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Petco / terrible company!

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I have placed numerous orders through petco over the years. I average $100/month online and at the store. I then sent an order to my sister in Colorado. I placed another order for myself and later found out it was sent to my sister. i couldn't figure out why. I paid to have it shipped from Colorado to me in California.

I placed another order on new years eve and when I got the confirmation it was being sent to Colorado again. I quickly called them and explained it was being sent to the wrong address. They told me they could do nothing since it was new years day but call tomorrow and they would get it corrected. I called the moment they opened and explained the situation again. The rep told me i had to call fedex directly. I called fedex and they said they could change it but the company had to call in the change. Back on the phone with petco, this is all in the same day. They officially took my complaint and issued me a tracking number. The rep told me he would call fedex immediately to have it changed. Two days later it shows up in Colorado and the package was mangled. Unfortunately my sister opened it and resent it back to me in California. Paid for the extra shipping both times.

I then investigated the web site ordering. Unlike every other site on the planet, this one defaults to your last shipped address NOT the customers. I explained this to them as I do mega shopping on line and this was the 1st time I had encountered this and I have been shopping the web since it started. They told me it was too bad but my fault for not checking.

This is customer beware when ordering at Petco and don't expect them to respond with any solution other than its your fault. I now shop exclusively at petsmart. At least their site behaves like every other site and defaults to the customers address.

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  • Si
      26th of Apr, 2009
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    Petco - poor service
    Las Cruces
    New Mexico
    United States

    I called in the middle of the afternoon April 22nd to arrange for a puppy training class for my year and a half Chihuahua. Well, when I asked the girl that answered the phone if she could tell me what the puppy training classes cost, she promptly hung up the phone. All she said to me was the "Petco. How may I help you?" Lets just say I was extremely offended. I quickly took my business to Petsmart. The people at Petsmart were extremely helpful and even asked questions about me and my dog to accurately ### what my needs were. They invited me to come into the store to finish the paperwork and they gave me a list of all the items I needed to bring. All in all, I will never call Petco ever again. If at all possible I will take my business to Petsmart.

  • Ih
      17th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    alothough i hate my job at petco i can tell you
    our phone system SUCKS and it hangs up on people its not us hanging up on you our phone system is ### and needs to be fixed apparently they have been working on this problem for a while

  • Kp
      29th of Sep, 2009
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    Petco - expired food again
    United States

    I complained on this board back on 9/11/09 about expired foods at a couple of Petco stores in northern Virginia.

    I decided to go to my local Petco to use the 2.00 coupon I had for maybe a toy or something. The whole intent was to see what was going on in the store. OMG folks, this store really was lacking in any QA. I found at least 6 items that were expired in 2017. YES, I stated 2017. We are talking about Feb 2017. I pulled at least 20 items off of the shelf. A dusty shelf I may add. Another 7-8 items were expired in the early months of 2017 as well.

    I was fit to be tied. I went to the manager of the store and asked how do they rotate their food. I got the same stuff about the cat and dogs have their own rep who comes out to rotate their stock, and the small animal area doesn't have a rep, It comes from the warehouse.

    I showed her what I had and even she was shocked. she told me I should make a complaint to corporate and then maybe they would have more then 2 people in a store at a time. Short staffed, only two people yada yada yada...

    The kid that was the other employee, it was his first couple of weeks since he had been there. He stood their silent not knowing what to say.

    I told him I know we all need jobs, but he was working for a company that had no ethics.
    I spent about 1 hour in the store and I got a stuffed toy in the clearance isle. It rang up .70 cents and the guy would just give it to me... strict rules one can't just give free stuff away... lets keep old hard, nasty food that has been on the shelf for over a year cuz we are such a proud company and we love animals...

    ok, yea sure... paper ones.

    I called the Customer service again and I got one of the same woman as before. They asked me why I don't go to the GM first before calling.
    I had to inguire what do they do with my complaint. They stated that the complaint goes to corporate and the GM and the district manager. and my complaints have been resolved as they do appreciate my concern for the animals and they were glad I brought it to their attention. What ever. It's like talking to the wall.
    I did call the store the next day and the GM was not their but the assistant manager was their. I asked her to have the GM call me the next day and stated that the GM wouldn't know who I was . I told her and she said, oh yes we got an e-mail and we have taken everything off the shelves and we have called the warehouse to make sure they look at the dates as they are sending them old food... a very well responed comment like a drone would.. and off the phone she went.

    I have let things die down and I'm sure if I go back I will find the same thing. I have no idea how to make Petco really hurt publicly with out making me look like the crazy consumer... any ideas would be nice

  • Pu
      5th of Oct, 2009
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    Is this a different store than you went to the first time you posted? Are they all this bad?

    Maybe you ought to call the company with the expired food and complain about their reps not rotating stock. Worth a shot.

  • Sa
      3rd of Jan, 2010
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    I would caution you to direct your complaint at the specific Petco you're having an issue with, not the company as a whole.

    I work for Petco and I do the vast majority of the food rotation in our store. Once a week I go through dog, cat, and bird, which are on my list to do. I also go through reptile, small animal, fish, and dog/cat medications. I am extremely diligent and our store never has expired food on the shelves because I find food that will be expiring soon and we get rid of it.

    I realize that not all stores have someone as dedicated as me working there, and what you are experiencing is truly inexcusable. But it is not the company as a whole, it is the store you are at. I guarantee if you came to my store you wouldn't find one out of date product.

  • Ja
      30th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes
    Petco - scam
    United States

    Petco claims that when enrolled in their P. A. L. S. program, if you purchase 10 bags of dog food, they will send a coupon for a free bag. After purchasing 10 bags of dog food, staying with the same size and brand I received nothing. When I contacted their customer service department, the gentleman was very nice and told me that he would have another coupon sent. At that time he told me that there was another coupon that I was eligible for and that he would send that also. I received the lesser value coupon but not the coupon for a free bag of dog food. A complaining message sent to the P. A. L. S. program was not answered at all.

  • St
      7th of Apr, 2010
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    This is true.

    I work at Petco and our phone is ALWAYS acting up.
    It more than likely hung on you rather than her hanging up on you.

  • Da
      16th of Apr, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I am on the phone rightnow and have been waiting ten minutees. I was suppose to get my one free coupon with the purchase of 10 bag in Feburary and here it is April. They are telling me they have sent it twice which is baloney. What you need to do is ask for the supervisor at the call center and tell him the problem. My problem was just resolved, the supervisor contacted the Petco store I shopped and I will pick it up rightnow.
    Another thing, Petco will match price that Pets Mark does. Just tell the people at the store what competitor is doing and they will call the competitor to check price

  • Jo
      5th of May, 2010
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    Petco - took 7 hours to groom half my cat
    United States

    My girlfriend made an appt for my cat to be groomed at petco in Portsmouth NH. After 5 hours they said they had an hour left. We returned an hour later and found that the groomers left and he had a buzz cut on 3/4 of his body and his legs and head still full length. This is a Maine coon so his hair is pretty long in winter. We eventually demanded our cat back, they still charged us 1/2 the price because they cut his nails and washed him (he can't even get on the couch his nails are so short). Never again. Never again

  • Sk
      7th of Jan, 2011
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    Petco - horrible customer service
    United States

    I normally make all of my purchases and grooming from the Altamonte Sps FL PETCO with the exception of a bag of nutro dog food that I purchased from the Orlando - Colonial Drive location. I purchased a bag of dog food that got my 2 dogs very ill. My vet stated that the food is contaminated (both dogs ate the food for 2 days before becoming ill).

    I walked in to the Altamonte Petco location with the intent to exchange it, but was told that it could not be exchanged because it was not purchased there. I had my credit card statement and pals card with me, but this was not good enough. The store clerk redirected me to the Orlando - Colonial drive location.

    I had to drive 30 minutes into downtown to make an exchange, unacceptable. The management there was exceptional and made the transaction happen without any hesitation. The staff at this location was professional, courteous and felt extremely bad that both of my dogs got ill from this product.

    As a consumer I found this treatment unreasonable and unacceptable and will no longer be making any purchases from Petco.

    I submitted an online complaint to Petco and received a canned email template response from Bles D. explaining their return policy. She clearly did not read or comprehend my complaint. Unacceptable customer service.

  • Mr
      21st of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    To Joe: I use to work for an independent groomer. It usually takes about 6 hours to groom a cat. YOu have to pre cut them andthen bathe them and then some cats do not like dryers so you have to let them completely dry. Wet hair will not cut. And just to let you know you cant you comb thru their hair with clipper. They have to be shaved. There is just no way to just glide through their hair. YOu can have them with soime hair but it wont be long it will be short.

  • Pr
      3rd of Jul, 2011
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    Petco - bad product
    United States

    On Dec 6th I purchased a 20 lb bag of Tiel Supreme Bird Seed for my pet birds. A week later when I opened it - I noticed it was full of debris (webs and other droppings, etc.) Absolutely nothing that I could feed to my birds; I threw it out to the outside birds (didn't even want it in my house). I did fill a baggie with some of it. Tonight I had to go to get more seed and saw the manager (John) and told him about this, showed him my receipt and the baggie with the junk. He acted like he could care less - and where I did not demand a refund; he sure didn't offer anything - not even sympathy! I work in retail and so I know how things can and should be done. I am very disappointed with your customer service and will be looking for a new place to purchase my pet supplies.

  • Jk
      3rd of Jul, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Purchased bird seed Dec 6th, almost seven months ago.

    Last night, almost seven months later, you told the store manager about it.

    You "did not demand a refund; he sure didn't offer anything".

    Tell him you would like a refund or replacement bird seed.

  • Zl
      31st of Jul, 2011
    0 Votes

    SEVEN MONTHS AGO??? I wouldn't haven given you sympathy either.

  • Ch
      23rd of Aug, 2011
    0 Votes
    Petco - worst customer service on the planet!
    United States

    This is the worse company I have deal with in my life. I have order some live stock for Mother's day Over night Saturday Delivery. Nothing was shipped!!!
    I have called customer services many times asking for tracking number, and the answer is :> I asked why you don’t have it? Answer: > So, I waited all day long waiting for a package that never ship. I cannot believe this No gift for Mother's day!!! and I waste my Saturday waiting for a package never shipped!!!
    Since then, I have called and email customer service many times to cancel this order, no one help!!! I spoke with managers last one was Ryan ID 025789 how promise me and told me "take my word I will cancel it and send you an email tonight", Nothing happen Ryan you are like the others!!!

    Just to not make this review too long, This is how Petco Operate: Petco Online, Customer Service in Philippine and 3 party warehouse I am not sure where????
    The funny part this is no communications between this 3 parties, since every time I called we don’t have info from our 3P warehouse.. Come on!!! almost a week and you couldn't get in touch with your 3P warehouse!

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