Penguin Windows / Satisfactory Solution

1 Lakewood, WA, United States

Regarding my "Misrepresentation" complaint posted March 27, 2010. Penguin Windows met with us yesterday and within one hour we came to a satisfactory conclusion to all. There had been miscommunication as to what the substitute windows would be like versus those originally ordered due to Airport Zone soundproofing requirements in our area. Quality and appearance of the windows is very satisfactory, the wrong direction opening sliding door will be replaced, and the price has been satisfactorily renegotiateed.

It has been suggested to them that they put a disclaimer in their ads advising customers in some locales may not be able to get the original triple pane windows due to building codes in so9me cities.

We are now satisfied with what is to be completed, and the overall workmanship and withdraw our complaint.

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