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Pep Boys / oil change

1 61-01 metropolitan aveRidgewood, NY, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 7184977999

Recently i had visited a Pep Boys for an oil change for my 2004 Mustang. I gone there before without any problems. This time for some unknown reason my car has been in the shop for an oil change for over 45 minutes, which does not usualy take that long to perform this kind of job. Which got me a little worried. Finally after asking for my car, it was ready to go. So i pay the bill and start walking to my car. As soon as i get in everything is good, but all the suddent my button which you press to put the car in drive does not want to go in. So i cant even drive my car. I tryed a couple of times and still no results. I go inside get the manager, and tell him the issue. We go confront the mechanic who worked on my car. Who said when i got into the car i could not press the button eaither but i forced it in with two hads. On the spot the manager said why didnt you inform me about this situation. Mechanic does not respond. We go to the car the manager tries and still no success in getting the car to drive. He gets the mechanic who worked on my car to try. While standing behind the car, all the suddent my lights dont work. So i tell the manager when i brought the car here everything worked and was in perfect condition, therefore you are responsible for the damages. Again the manager asks the mechanic did he check if the lights worked? but the mechanic said no, so the manager told him he did not follow the procedures. Everything sounded that it was the mechanic foult and that he broke something during the oil change. So the car is forced into drive and droven up to the garage. all the sudden the manager says look it works you just have to force the button in so you can put it to drive. I said no thats not how i gave you the car so i want it in the condition in which it was given to you. The lights worked and everything. The manager says that the mechanic only did an oil change and didnt brake anything. So i said it i couldnt put my car into drive here than how would of i drove here if it was broken? The manager says that im lying and that i broke the car and his not responsible for it. I said when you had the possiession of my car you are responsible for any damages. His answer is that his only responsible for the engine cause thats where the mechanic worked, or if he hit something. So i asked does he drive the car into the shop? so therefore he is responsible for everything that happened to that car. But manager still says that he will not repair the car and began arguing. Which forced me to call the Police Department. As soon as the phone call was made the other mechanice came to resolve the problem. He check the light and notices that the fuse was takken out and placed in the wrong place. Therefore thats why they dont work. But there was still a problem with puting the car into drive. After putting the car in the garadge i was told to speak with the manager who was now no where to be found. all the suddent the problem is fixed and everything works. After which i received the best explanation. All the suddent the wire for the brake got worn out and wasnt working. I get the part and notive that if a wire wears out then it will break over a certain ammount of time, but the one i get had a perfect angle cut which does not occur if the wire breaks by itself. I never saw a wire break at perfect angle. Therefore i did not believe the story, police arrived and report wa made. Therefore this was the last time i had visited Pep Boys and i would not recomend this place at all. Has terrible service, mechanics working who dont know how to resolve any problems but to cause more. In case of any problems the manager will call you a lier even though he himself said to the mechanic that he broke the companies rules and did not follow procedures.

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  • Mi
      4th of Feb, 2009
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    I am writing this on behalf of the horrible experience my best friend went through.

    She took her 2005 Dodge Durango to Pep Boys to have the oil changed. She dropped her car off and went to have lunch with a friend. When she returned for her truck, she paid for the oil change and proceeded to head home. Approximately 12 minutes later, as she was travelling up the highway towards home, she sees smoke and flames from under the hood. She immediately pulls over, gets out, and calls 911. The Fire Dept came to put out the fire, and discovered that the "mecahnic" at Pep Boys left a shop towel under her hood, which caused the fire. Furthermore, he tied another shop towel around her oil filter to keep it in place, as it was the wrong size filter.

    The fire destroyed most of the engine, as well as totalled the front end of the truck. This happened 3 yers ago, and she just recently received a settlement from them.

    I would not go to Pep Boys for ANY reason.

  • Pe
      11th of Feb, 2010
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    I took my 2010 camaro to pep boys to get and oil change.They did the job and i drove home (about a mile a way for pep boy) the very next day my car start smoking and the oil was all over my drive way. they did a horrible job and i with never ever ever go to pep boy again there have ### job and treat u like kid.

  • St
      7th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    It's funny that so many times people take their vehicle in to a big shop, all of a sudden the vehicle has been perfect before that. I used to work for several major car repair centers and soooo many customers are quick to blame the shop when in fact it's usually something that was not noticed until you go to pick your car apart to try and find something wrong after it's been in the shop. The last shop I worked for had CCTV which was great! Had a customer blame us for a wheel falling off! Everyone would say, "yeah it was just in the shop and you had to do it!" Then we state the fact, We only did an oil change. Well guess what, we went back and rewound the video and what do you know. the wheels were never even taken off! It's unfortunate that we as consumers blame so much crap on big shops. Just yesterday I had a lady call up and say we damaged the drivers' door. We looked at the initial write up sheet to find that she signed where we notated the damage was there before we even bought the car in. And here's one more of wife took her vehicle in for and oil change somewhere else and swore that her car did not have a dent was on the passenger side rear door. She had made a big scene at the shop. Unfortunately I had just replaced rear shocksa few weeks back and the jack handle flew up and made the dent. It wasnt even a big dent. I forgot all about it and didn't tell her, but how many times does she inspect her passenger side rear door or the passenger side of the car... period??? The fact is she expects something to be wrong because so many people have the same story about repair shops. How many times after going to the grocery store do you see the damage (small dents, scratches) from grocery carts on the passenger side of your vehicle?? Hmmmmm? So many are ready to spread the bad word and put a bad taste in everyone's mouth about PepBoys or whatever other shop out there. Now there are some mishaps that happen and they are good about taking care of it, but it's all the fraud that is passed over to the big companies because you heard about some shop messing up someone elses vehicle. So we must all pay there ridiculously high prices which incurs all the crap that folks pass off as damage done by shops. So don't complain that oil change and repairs are now triple what they should be. Thanks to everyone that pulls of that crap and jumps on the "the repair shop messed up my car!"bandwagon...And it's ALWAYS "my car was perfect before I brought it to you"!

  • Mj
      28th of Oct, 2012
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    I have been a pep boy customer for over a year now. I came in for an oil change. The clerk behind the counter failed to ask what type of oil I wanted. I had assumed that that information would be in the computer as it is in other similar companies. Because I had a coupon, the clerk "assumed" that I wanted regular oil instead of the high milage oil my car normally used. When I asked about the type of oil I was receiving, I was treated rudely with the manager saying that I had "presented" a coupon which I had not. I simply asked when the coupon needed to be presented. Before I could respond to the manager's comment, he turned and walked away saying they had already completed the oil change. He didn't bother to check. Later the clerk came back and said that they hadn't changed the oil yet and they would be able to put the high milage oil in after all. While it ended alright, I did not like the way I was treated and will not be back.

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