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A customer of ours filed a "claim" on Unfortunately, this was a difficult, disgruntled customer who lost in small claims court when we were forced to file a suit when he did not pay his bill. Bottom line, our company won the case, and he explained to the judge that he suffered from depression. While our customer was wrong for not paying his bill, we feel sorry for him due to having a mental illness. basically takes money from people just looking to complain - which people can do for free on Craigslist. is stealing money from the elderly and anyone that is mentally disable. They have no recognition as being a legitimate avenue for resolving disputes, such as the BBB. Moreover, claims to have high visibility - when you google them - nothing comes up. BUYER BEWARE of giving money to any website that does not have a customer service number - thus, you cannot speak with anyone at Finally, if you happen to stumble upon a business that has been complained against via, please make sure you get all the facts (ie: if the complainer already lost in court, they are looking to complain. period.)

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  • Pe
      16th of Apr, 2012

    This post appears to be in reference to a claim filed through Peopleclaim against Furfaro Design/Build Landscapes of St. Louis Mo.
    Furfaro has the opportunity to negotiate a mutually agreeable settlement with the claimant or reject the claim and add their side of the story. They may also post any exhibits or supporting information to their response.

    Claim details of the complaint against Furfaro can be viewed here:

    PeopleClaim is an online dispute resolution service. Both sides are given space to fully express their side of any dispute. We offer both free and paid services. Claimants can pay a nominal fee to have any unresolved dispute posted for public review and comment. This fee helps to increase the legitimacy of claims filed on PeopleClaim by filtering out bogus or anonymous complaints and reduces "gamed" content that appears on sites that don't require such fees or user confirmation. Claimants can receive a full refund of their posting fees if their dispute is not satisfactory resolved within 90 days of posting.
    We also offer full customer support via online chat or email and will be happy to phone any claimant or respondent who needs to speak with customer support about a dispute.

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  • Pe
      9th of Jun, 2012

    PeopleClaim should spend less time responding to the complaint we (and others have) made about them, and spend more time ACTUALLY responding to the email we DID send their customer service. They never responded as listed above. PeopleClaim likes to call the complaints that people make on their site as “unresolved” - what do you call a case that has gone to court and the complainer lost?

    DO NOT BE FOOLED by the word “claim” in the name of their site! No one can prove that these are nothing more than complaints. Peopleclaim tries to make people think that high-paid lawyers, or legitimate agencies are going to waste their time by coming to their site to read through the few complaints that people are making. Try searching for claims for your city on PeopleClaim – you will see that no one posts out there. PeopleClaim states their “nominal fee” provides legitimacy – how? Paying $25 is a small price to pay to try and “get even” with a business.

    Moreover, how can anyone, (even if, miraculously, an attorney reads it), voice their opinion about what 2 sides are saying when the viewer was not there? There is no Bible to swear on – and even if there was, we all know people lie. It’s just a matter of who can lie best. Is our economy not suffering enough that (consumers who can’t admit they are wrong) continue to waste their money on a site like PeopleClaim. And in this case, it was an elderly, court-admitted, mentally ill person.

    Please, do not waste your money paying to post on a non-legitimate complaint forum like PeopleClaim when you can complain on social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Craigslist for free, and probably have better success! Better yet, if you are confident you are right – take it to a legitimate watchdog agency or site like the BBB.

    I get that people are entitled to free speech, but if PeopleClaim does not add to their “claims” space for where the complainer is required to disclose if the matter was already tried in a court of law, court case numbers, and outcome, I see libel and defamation suits in their future. I’ll gladly sign up for that class action suit.

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  • Sm
      9th of Jan, 2013

    Quite a rant there. Court actions are called both complaints and claims, so i don't see your gripe with peopleclaim. Seems they provide a pretty good service if they can get a complaint resolved without engaging a lawyer or going to court. I's sure it doesn't always work, but I'd spend a few bucks to get my last problem with Delta Airlines fixed without spending all day with customer support. Thanks for the recommendation, I'll try PeopleClaim. Hope you can fix your problem too. Seems like you have some Customer issues of your own frankly, but good luck either way.

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  • Ri
      30th of Mar, 2017

    @smilely Seems more like the unauthorized practice of law, which equates to stealing from people that don't quite understand their legal rights. Please don't tell me that the "high cost" of legal fees are prohibitive. There are many attorneys out there (we're talking THOUSANDS!) that love to help people with legitimate claims, maneuver the legal system.

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