Payday loanthat I took a loan

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I recieved a call from this company at work this morning threathing me with fruad, "running away" with $300.00 and bad checks. They have all my information including names of references. They threahten to have the police and have me arrested for $5, 000. dollars in lawyer fees. The womans name was Felicia Jones and she had a middle eastern accents and she transferred me to her "supervisor" Justine McLane who also had a middle eastern accent. What scares me is that they have all of my info including the last four of my social and they called my job.
Who are these peolpe and how are they getting away with this?


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      Jul 03, 2009

    The government has information about how to handle this.

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  • Y
      Jul 18, 2009

    I just received the same phone call. They claim they are from California and were threatening a law suit if I didn't do something. The more I questioned them the more forceful and threating they became. How did you take care of this?

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  • G
      Nov 17, 2010

    i received the same call this morning from a shon parker. the number on the caller id was not a real number. he also had a middle easter accent & threatened to sue me, garnish my pay & ruin my credit for i loan i repeatedly told him i never got. I am also scared simply because they have my social. He could provide no information whatsoever about this loan. As the same with Yeller, the more i questioned him the more angry he seemed to become. What do you really do??

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