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Phoenix Hard Parts / Automatic Transmission FRAUD

1 Phoenix, AZ, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 623-936-1500

Phoenix Hard Parts, Phoenix Remanufactured Transmissions (PRT) [Frank C. Kuperman ]
How a Company like this could survive stolen thousands of dollars to innocent people (including me)

I’m in Chile, Santiago. I paid through PayPal US$ 2.765 for an Automatic Transmission (AT) for my BMW 540i (1395 for the AT + 750 core + 620 shipping) After ONE moth finally I received the AT in Chile. Then, BMW dealer installed the AT, with more than US$ 1000 in labor, fluid, etc. Here we started with the Nightmare : THE AT doesn’t WORK (reverse doesn’t work )
I call to PRT, and they said that is VERY strange since they full tested the AT(false!!), but I need to send back to USA the AT (via airmail and I NEED TO PAY by myself the shipment) in order to apply the guarantee.!! Here appears the first warning: so they will repair the same defective AT
They said that NO, they already have a new one ready to me (false!), but they only were waiting for the previous one JUST to check was happened FALSE!!. After 2 moths of waiting here in Chile, they send again the SAME AT (so, here is the first stole).
What happen now: OK, Take this new AT (that was the same) from UPS Chile, spend again more that US$ 700 dollars in customs fees, go again to the BMW dealer, mount the new AT and what is the result now?? INCREDIBLE: AGAIN the AT doesn’t work!!!
What was the problem now: the car doesn’t change any gears. (Before was the reverse, so worst)

I’m in Chile and I trusted in a USA company paying a lot of money for a rebuild AT for my BMW 540i. After that, I pay: US$ 600 to send back their own defective AT. Also, I pay 2 weeks ago other US$ 500 in customs fees to enter in Chile the new AT (that also resulted defective). Also I spend more than US$ 1200 in labor and fluid in the BMW dealer to mount and dismount their defective AT.

Therefore, IS ENOUGH!! I REQUEST full refund including AND ALL COSTS, since after TWO times that I received the AT it doesn’t work. (and more than 4 months with this history IS ENOUGH !!)

However, Phoenix Hard Parts DON’T want to refund the money and insist to give them computer codes so they could “guide me!!” to solve the problem!!! Incredible: How a company like this COULD EXIST IN USA.

Please, all the people in the same situation contact : Consumer Information and Complaints, Also, I encourage to joint all the victims of this company in this site: The only way to face this fraud is in a group!
Also check : [redacted].com : More than 50 similar frauds
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  • Po
      14th of Oct, 2008

    My problem is even worse. I did not receive my core deposit back. On top of this, the transmission they gave me broke and after calling Gabriel 100 times, I could get a replacement after 3 weeks and this was also bad. NOW they are not lifting the phone from last two weeks and no response to FAX or email. I am kind of totally lost here. No car for more than 2 months, need to start again now :((

    I complained to BBB.ORG and they too gave up saying the company is not responding.

    - poorvictim

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  • Ma
      17th of Oct, 2008

    This place and the owner Frank C. Kuperman are rippoff artist of the worst kind!

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  • Na
      20th of Oct, 2008

    it took this company over one month to send me a trans for my 95 chev 4x4, they miss shipped it, forgot to send me a torqueconverter . when i called them to see were the trans was they told me it was not sent yet when i was on a timed schedual and they garented me that trans in less than two weeks. all the guy on the other end had to say to me was "oh well, dont know what to tell you" come to find out that was a manager that told me that! well i got the trans and torque. but after i got it in my truck and fluid in it there was a crack that was about 3 to 4 inches long in the case, my boss worked for GM for 19 yrs and said he had replaced thousands of them and had never seen one cracked were it was. for 8 buisness days now i have been trying to get ahold of this company and no answer on the phone it just continuasly rings. i think this company is a very bad joke and they have no idea what they are doin, and i thinkim putting that quit politely. i have over 1400 dollars tied up in parts with this company with the trans, torque., and shipping, it was a well planed and uncalled for bad joke.

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  • Da
      31st of Oct, 2008

    I did get a transmission from Phoenix Hard Parts that worked but I didn't get my deposit refunded ($300). I also purchased an extra warranty. Now I can't get a hold of anybody at PHP. No return of calls. Just busy signals or a fax signal.

    I guess I'm lucky my tranny's working.

    The installer is taking responsibility for the deposit.

    Who can I contact to come after these people?

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  • Le
      25th of Nov, 2008

    is the transmission shop in prescott, az closed or do they have a new phone number, i need to get a transmission, please let me know soon possible. thank you

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  • St
      13th of Apr, 2009

    This can't be the same Phoenix Hard Parts that I have dealt with several times over the last 6 years !

    I have used them on 3 occaisions and I have nothing but good and praise for the quality of work, the professionalism, the price and I might mention that it is the cleanest auto shop I have ever been in !

    I would recommend them to anyone.

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  • Bo
      4th of Dec, 2009

    frank no different then most transmission repair shops in Arizona, most transmission shop do commit fraud, have to do it every day, for work for a transmission shop, screw people left and right if get the chance, have to to keep my job, transmission business not very nice here, the owners never seen any one screw some one like they do.and how they do do it.. think, they real do what they say, No way, rob customers in needing of a transmission rebuild blind, .never seen anything like it, and been rebuilding transmission for over thirty five years, there so smooth it's on believable, how many people do not get a rebuilt transmission, and charged for it, and big bucks too, some time they don't even rebuild it just take it out and paint the torque convert and transmission and reinstall back in the car, when there wasn't anything wrong with it, just fixed something, that didnt make it work properly that all and charge way over two thousand dollars, , for nothing . they just rob the people a different way that all, , it sad some times to watch what happen, reason some people really don't have the money, and what they end up doing to get the money for the repair, told this nature of the business, going to the Arizona attorney generals office, like i did after watching many people pay lot money for nothing, A painted transmission, this one hardest thing s to prove, that the transmission wasn't rebuilt, and works just fine, for reason what was fixed on it by me or some one else that worked on it, what am i suppose to do.need a job, and this what have to do to keep my job reason of few of the bothers of the owners that runs this business, attorney generals office not going to do anything no matter how much proof i have, transmission work, and very few come back and when they do, they fix then or patch them back up get back on the road, but did the customer really get a rebuilt transmission no they did not the shop made almost 100% GROSS PROFIT, AND THE RIPPED THE CUSTOMER OFF, And still work there and how many ### there are in this business, that do this and worse, and nothing will ever be done about it, and people like me who want to work a honest job, that are taken by people who own transmission businesses, have to be paid cash just to make a fair wage, and don't report, reason can not afford to, verbally abused.lost my home for wjat some did to me in this work that is called transmission repair, from the ### that in this business, and there nothing that can be done, specially here, and you no what, people work for thye no they keep getting away with it, they no nothing will ever be done about what they do aND HOW THEY RIP PEOPLE OFF, AND THAT WHAT THEY TOLD ME TOO, FROM FRANK YOU MOSTLY GOT A REBUILT TRANSMISSION WITH NEW PARTS THAT YOU PAID FOR, YOU JUST CAN NOT GET IT WARRANTIED, NOR YOUR CORE DEPOSIT BACK, YOU DID GET A REBUILT TRANSMISSION, IT JUST DIDN'T WORK, SO TELL ME THE DIFFERENCE, REBUILT THAT DIDN'T WORK, THAT YOU PAID MONEY FOR OR ONE THAT DID LIKE WE GOT THAT WAS NOT REBUILT THAT WORKED AND YOU PAID BIG MONEY FOR THE JOB??.AND, DO KNOW FRANK TOO AND NO HOW HE IS, GETTING MONEY BACK AND ANY KIND OF REFUND NO WAY, BUT YOU DID GET A REBUILT TRANSMISSION JUST DIDN'T WORK, YOU JUST GOT TO KEEP SENDING IT BACK AND FORTH TILL ONE THERE BUILDERS GETS IT RIGHT, SO IT WORKS, , WE JUST RIP THE CUSTOMER RIGHT OFF, BUT THERE TRANSMISSION WORKS FUNNY HU! AND THIS SHOP GET AWAY WITH IT TO, LIKE TO GO ON BUT LEARNED A LESION, YOU RIP SOME OFF JUST MAKE SURE IT RIGHT AND WORKS, WITH NO COMPLAINTS, AND YOU WILL MAKE A LOT OF MONEY WITH WITH OUT THE ATTORNEY GENERALS OFFICE DOING ANYTHING AND THAT FACT, NOT MITH

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