plan and then sort it - lol... they must think I'm stupid!
    So I call samsung directly, within 4 minutes I'm returning they are ready to send out a prepaid label and the phone will be fixed for free (if a phone is water logged or has been dropped, they charge a measly £9 for repair) So [censored] you phones 4 u - You are day light robbers and liers!!

    I've just renewed my contract with Tmobile directly, they are offering me the same mins and texts as with my £25 contract but now at £10 for 18 months - bargain!! (NO PHONE incl - I don't need a new one)

  • Be
      16th of Aug, 2008
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    I did complain to the head Phones 4U office by email about the incident at the Canterbury store I complained of 24 days ago (got the address by googling it), and they did in fact call me back immediately, and refunded my money with no hassle. So, I guess Iadvise those with Phones 4U problems to go straight to the head office - in my case at least they were quick to remedy my complaint and backed up their nice talk with a refund of the disputed amount.

  • As
      22nd of Aug, 2008
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    Clearly there have been and still are a lot of problems within phones4u stores. However employees are not trained mis-sell products to customers and certainly not trained to use bully boy tactics.
    These are certain short-sighted individuals who fail to see the impact of their actions as they are blinded by targets and the pressure to achieve them.
    Being a phones4u store manager, I certainly do not condone this kind of behaviour within my store and certainly do not behave in the manner described above.
    Whilst I'm not justifying the actions of these cut throat "sales managers", I can tell you that the company's set-up and particularly the bonus/commission scheme does recognise the fact that many of our customers are deeply unsatisfied with the service they receive and has brought in measures to root these weeds out.

    So pop into your local P4U, you will be surprised but far from disappointed!!

  • An
      11th of Sep, 2008
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    Does anyone know where I can make an official complaint about Phones4U. They are really taking the mick. I've had my contract for almost a year and half (in December it ends), and now they have slyly switches from their 01782 number to this number 08450262572 and they are CONSTANTLY ringing me i'd say around 6 to 10 calls a day and everytime i answer they hang up. Me trying to be clever and not waste my money on an 0845 number typed this number into google and found out from a forum that its from Phones4U and if you ring it back the answer machine tells you there was no need to ring the number back. So i think this is some kind of scam.

    This is actually very pathetic!

  • Mr
      30th of Sep, 2008
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    I am a ex employee of Phones4u. I am going to be totally honest with you and say that, I totally agree!

    Phones4u, brainwash their staff into mis-leading customers so that the company can make more and moreee money.

    I rember the days, early saturday morning at 8.30; getting shouted at by management. this wasnt just me, the whole team was getting shouted at. Why? Because the store needs more sales!

    I rember a quote from the store manager "[censored] customer service, I want my damn bonus!"

    so you see, Staff get bullied and they lose a lot of money if we dont hit target. Now to hit target, we have to sell. Phones4u sell Band C handsets only. (Band C handsets are the cheap rubbish phones from china!) Now the deals we offer are crap to what a network could offer. so therefore, we have to kiss up to the customers and flash some money at them and trust me... they will buy!!


    For a sales adviser, they will earn around £13000 a year basic, a normal typical thing that the company do is, try and short pay the staff to SAVE MONEY!

    A store manager, would earn around £23, 000 - £40, 000 a year. They must makesure that the store hits target or they will get sacked!!!

    Area Manager, they get paid £100, 000 - £120, 000 a year, a typically bonus per month is around £1, 000 - £10, 000.
    They just simply sit on their desk and press F5 on their laptops non stop to watch the store figures. Also they will bully the store managers if they dnt hit target.

    So you all see now, that Phones4u bully people and just want Money!!!

  • Al
      15th of Oct, 2008
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    I had a contract with Phones 4 U for 2 years and was quite happy with the service I had (although admittedly the price of the contract was a little on the high side).
    About halfway through my contract I was sent a letter informing me that Vodafone would be taking over my contract. Fair enough.

    Through work we now get a discount at O2 which was too good to pass up so when my contract expired in April I switched to them. Vodafone were helpful throughout (I wanted to keep my old phone number).
    About a week later I got calls from Phones 4 U, which confused me as my contract had been moved from them to VF. Said I had a great new contract which would run for 18 months. They said they would call back then.

    But, I have just started receiving calls again. Only 1 a day so far, but as far as I know, it's not been 18 months since April! So if I speak to them I may have to remind them of this fact. They are persistent if nothing else!

  • Sh
      14th of Nov, 2008
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    Buyers beware... don't be ripped off by Phone4u.

    Phone4u Epsom branch quoted £79.99 for a 3 HUAWEI mobile broadband USB stick- quoted. I knew '3' shops and online sold them USB mobile broadband sticks for £50 and queried the diffence in price. The shop assistant LIED and convinced me that the two models were different and the one they were providing was a later model that provided higher-speed broadband. Stupidly, I trusted Phones4u's shop assistant and went ahead with the purchase.

    A few days later I found out that they had actually lied to me. The model that they sold me for £79.99 was actually available for £49.99 in '3' shops - a full £30 more (60% more!!). I queried the shop and they refused to take back the item or refund the difference - I had made the request just 4 days after the purchase. (The modem was still intact with the original packaging).

    I phoned the Customer Service head office. I was very shocked that despite the customer service operator admitting that the price difference was very large... they again refused to do anything about it.

  • As
      23rd of Nov, 2008
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    Phones 4U - Atrocious service - bullying customers
    Phones 4u
    England, West Midlands
    United Kingdom
    Phone: 0793 - 994 0747

    This is a message I have sent to vodafone and to P4U. The way this company treats people is disgraceful and is not service.
    There must be culture in the company similar to that of a rogue trader. Who's only aim is to get the business regardless
    of how they mislead or dare I say con a customer. Just to get that contract signed. They P4U even sell faulty products
    again, doesn't matter you can always bring it back and get it repaired as long as you've signed the contract, who cares.
    P4U are a disgrace to the service industry and if other companies new how they operated they would not believe it.

    Hi I am a long standing Vodafone customer and need your help URGENTLY!
    I recently persuaded my daughter to change from T-mobile to Vodafone.
    She and I are now regretting it. Thanks to Phones 4u.
    My daughter took out a contract 3 weeks ago on Vodafone £40 a month
    with a Blackberry Bold, Unfortunately the phone was faulty and back my daughter went
    to change or cancel. My daughter spoke to the manager and he confirmed with
    my daughter that if there was a problem with the second phone she could cancel the contract.
    Even If the problem occurred just after the 2 weeks return policy.
    The manager confirmed he would cancel the contract if there was a problem with
    the second phone. The second phone has the same fault, which apparently is a
    common fault with the Bold.
    On the third visit to the store which is in Birmingham. My daughter has just called me
    in tears, upset and dejected due to the way she has been treated and spoken to.
    The manager has gone against his word and will not cancel the contract even though
    this was agreed previously. Due to this issue I am expecting to speak to this manager
    in person. With the intent to cancel this contract. So that my daughter can have the
    chance to step back and have a choice of another phone. Preferably not with Phones 4u.
    It is in Vodafone's interest that your service providers' look after YOUR customers'
    Please help, before I go to see these people.

    Regards Mr H

  • Pr
      28th of Dec, 2008
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    I work as a Phones4U manager and to be honest with you the issue with a refund was down to 3 NOT the store. The system blocks you from refunding 3 broadband sticks and prepay phones as this is the policy 3 have enforced on us. There is the odd occasion it willallow you to do it but this is rare. If the issue was no signal then customer services will give you authorisation to do it - they give you a refference number which we instore then have to phone IT to unlock the till. The prepay sticks when they came out were 49.99 and 79.99 and if I recall the black one was £30 more. As the query was around price then most companies would give you the same response. I can assure you the sales people are paid per unit not by the ticket price and it may have been a simple mistake and not a lie with regards to speed - there is a massive amount of info these guys have to learn - some of it does get jumbled up.
    As for the billing problems the networks are a little too quick to pass the blame onto us for errors which they have made however the call center staff just can't be bothered sorting out the issue at the time. Read 02 firing 22 call center staff for example for "Ignoring" and "Cutting off" and outright lies to people.
    Yes some stores are run by infantile little runts of which I have to ignore and occasionaly tolerate at meetings yet bear in mind there are a few of us that want to do well and life, have mortgages and families to support. There are as many obnoxious liars in EVERY retailer I wish people would be specific to the store alone not the company.

  • Pr
      28th of Dec, 2008
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    By the way I dont work in Epsom

  • Br
      28th of Dec, 2008
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    Phones 4 U is a complete and utter nightmare and the staff are useless!!
    I bought a phone (pay as u go) 2 days ago, as I live abroad and needed the simplest phone for my UK calls whilst I am here for the festive period. Simple transaction. You would think so. Not at stupid Phones 4 u.

    So I got my phone on the orange network. (1st time for everything). The lady tops my mobile with credit with the mandatory £20 then checks it is working. It is NOT!!! No calls can be made. After her faffing about for 10mins I say I will return in 5 mins after I grab a coffee because she is on the phone to customer services. I return and the store manager is now involved - but the situation is not resolved.
    Fearful that the others shops I desparately need to go to are closing shortly I go away for another 15 minutes and come back and I am told the wrong number has been credited with my £ 20 and they are trying to resolve this. What foolish nonsense is this now? After almost 1 hour there I am told that it will be sorted but may take maybe 30 minutes or up to 72 hours to be transferred. How can this be justified.??!!

    The next day I went tp an Orange mobile store. They explained that a) my phone number is not registered and b) the other number topped up does exist and is not registered to me and c) the phones 4 u were giving me the run around because they just want my money.

    Finally I have had the phone refunded - all£10 worth - but not the £20 credit which the manager said she cannot. LIES. The cash was in the till So I await a cheque in the post. Even though I PAID CASH!!!

    What useless idiots. More admin for what??? giving me back my money for a phone that never ever worked !!!

    They will soon go under in these credit crunch times as in previous times of boom when people had time and money they could screw us but not anymore!!!


  • Al
      29th of Jan, 2009
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