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Peoples First Financial / Did not do as promised for home Modification

1 Nashville, TN, United States Review updated:

I am writing in regards to Peoples First Financial because these people have had me tied up in a Modification claim since September of 2008, and as of March 23, 2009 I have not received any information about my claim. Upon calling them on March 23, 2009 they told me that I could not get a refund in the amount of $2, 495.00 because I took it upon myself after talking to the Better Business Bureau and finding out that they had several complaints against them from other clients, and also had a grade F with the BBB. The representative that I spoke with today said that BBB here in Tennessee had nothing to do with them in San Diego, CA. and that the complaints that they had against them had been settled.

This company has been supposely working in my behalf since September, and never contacted me on their own without me calling them and asking for the representative that was suppose to be my contact person to call me back by leaving several messages on recording systems. When I finally got to talk to him today, he stated that I would have to send a email in to the Refund Department of Peoples First, but I probably would not get any type of refund because I broke the contract by calling Countrywide to see about making several payments on my home so that I would not lose it. I was currently seven months behind with no calls from Peoples First to let me know the status of my claim at all. The rep. said today after telling him that I wanted my claim closed and my money back that Tennessee could not do anything to them because they had different laws in CA., and that it would be a waste of my time.

I have had two representatives from Peoples First, and the first one called me and said that he was no longer with Peoples First, and gave me everyones name that had something to do with them, phone numbers along with their extensions, and their business title. I think if there was any way at all these people should have to award each client their money along with being put out of business so they will not scam other people. My contact person also stated that if they were in such a downfall why would their name and company still be telecast on the TV.

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  • Ma
      22nd of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Ms. Clark

    Please contact Peoples First Financial so that we can work to offer a more reasonable solution.

  • Ke
      24th of May, 2009
    -1 Votes

    I was solicited by Peoples First Financial in October 2008. I was just beginning to fall behind on my mortgage and tried to get help from my lender. I was looking for help and they said all the right things. I thought they were my only hope. I agreed to pay the 2995.00 fee (on a payment plan). I filled out the paper work, financial and was told to stop making my payments. I was told that I was not yet far enough behind to qualify so I needed to place the money I would pay into a savings account and hold it in case my lender wanted a good faith payment. Looking back listening to that advice was extremely naive but I was desperate for help. I kept asking for proof that they had contacted my lender. When my lender would call I directed them to PFF as I was told to do. My lender said that they never were contacted by PFF and when I asked PFF about that I was told that my lender was lying and they were doing all they could. I was still directed not to discuss details with my lender directly because this would jeopardize my modification. I attempted to contact PFF to get assurance that they had contacted my lender. The more I pushed for proof, the more I was neglected. They stopped returning my calls, the stopped answering my emails and then when I finally talked to someone I needed to send in more paperwork, which I did. Then the dodging continued and the only contact I received from PFF was telling me my lender needed more financial information. Still they refused to supply me with evidence that they had even contacted my lender. When I finally spoke with Derrick I was told that by calling for proof I was wasting their time that they could be focusing on my modification. I just wanted proof. After three months of this I finally took it upon myself (allbeit to late) to contact my lender. I was told that they never had been contacted and that it was now too late for them to help me (even though I had the good faith payment in the bank). My house was sent to foreclosure. I can’t afford to pay the fees to get it back. While I know I used poor judgement in dealing with this company I know that they scammed me out of money and my home.

    I still receive solicitation emails and phone calls from this company. Which is like rubbing salt into the open wound.

  • Ma
      26th of May, 2009
    +1 Votes


    Please contact peoples first financial. Postings under an alias does not allow anyone from Peoples First Financial to take the steps needed to correct or investigate your case.

    Thank you for your help.

  • Ma
      6th of Aug, 2009
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    Please visit the links below:

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