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PetSmart / terrible service

1 2113 E. Geneva StreetDelavan, WI, United States Review updated:
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When I began working for PetSmart I thought it was where I would spend the rest of my working life. I loved the company, the people, and especially the job... At first. I started at a particular store where the energy was great, but the drama was crazy! I befriend a particular groomer who was a lot of fun. Over the first few months I was there we became very very close. After about six months, and my completion of the grooming academy and training she and I decided to get an apartment together and be roommates. Without going into crazy details about the situation, it didn't work out. It's true that you don't really know someone until you live with them.

Anyways, there was quite a bit of tension between her and I after she decided to move out. I became angry when she brought the situation to work. It was a personal matter that I felt should be discussed between her and I outside of the work place so I decided to transfer to another PetSmart. I figured there would be more room for growth and promotion at the Delavan store. Considering I had more experience with petsmart than anyone in that particular salon, including the grooming manager, I thought I would be valued. I didn't expect anyone to be awed by me or anything, because, let's face it, I was still learning. Any groomer will tell you that you are never done learning how to improve your skills.

I'm a hard worker and a tough cookie! You have to be in this field. The salon manager would constantly ask me for help on her dogs - which is fine, I don't mind offering my assistance, but doesn't it strike you as odd that a company would appoint a woman to be a manager when she isn't comfortable with her job?

Well, one day I was scheduled to be in at 7A. M. I live a half hour away from that store. It snowing rather hard and my journey takes me on country roads with open fields and the snow drifts quite a bit. I began driving to work and in my 4 wheel drive jeep I started sliding around on the road and almost went into a ditch in several spots. After 20 minutes (and getting me nowhere near the store) I decided that the trip was too dangerous and I feared for my safety. I turned around and make the drive back to my home.

After returning, I called the manager that was opening and told him the weather was horrible and that I was too nervous to take the risk of coming to work. (Now, this particular manager was not a nice person. He was the opps manager and NO ONE in the store liked him, including the store director).

I also didn't think the trip was worth the risk considering there were no appointments scheduled for that day, and any groomer will tell you, there is no way you'd be getting a walk-in on a day with bad weather. People don't bring their pets in to be groomed when they will just walk outside and be dirty again.

After expressing my concerns and point of view, the manager told me I HAD to come in that day because the other girl scheduled to work had a history of not showing up in bad weather. I again told him I was sorry but I feared for my personal safety. He told me that I did not have his permission not to be there and when I asked what he meant he told me it would be marked as an unexcused absence. Which was ridiculous since I had sick and vacation time.

First off, I cannot be held accountable for the actions of another employee. Why punish a good employee for the incompetents of another? It did not make any sense to me. However, with further consideration about what that may mean, I decided to wait for the snow to clear a bit and then I made my way to work. After sitting, alone, in the salon with nothing to do for two hours, the other employee showed up and the manager made his way back to speak with her. When he walked through the door he saw me and looked surprised. He asked when I got there and I told him at about 9:30. His response and facial expression was filled with hostile sarcasm. He looked at me and said 'Good choice.' The just turned around and walked out the door.

I reported to disrespect to my salon manager and the store manager and nothing was done so I called the care line, but nothing ever came of it. A few months later I came down with strep throat and had to take a few days off work, under the advisement of my doctor. She faxed a note to the store and later that day I called to make sure a manager had seen the note. As luck would have it, the same manager that I despised was there. I asked him if he had received the note and he proceeded to tell me that he hadn't seen such a note and implied that I was faking. I asked him if had checked the fax machine and low and behold, there was the note.

After coming back to work after three days, he was the opening manager and I was the opening groomer. As soon as I got there, he started in on his hostile sarcasm. I tried to ignore him and went back to the salon to do my job and set up for the day. He came into the salon while I was working on a dog and started in yet again. I was so fed up at this point that I called my fiance and told him I couldn't take it anymore, but that I was scare to quit because they might sue me, since they sent to grooming academy and I signed a contract saying I would stay with them for two years and my second year wasn't up yet. My fiance told me there was no way I should be taking that kind of abuse.

I have NEVER left a job on bad terms before. I have always given notice, but this time was different. I have NEVER been treated that bad before. I walked straight up to his office and quit. I walked back to the grooming salon, packed up my equipment and left. I was so mad and emotional that I left in the middle of a dog.

They didn't sue me because I'm pretty sure they knew I could easily turn around and file a harassment suit. My lawyer assured me I would win. PetSmart does not treat their employees well. As far as I have seen, heard, and read mine was not an isolate incident.

I just want people to be careful when working for PetSmart.

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  • Tr
      24th of Jul, 2008
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    Girl I know what you mean. I have worked for Petsmart for years and have seen alot of drama.What that manager was doing was creating a hostile work enviroment and I know of managers that have lost there jobs for that. Luckily I have never had a manager acted that way with me or at least to that extreme. But believe me I was a manager at Petsmart and work part time now because I stepped down. I love the place in some ways and in other ways I cant stand it. The economy being as bad as it is is on the shoulders of the salon manager and the employees. If people are losing their jobs and homes are they goinh top get their dogs groomed? and if sales are down then its on your shoulders for not making plan. It gets me really irritated...

  • Be
      21st of Aug, 2008
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    I too thought it was a wonderful job an a great company. It did not take me long to discover how wrong I was. The verable harassment was the worse I have seen in business. The animals were bathed in cold water. The corporate chain to get help was a joke. I did find an article that the EEOC has ruled againt them just in the past weeks. Wow, its not just us this happened to. I found anouther job as a groomer at a private boarding kennel. The dogs that come there don't have to be dragged they come willing. Now, whats that tell you? I just wanted you to know your not alone.

  • Jo
      30th of May, 2010
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    My daughter works for Petsmart as a trainer and after reading all of these posts about horrible managers I have come to the conclusion that it is part of their corporate training. The employee care line is a joke - nothing is confidential - if you call in and file a complaint supposedly anonymously they play the call back to the manager involved who immediately recognizes the voice or the issue and retribution begins. The corporate office does nothing. They train the managers to harass people to the point of a breakdown so they will quit and then PetSmart is off the hook for unemployment - unless of course you can prove the manager created a hostile work environment - which will require proof of sexual harassment or some kind of formal discrimination recognized by the Federal Government. Most employers are now "at-will" employers so they could fire you without cause - but then they have to pay unemployment benefits which usually go against the store manager's bonus...Petsmart is notorius for this and evidently so is Petco. I think it is time to unionize these stores...

  • Ca
      15th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    so you're saying that because you didn't wanna come to work on a slow day and your manager made you, you complained? lol it work, there will be phone calls, and probably bath dogs, why not try and turn those into fsg's? or like, do the call logs. i know its commission and all but payroll gets screwed up if you work less than your alloted hours...and if you're not sick, no wonder they made you come in, you know?

  • Co
      7th of May, 2011
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    i have to agree with this 100% with managers. we have had 3 other manager quit and 5 employes quit in just the 8 monthes i started there it was fine at first besides the fact after one day training i worked in petcare by myself the next day. its all cause of the store manager not doing there job and pissing everyone off. one thing i liked about the vet program petsmart offers but i soon relized the store i work at must not like the vets because none of the managers will take the sick animals to the vet untill its to bad and the animal has to get put down. and the animals that come in are terrible and low health we have had lizzards dead with eyes caved in and look like they have been dead awile. and lizards that dont look like they have eaten so they ship them to us. i might be leaving this job today giving no notice its gotten that bad.

  • Wa
      9th of Feb, 2012
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    Well it is not at all surprising that there are many employee complaints here about how this self proclaimed caring company loves pets, pet parents and respects the employees! First off they screw up entirely with how they conduct mass hirings to staff a new store! None of those picking people and interviewing have the skills necessary! District managers have their hands full just as bad as many district managers are FULL OF IT!! Chris Rawlings in Canada is a very intelligent young man, no doubts here! However he has no clue as to how bad it really is with some district managers and their supervisors! Phoenix really does not care and people there who work admin have no compassion and see employees as a number and nothing more. Now there are some incredibly wonderful people in this organization but there are a minority! When I signed up I sent in ALL documentation pertaining from payroll, to benefits and insurances and so on. As a matter of fact due to the lack of proper skills and acceptance of responsibility in Phoenix I had to send in such documentation over 5 times!!! With fax transmissions and registered mail receipts, someone there seemed to always screw up and NO ONE would accept responsibility. This became painfully obvious when with the sudden passing of my 21 year old son Petsmart Benefits (names withheld for now) denied that I had forwarded any such related documentation that qualified my family for the death benefits necessary to pay for our son's service etc!! No matter my stand I took they coldly and cruelly repeated they did not have the proper documents. Now I am no fool, and after 25 years as a federal police officer I had the copies of the packages I sent over and over as well as my in store personnel file which I kept at home for security reasons.(Meaning THERE ARE NONE!!). In the end Petsmart along with Manulife fell short of their self-proclaimed levels of excellence and caring and we simply were refused recognition of the documents sent and benefits were denied!! Unless you personally place these documents directly into the hands of each administrative workers hands as they apply, video tape it and have ten witnesses, I believe that this company would still fight you! They are heartless as my district manager proved to be along with several executive HR positions and higher! Fortunately for this district manager I was in no condition emotionally and physically to stand up to his attack in front of staff and customers only a few weeks after loosing my son! Even more lucky for this idiot was the simple fact that I am not a violent man!! So with what I first thought was going to be a great career surrounded by great people I was kicked in the guts when down and just a number. Had this all happened in the USA given their civil remedies laws, my situation would have hit the front pages across North America for the size of lawsuit brought on! That doesn't mean I would not hand my story to some well known journalists and let them run with it!!! I encourage ALL to stay away from this heartless company and never count on Manulife to actually care for you as promised in their policies for long term benefits!!! Both will always create something to come out of such unscathed!!!

  • Ha
      16th of Feb, 2015
    0 Votes

    agree agree agree. sooo many different managers have done mean things to me. 1. a manager made me look stupid (on purpose) in front of a customer. 2. another manager made me work while on my lunch and said to just deal with it. 3. another manager called me a wh to one of my coworkers. 4.lastly the store manager is sexually harassing my friend. thats a total of 4 managers!!! and of course i complained about the first 3 to the store manager only to find out a few days later he is just as corrupted as the rest of them

  • Mi
      6th of Jun, 2016
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    I just bought this and didn't search this first I already put it on him..Now I'm in a panic.. Too many bad things about this product..I am freaking out..Not cool..WHY IS IT STILL AVAILABLE??? I GOT IT AT PETSMART!!!

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