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Peroutka & Peroutka, P.A. Lawfirm located at 8028 Ritchie Highway Suite 300 Pasadena, Md 21122 filed a judgement at the District Court House in Charles County Maryland which was granted and know my pay check is being garnished. All of of this was done without any notification to me at all, I was notified of a court date nor did any attorneys contact me. I was never aware of any of the proceedings. It was not till the payroll department that I am currently working for notified me that the receievd a notice form the Peroutka & Peroutka from the District Court of Maryland ordering that my paycheck to be garnished. Is there any one that can assist me or offer me some advice.

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  • Zz
      Sep 07, 2009

    I'm having the same issues. I was never notifed. I have not received any paperwork from Peroutka & Peroutka, P.A. in regards to how much I owe, the judgment from the courts, and I of the paperwork still have my old address on it. I haven’t lived there an over 20yers. I had my job send me copies of everything because I was so much in the dark. I notice that the courts granted $6014.23 org. amount, $37.89 interest at 10% from 8/19/2008 to 9/11/2008, $85.00 court cost, $902.13 attorney' fee and the total $7039.25. I'm looking at the letter that Peroutka & Peroutka, P.A. send to my employer and the amount is not correct. $7299.70 is the orig. amount, $47.67 interest, $6014.23 principal, $902.13 attorney fees, $95.00 Court cost. They're charging me an interest on payment allocation as well as the balance, so basically they're charging me interest twice on my balance every 2 weeks. I don't know what to do or who to contact in regards to this situation. Every time I tried to call the number on the letter that was send to my employer the lines are busy. Need Help!

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  •   Sep 09, 2009

    Contrary to Maggie's suggestion I would not advise you contact a lawyer. I had one of the most qualified lawyers in the field of debt collection screw up my case. She prepared a motion that failed to even meet the legal standards. The motion ended up being denied because she failed to advise us that we needed a meritorious defense in order to get the motion vacated. Most lawyers only advise you to settle because it is in their own best interest. If you do go to a lawyer do not hire Sonia Valentine. We will be suing her for malpractice as soon as we deal with P&P. I will be happy to share my situation with you if you email me at [protected] I can send you copies of my motions to give you an idea of how to file your own pro se.

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  • Cy
      Jun 29, 2010

    ha ha! jin the club!!! good thing they are all polititioned up otherwise they may have to suffer some consequences!

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  • Ap
      Aug 18, 2010

    The summons will be served before the garnishment, sometimes years before. My advice to you is check your credit report every year or as often as you can to check up on any debts or collections you might find.

    The problem is really with these 'private process servers' who fail to serve the right person or serve papers the legal and correct way. Sometimes a family member or friend will accept the papers that are supposed to be served to you and the private process server is supposed to write down their physical description. See if you can't find a copy of the summons.
    Other than that see if you can't get your garnishment lowered, I did, because I didn't have enough money to pay my bills and they worked w/ me

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  • Ca
      Jul 10, 2012

    hello is carl donaldson i did smart my last payment was received on july 5 2012 ok . my payment amount was 125.00 paid . i am balance is 771.63 8 month . please lets e-mail me ok . thank you much help

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