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Phone Power / Rip Off!

20765 Superior StreetChatsworth, CA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 888-607-6937

I signed up for PHONE POWER on a promotion for 10 a month or something. I paid $44 to send the adapter. I never got the damned thing to work and they were NO HELP. They were surly and rude -- totally condescending! After the promo I sent their adapter back after the promo ended, for another $8 or soI then got an email from them saying that they didn't get the power plug for the damned thing and billed me another $99.99!!! I know I sent the thing in, I put it together, left it, put it back in the box and sent it back. I don't have the thing in my house! SO I PAID $44 + $8 + $99.99 = $151.99 for no phone service.

If you want to spend $151.99 for no service, use PHONE POWER. If you value your dollar, stay far away from them.


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  12th of Jun, 2009
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I have PhonePower in Upstate NY and have only had a couple of minor issues. All which were resolved promptly and in a courteous manner. Did you actually send in the power plug for the adapter? I find it hard to believe they charged you 99.00 when the cost of a new one is less the 50.00? Without knowing the whole story and the lack of information provided in this complaint, I would encourage anyone reading this to take it with a grain of salt. Thanks Jared :)

Check out

  9th of Jan, 2010
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I have had Phone Power for 2 years now and have no complaints with the service. Customer service has always been very helpful, and have fixed any issue I did have promptly.
  18th of Aug, 2010
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Call clarity was always fine, but at cancellation I was put through the same thing. I sent in the correct power adapter. They said it was wrong, we're going to charge $7 for a new one.

"The $99.90 is the Unreturned Equipment fee. You returned the ATA but did not return the correct power supply, thus the ATA is not in "usable condition" per the TOS you agreed to:

"6. EQUIPMENT. In the event of Service termination by either Subscriber or Phone Power LLC, Subscriber must return to Phone Power LLC all leased equipment (ATAs, routers, phones, etc), including the original power supplies, in undamaged, usable condition at Subscriber's expense within thirty (30) days of termination. In the event Subscriber does not return the leased hardware to Phone Power LLC in working condition within such thirty (30) day period, Subscriber must pay ninety-nine dollars and ninety cents ($99.90) plus applicable taxes per unreturned device to purchase the ATA(s) or combination ATA and router(s) from Phone Power LLC.

"Per previous e-mails that were sent to you on 08/03, 08/06, and 08/13:
You may either return the correct model, or reply to this message and authorize a $7.00 replacement power supply fee, which would be charged to the credit card on file.

soooooo they charged me $99.90 instead of $7 for an adapter. They won't fix it either... it's a "well that's what you agreed to" thing.
  6th of May, 2011
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The phone company uses only accepts payment method of "recurring payment" on your credit card. With other companies this has worked out well for me. In this case, it was unfortunate.

The company uses ABSOLUTELY no communication with the consumer. They do not send out any email, US post or telephone calls aside and apart for the PhonePower Newsletter.

They also have access to my credit card and make additional charges on my card WITHOUT notifying me. They had twice raised my rates (which is within contract) but never notified me on such. I only noticed it through my credit card statement. Also, I had an incident where Chase accidentally denied a charge to PhonePower and assumed it fraudulent. PhonePower never contacted me to let me know that the payment did not go through; instead they just charged an additional 25.00 to my credit card under the "returned check" guise.
Once I learned what had happened, I contacted Chase; Chase very professionally accepted responsibility for the error. Nevertheless, PhonePower still refused to refund me the full 25.00 -- claiming that they were incurring charges from their bank...

I have become completely distrustful by a company the feels that they can make additional charges on my card without notifying me. Just because they have access to my credit card number does not give them the right to make charges without notifying me at all.

In addition, in all of there legalese, they have scripted that they may raise rates within contract. The contrast does nothing to protect the consumer and only protects the company.

I would advise signing up with this company.
  2nd of May, 2012
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If you want to save yourself aggravation do not sign up with phone power . If you want to save yourself money you should sign up with phone power
  6th of Jan, 2016
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i discontued my services with phone power about 14 months ago. in nov 2015 they billed my credit card $25.24 &this past month in dec.2015 they billed it again. i called them and all i got was a runaround . i then filed a complaint with the ca. aterney general.they are nothing but common outlaws & should not be allowed to operate
  6th of Jan, 2016
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Unfortunately, I have been a customer and after three months of asking them cancel and to stop charging me for a virtual line they not only renewed my account, but they have continued billing me.

Their business practices are atrocious, and the service has been hit and miss (it's not working for me now, for example, the phone says "No service configured error please login to ObiTalk.com to configure your device" What?

I had enough finally and today ordered OOMA. As soon as I get this running I will switch the phone to OOMA, formally cancel my service and dispute all excess charges.

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