perkins Restrauntinsulted by waitress and then by manager

My mother and I went in to perkins to have some brunch and i was getting my son out of his car seat, so my mother went ahead to get us a table, the waitress was going to seat her in a booth so she kindley asked for a table, I just came in and the waitress took her to a table and pulled out the chair for my mom and behind her back she made a face at her but then looked up and saw that i was with her. she then went into the kitchen and came back and asked my mother if she wanted a diet coke?.. and my mom was stund she said that she doesnt drink diet coke. she never asked what we wanted to drink, just asked my mom if she wanted a diet coke..and walked away. she wasnt even our waitress...So i waited till we were done with our meal and asked to see the manager. my mom and son went out in the car.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Northfield, MNthe manager came out and i told him the story and he proceeded to ask me if my mom drank diet coke and i said no she never drank diet coke and that there was no reason for the waitress to ask her that because my mother had only been there once or twice and niether time did my mother ever order diet coke...and she wasnt even our waitress... she insulted my mother and then the manager insulted me as a customer by condoning the waitresses actions and not even telling me that he would look into it or that he was sorry that that happend what a kick in my face for all the years ive been going to that place and to be treated in that manner is discusting. I can see how the waitresses get away with poor service and rude behavior because the manager condones it and does nothing about it to change it and i as a now former customer goes away feeling riped off...and insulted...

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