Phoenix International / Fake offshore investment SCAM

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Phoenix International IS A SCAM,

"Phoenix International" ( Apparently, this is an established international brokerage founded in 2005 and based in Shanghai, with an employee base of 2000.

All they want is your money, DON'T GIVE IT TO THEM. Report them to your local police and FSA equivalent - and tell the thieves you know exactly what they're doing and that you know they are working fro a boiler room. These people don't care if you end up with no money, as long as you give it to them. Please resist the temptation. If you are cold-called about investments, then it's a scam, simples!!

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  • La
      20th of Sep, 2009
    Phoenix International - Rip off
    Phoenix International
    United States

    We are a small business in Glendale Arizona. We are contracted Phoneix International to refinish the bathtub.
    But we have to hurry up and finish because of the deadline. We are promised the final payment at the end of the job but we got nothing. The jobs were perfect and there was no complaints about the work. There were comments on how great the units looked.

    Month go by and we get nothing.

    We go to a lawyer and file sue against the company to find out several other companies are also in the same boat as us. After all the phone calls and being told well let me check on the payment for you..

    We are now without over $5000.00 that was owed to us, the lawyer fees but are now faced with the fact that this company opened a new business and was able to get an ROC lience after ripping of so many people.

    What about the customers out there that are next? Property owners beware please google the name Phoenix International.

    Please help even if it is to help the other customers and companies.

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