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Phentrazine 37.5 / Unauthorized Charges

1 United States Review updated:

I am writing for the second time here about this company NEXGEN LABS which makes the product PHENTRAZINE 37.5 or, as it is labeled when you receive the product PHENTERTHIN.
I used their website to complain about the hidden charge to cancel after you receive trial bottle,using what they call 'trouble tickets'. I recieved an answer after submitting 3 tickets which came back with a generic response. I wanted a direct answer to my question/complaint.
They guranteed me there would be no further charge after the cancellation fee of $49.95, which I agreed to swallow to end this nightmare. On the same day, they debited my bank account for the $49.95 as well as the $149.95 and shipped me additional product!! So, I am now,once again awaiting a response to my 4th 'trouble ticket'. However, I will now be going to my bank, armed with printouts of their assurance of no further charges or shipment of product to me, to get ALL of my monies returned to me. I also received another junk email from them with a new ad page promoting PHENTERTHIN!!! They have 2 ad campaigns using 2 different product names, which are the same product.
What a shame, that they think consumers can be fooled so easily by such a terribly run comapny as NEXGEN LABS.
All I can say is..BUYER BEWARE!!!

Disappointed and Angry in PA

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  • Me
      2nd of Mar, 2007
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    Phentrazine 37.5 - Unauthorized shipment
    United States

    Debit card charged for item I did not order nor receive, want credit back for this unauthorized debit.

  • Ka
      8th of Mar, 2007
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    Phentrazine 37.5 - Pure Energy Products Inc. is a rip off!
    United States

    I only ordered and agreed to pay for the sample $4.95. I was charged without my knowledge $149.95 to my account. When i received the sample I found it to be sugar pills. I called the company repeatedly at that time. When i finally spoke to someone, I told them I wanted nothing more to do with there company or products. Now I have been charged 149.95 by these rip- offs. I did not authorize this and want a refund to my account. I have contacted my bank and the credit card company. They will be contacting you very soon. I want my money back you rip offs.

  • Ma
      10th of Mar, 2007
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    Phentrazine 37.5 - Charged credit card without authorization
    United States

    I ordered a free trial of this product and was later charged an additional 149.95 for another order I didn't authorize nor did I place an additional order with this company. This company is a scam and should be sued for what they are doing.

  • Cu
      12th of Mar, 2007
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    The EXACT same thing just happened to me. I ordered the trial (shipping only) and suddenly I got two more bottles delivered and my account was charged $149.95. I will be contacting my bank to reverse charges but happy to do whatever can be done to stop this company from doing this!

  • Co
      23rd of Mar, 2007
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    I agreed to try a trial of PHENTRAZINE 37.5 for 4.95 which was charged to my cc. Which I've tried other trial items over the internet. This is from an email they sent me. I didn't like it so I wasn't planning on ordering more - then about 3 weeks later - they charged my credit card $149.95!!! I called their "customer support" - your supposed to leave a msg and no one ever calls back. I've opened 8 trouble tickets on their web site - they close them and never contact me. They put a bunch of crap regarding what they say I agreed to - but I did not agree to any of it when I agreed to a 4.95 sample of diet pills. I've reported them to the atty gen in my state. THEY ARE THIEVES!

  • Li
      30th of May, 2007
    0 Votes
    Phentrazine 37.5 - Took my money without receiving any product!
    United States

    Signed up for a FREE sample just had to pay shipping an was billed 149.95 out of checking account - could not use samples and had 15 days to respond and was only given 7 days before $$$ were taken out. Called bank and they stopped payment and then I was billed the 149.95 last month----- this all started back in Oct of 06 It has been 8 months and this company is my worst NIGHTMARE... I hope they choke on their on PILLS. I could not take the pills because I have vertigo- inner ear problems and If you get a magnifying glass in really fine print on the bottle you will find that they advise you not to take it with this condition. When you order this product it should have a medical back ground Questionnaire to fill out you people could kill someone.

  • Li
      12th of Aug, 2007
    0 Votes
    Phentrazine 37.5 - Unauthorized charges!
    United States

    I ordered the trial sample of the product Phentrazine 37.5 for $4.95 on July 30, 2007. According to the website, (which took me forever to find Terms and Conditions for, no link is apparent in the online ad) you can cancel with 20 days of trial offer with "no hassles, no commitment". I then come to find out that even though I am with in the 2o days time slot for cancellation, their company, NEXGEN LABS, will STILL charge me $49.95 for the trial sample I received because I decided not to receive auto-shipments at $149.95!! I feel this is theft by deception, as their ad makes it impossible to locate Terms and Conditions until AFTER I received the trial product. There is NO link to this agreement on the trial ad, and I went back to it many times to read the fine print!

    Even further, when you receive the product, the package name is different than what the ad calls it. The product is labeled as 'Phenterthin', not 'Pentrazine 37.5'.

    NEXGEN LABS advises when you receive the trial to then set up an online account, which I did... THAT IS WHEN I FOUND OUT ABOUT THE CHARGES!! IT IS WRONG, DECEITFUL AND OUTRIGHT THEFT!! I too, will be at my bank on Monday morning to dispute this $49.95 charge. This company should be shut down or at least, be fined for deceiving consumers and made to change their promo ad for the $4.95 trial to CLEARLY state the terms BEFORE you hit the submit button, not after.

  • Rh
      21st of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes
    Phentrazine 37.5 - Unauthorized shipment
    PH Media LLC II
    Oklahoma City
    United States
    Phone: 866-611-6885

    I ordered a trial sample (15 tablets) at $4.95 and received same in October 2008. On November 15, 2008 a transaction was made to my credit card in the amount of $149.95 and posted on November 17, 2008, without my knowledge. I became ill in the meantime and never had a chance to try the trial order. I called & was informed there was no return nor refund regardless of the circumstances. Today November 21, 2008, the $149.95 (120 tablets) arrived. I am instructing my credit card company to do whatever they can to get this removed from my account, and I am sending this shipment back to PH Media. A copy of this complaint is being forwarded to the Attorney Generals office.

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